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Manson to Lohan -- Sucks to be a Firecrotch!

5/30/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marilyn Manson says he's seen Lindsay Lohan naked -- but didn't get a glimpse of her now infamous undercarriage.

In a video over on AOL's Popeater blog, the goth rocker broke into a bizarre rant about LiLo's "firecrotch," saying, "How much would it suck that forever you're going to be 'firecrotch,' you're gonna have to shave or just roll with it ... that's why she went blonde, sleight of hand." Clearly he's put a lot of thought into this one.

Marilyn also says Linds had "an obsession with changing her clothes" in front of him -- adding fuel to the rumors that ex-wife Dita Von Teese broke off their marriage due to Lindsay's incessant calls to Manson to "hang out." Didn't they realize it was Marilyn Manson they were fighting for?


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2666 days ago

yeah right    

What a joke. Not much to say in the way of music, so he just rides his little controversies all the way to the bank. Havent heard anything decent out of him since Beautiful People. Unless you like broadway or overproduced showtunes. Is business really so bad now that he has taken to tearing down young girls when they are the most vulnerable, in some pathetic attempt for publicity? Tacky and transparent. Just like his music. Go figure.

2666 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love the appeal Marylin attracts, young pubescent startlets waiting to gravel at his cloak of death! To quench a thirst for the death shrowed veiled over young hollywood you guys need to check out this site , I work with the company and their pictures are all over our office, if you havent seen the site, i advise you to check it out NOW! Lets just thank god we dont know the color of Evan Rachel Woods crotch, although that information might be fast approaching is Manson doesnt keep his mouth shut!

2666 days ago


Pardon me, but why hasn't anyone ever mentioned that "firecrotch" has got to be one of the most awkward and lamest put downs ever. I bet that tortured bit of spite really got the tears flowing when first used! Oh, Lindsay was probably drunk the first time she heard it, so she might well have had a fit.

2666 days ago


He gets my vote for MOST UNATTRACTIVE MALE. Why Dita married this guy is a mystery to me. Divorcing him - on the other hand - that made TOTAL sense.

2666 days ago


that guy who hangs out with Paris Hilton is the one who started this Fire Crotch thing and everyone is riding with it!

it needs to end BECAUSE ITS OLD!

i do like MM music but i didnt think he would have to go this far to get attention!!!

2666 days ago


LL has an addiction. i dont think she thinks its cool. its something that she cant control.
i dont feel sorry for her but im just tired of the name calling.

2666 days ago


does anyone blame her Mom for her problems??? was her mom trying to be her friend or a mom??

just wondering .......

2666 days ago


Thank you... The firecrotch thing is so old! Listen I agree that she has brought this upon herself but jesus! She has no dirrection, no parents to teach her morals and values. She obviously HAS NO SELF ESTEEM AND DOES NOT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO HER!!! That is the saddest thing. This generation knows the effects of cocaine like no other generation. If you are in your 20's or younger using these drugs you obviously dont care about yourself. It is no longer used as a creative outlet. everyone knows drugs are bad. That is why this is soooooo sad. She and people like her need serious help. The sad fact, only a few catch on.

2666 days ago


isn't he too old - not only he is pickin on a 20 year old - he's screwing a 19 year old! I don't think he grasps the concept of age-appropriateness...

2666 days ago


damn he's so stoned .....

2666 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH manson funny crazy

2666 days ago


MM has a mentality of a child. thats why he cant find a woman his own age!

2666 days ago


I'm only slightly amused that one of the most unattractive men around has any room to make fun of . . . anyone.

2666 days ago

laughing at you    

Doesn't he have his own little teeny bopper girlfriend to worry about? He has no room to talk about Lilo (although she is a dumbass) cuz he is the sick freak who's screwing a 19 year old baby who is apparently so mentally challenged that she finds him inticing????

2666 days ago
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