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Les Deux: Lindsay Didn't Booze at Our Bar!

5/30/2007 2:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lohan TMZ has received an exclusive statement from one of the owners of Les Deux, the Hollywood nightclub where TMZ cameras caught Lindsay Lohan hanging out just hours before her DUI bust.:

"Les Deux is a restaurant, open five nights a week, and there is no age limit for our patrons. Lindsay had dinner at Les Deux that night and waited for friends to pack up the DJ supplies, thus leaving Les Deux after closing. Because of the enormous paparazzi presence outside of Les Deux that night, we allowed her to stay late and wait for her friends. She was not drinking at Les Deux, and left driven by her driver."

UPDATE: Les Deux has also issued a response to TMZ's story that the ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) is investigating into Lohan's DUI:

"We have and will continue to work closely with the ABC to make sure alcohol is consumed by responsible people of the legal drinking age, in a responsible manner."


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Girl: Yeyo is spanish for dumbass.

2646 days ago


Their own website calls Les Deux a "lounge" and the "hottest and most glamorous club" This is not how you sell food people, this is how you sell night life and alcohol. And what do you want to bet they card at the door? At least for most underage people...


is their webpage. How much you wanna bet they change the wording on that REAL soon?

2646 days ago


Restaurant my a** . How many restaurants have a 4-page menu, 3 of which are alcohol?

2646 days ago


I'm with DALLAS COWBOYS ROCK! (#19). The minute that anyone gets injured by a DRUNK/HIGH "celeb" like Lohan, I hope that they check out sites like TMZ for the pics, find out where they were, then add those dumba$$e$ who are serving minors to ALL lawsuits!

Since these establishments looooooooooove to have celebs in their place partying it up, regardless of them being 21 or not, then they need to be held responsible as well.

This is total CYA! That is all they are trying to do. I hope that ABC watches these scumbags
closely. If they think it's sooo damn wonderful to have these KIDS!!! YES, KIDS!!! Partying til all hours of the early morning, then getting behind the wheel & potentially hurting/killing someone they need to be held accountable. Gee, what's that? Accountable for my actions or lack of action? In Hollywood, yeah, that will be the day!!!

If the ABC were smart, they'd see who's been photgraphed frequenting these places. I just don't get how they get away with it. Many years ago I worked in a liquor store & if anyone EVER sold or gave alcohol to a minor the licence was suspended & big fines had
to be paid. I bet you if the ABC really cracked down on these places 2 things would happen...the government would probably no longer be in debt & places like Les Deux have to close their doors. These morons are making money ILLEGALLY. Get it? It's illegal to provide minors with alcohol.

ABC, do the right thing! Close these places down! Just cause they have a "celeb" clientele, it does NOT put them above the law. It is time the ABC did the job they were created for. If they are willing to do "under-aged sting operations" in other part of the country, they should have ZERO problem with doing the same in Hollywood! I don't give a rat's a$$ how much money they'd loose. We are talking about kids driving drunk! And to a 20 YEAR OLD who is in rehab for the SECOND time in LESS than a year!!!!!

Lastly, I have to agree WTF is up with Maxim???!!!! Do you honestly believe she is the hottest thing around?!!! GAAAAAAAAAAAG!!!! And doesn't the timing just suck for them? LL is declared Maxim hottest only to crash her car, appear in a drunken stupor, & then run off
to hide in rehab LESS then 2 weeks later!!! Great choice Maxim. Would have been much smarter if you would have stuck with Eva Longoria, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Biel or any of the others you felt deserved to be ranked lower than this drunken coke whore.

Maxim, the magazine of drunk/high underaged girls everywhere!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

2646 days ago


Age limit, to drink to eat, what? Sound like double speak to me. What is the minimum drinking age in CA? If you are old enough to wrap your lips around a bottle and tip it upright you can drink? I suspect Ms. Lohan has been boozing and drugging for years, along with the other no talent miscreants!

2646 days ago


Pinocchio. Your nose is growing!

2646 days ago


Puh leeze . . . They're taking a page from their celebutard clientele and lieing and denying.

2646 days ago


I'm sure of one truth the "waiting to pack up supplies" lol.
One would have to a total moron to believe Lind's just sits in a corner sipping ice tea without the long island in it> provided by "someone" to her. Because the restaurant chooses to look the other way dose not leave them innocent. One can take children to eating establishments that serve alcohol, usually the two ( bar area/eating area) are sererated within the space.Wonder how the clubs like Lohan heat now?.

Good for you that wrote Calif and asked questions.

2646 days ago


sounds like lawyer speak to me.

CLOSE THEIR DOORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2646 days ago

Richard Ott    

I think the makers of ProActive skincare products
need to remove Lindsay Lohan's commercial and
30-Minute Infomercials with her in the ads, due
to her recent struggles with drunk driving, and rehab,
until she's learned her lesson. With the constant
airings of Lindsay Lohan's ads, she might be sending
users of Proactive who have tried it (if it didn't work)
the wrong message, money back garauntee or not.

2646 days ago


It's time these restaurants/bars start being investigated. It seems all the Hollywood stars are really soaking it up and the law doesn't seem to care. Of course, they are getting drunk, arrested, having car accidents and those that are serving them are most likely laughing all the way to the bank. It's big bucks for them to have celebrity at their places. Hope the law is finally waking up out in LA and Hollywood.

2646 days ago

The Duke    

Calling Candy Spelling! Lilo, her mother and everyone else is waiting for your letter. Please don't hold out on them and us for too long. Everyone is really looking forward to hearing your words of wisdom concerning Lilo's recent caper. This is another woman/child that needs your help. So does her mother.

Now come on TMZ, we all know you have the letter in your offices already. Ye Gods, just post it, I beg of you!

I do hope you read this and will be able to help Lindsay, Candy. She and her mother could really use your advice right now. It's so refreshing that you are there for many in Hollywood and elsewhere. You're a wonderful woman, giving good pointers for all these poor girls and boys that are screwing up their lives and careers so badly. I'm not being facetious either. I'm very serious and respect you for your willingness to help. Thanks Candy.
Yours Truly - The Duke

2646 days ago


Soooooo funny! Do they seriously expect us to believe that story? And what, she was just waiting for her friends the other 5 million times she's been there, stumbling out after closing? I frickin hope all those stupid elitest, celebrity clubs get their liquor licenses revoked and all those celebtards have no place to go...and will be forced to do something worthwhile with their lives.

2646 days ago


There are a lot of "restaurants" that should lose their liquor licenses in LA and New York.

2646 days ago

Les Doux is Les Lame    

If anyone has seen episodes of The Hills from last season, they clearly showed Lauren in there partying and drinking well before her 21st birthday (as her birthday was a featured event on the show as well). Les Doux is full of crap all the way around.

2646 days ago
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