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Manson to Lohan -- Sucks to be a Firecrotch!

5/30/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marilyn Manson says he's seen Lindsay Lohan naked -- but didn't get a glimpse of her now infamous undercarriage.

In a video over on AOL's Popeater blog, the goth rocker broke into a bizarre rant about LiLo's "firecrotch," saying, "How much would it suck that forever you're going to be 'firecrotch,' you're gonna have to shave or just roll with it ... that's why she went blonde, sleight of hand." Clearly he's put a lot of thought into this one.

Marilyn also says Linds had "an obsession with changing her clothes" in front of him -- adding fuel to the rumors that ex-wife Dita Von Teese broke off their marriage due to Lindsay's incessant calls to Manson to "hang out." Didn't they realize it was Marilyn Manson they were fighting for?


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Jolly Roger    

Marilyn Manson should run for president. He'd win by a landslide or bite the heads off everyone. Lindsay makes my remote control envious. Starts saying things like grip me harder and press 069 like your life and my batteries depended on it. Both my remote and I have challenged one another to a duel because we both want the firecrotch and only one can be victorious.

2702 days ago

Lilith Astaroth    

wow he gained some weight... he also looks about 55 now. trying his hand at standup comedy now? I'd say that was a bit of a failure... I'm not a Lohan fan by any means, but that wasn't even a decent diss. a lot of people love the "firecrotch" pubes... google it, there's tons of solo amateur sites that make bankroll off just that. nice try Manson but you didn't quite get there.
he kinda looks like Michael Jackson now.... sad. =/

2677 days ago


Hysterical! And he's just telling it like it is. Sorry Lindsay-but you asked for it. Behave like a lady you'll get treated like one. Behave like a common trollop-get treated like one.

2701 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

His wife divorced him because he was drunk all the time and was "full of demons" Imagine that! The affair he was having was with Evan Rachel Wood not Lindsay Lohan.
Funny, wherever his ex talks about why she divorced him she never mentions Lindsay. No wonder he's dissing someone who's in rehab. Another parasite unable to get press on his own so he jumps on the "Bash Lindsay" wagon. Dry out loser before you throw up all over your fishnets!!

2699 days ago


Marilyn manson is a smart man..he is just expressing his feelings towards the hoe that lindsay is. get over yourselfs people!

2525 days ago



2704 days ago


So he's telling us what we already know..she's a whore!..ok we get that! lol..funny that a freak like him can poke fun at her...lmao!

2704 days ago


2704 days ago


...wait just a second here...tell me MM and LL would'nt make the best bank-robbery team since Bonnie and Clyde...

2704 days ago

I have No Life    

One freak to another.... What can I say? What can anyone say? Do we really care?

2704 days ago


I heard that Lindsay and Marilyn took turns shaving each other.

I had not idea that she was so Kinky...

2704 days ago


He's clearly stoned and has freakish long fingers. UGH

2704 days ago

Dawn Day    

She BEGGED him to hang out like ALL the girls do???

Marilyn, get over yourself!

Well, maybe she did

2704 days ago


He's a demon.

2704 days ago


Oh, he's a freak....leave the girl alone already.

2704 days ago
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