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Manson to Lohan -- Sucks to be a Firecrotch!

5/30/2007 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marilyn Manson says he's seen Lindsay Lohan naked -- but didn't get a glimpse of her now infamous undercarriage.

In a video over on AOL's Popeater blog, the goth rocker broke into a bizarre rant about LiLo's "firecrotch," saying, "How much would it suck that forever you're going to be 'firecrotch,' you're gonna have to shave or just roll with it ... that's why she went blonde, sleight of hand." Clearly he's put a lot of thought into this one.

Marilyn also says Linds had "an obsession with changing her clothes" in front of him -- adding fuel to the rumors that ex-wife Dita Von Teese broke off their marriage due to Lindsay's incessant calls to Manson to "hang out." Didn't they realize it was Marilyn Manson they were fighting for?


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i had to look at the video. who knew that with all the celebrity sex tapes going around out there, that this would be thrown in as a music video? eewww.

2701 days ago

glad Adam's show is defunct    

yes, i guess there really is someone more disgusting than that douche-bag Perez-Hilton. Ewwwww , messed up as that skank Lindsay is- even she wouldn't do him...( well maybe Dina would but then she is more of MM's age and type.

2701 days ago


Brian Warner is a total loser pedophile and without makeup is the scarred and scared little boy he was in high school when everyone picked on him. Leave Lindsay alone you freak - don't you have another teenager to corrupt already?

2701 days ago

I know    


This is a CLASSIC EXAMPLE, of how we LOVE to bring someone down then build them back up again.

I've never seen so many LEAVE THE GIRL ALONE posts on a Lindsay Blog.

We become so involved with these celebrities. We BRING THEM DOWN but also PROTECT THEM---IT'S SICK--WE LIKE FOR THE POWER TO BE SOLELY OURS.

From all the NEGATIVE posts she's gotten before, you would think people would find this funny.

2701 days ago


Leave the girl alone - she is the only one with talent - would you act this way to Robert Downey Jr? Give the girl a break.

2701 days ago


where the hell did he come from? havent heard anything on marilyn manson since i was in like middle i was thinkin bout him earlier wondering if he was still alive...guess he is...
lindsay has issues..she needs to get them straightened out...first britney spears now lindsay..not being mean towards them...everyone knows what its like to act out and do things your not sure of. but there are some things u just cant do like drinking and driving. like others have said she has a driver..use him. id like to get into the minds of these girls and see how they think..what goes on in their heads...

2701 days ago


He is sick she is sick ...

And I could give a dam about them.....

You guys are all to funny and to involved in this LL B/S

2701 days ago


I've never been a fan of MM, but I've seen him in several interviews and I was pleasantly surprised to find him extremely articulate. It's sad to see him resort to something like this. So not funny.

2701 days ago


TMZ this must be a very slow newsday. Manson the "has been" freak and a photo of Celine's poor son and a story about some jock getting on an elevator with a lady wrestler.
You must miss Paris desperately.

2701 days ago


Freaks like that should stick together, since nobody else cares. Clowns like this give me the creeps..I think I"m gonna hurl..

2701 days ago


What the hell is a fire crotch? I sure do respect his opinion, thanks for bring this to us!

2701 days ago


Clearly Lindsay is to old for ex high school nerd Brian Warner aka Marylin Manson.
He likes 'em while they're still in their teens.Better watch out Evan Rachel Wood.

2701 days ago

jEnsmo We now have Marilyn Manson talking down on Lindsay Lohan.......hell in a handbasket, hell in a handbasket.

2701 days ago


I thought he was the best friend on "The Wonder Years"? Paul I think was the I wrong?

2701 days ago


honestly im suprised marilyn manson even lived this long..

i bet he tried to screw lindsay and didnt get it.. or maybe he did and it was bad

2701 days ago
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