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O'Reilly and Trump's Mutual Man-Love Over Rosie

5/30/2007 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Trump joined Bill O'Reilly last night so they could massage one another's egos over having created, as O'Reilly put it so smugly, the "monster" that became Rosie O'Donnell on "The View."

With Rosie leaving "The View," the pair of smarmeisters -- O'Donnell's most public nemeses over the past year -- chummed it up on "The O'Reilly Factor" last night. O'Reilly wondered aloud if they hadn't overplayed Rosie, and Trump alleged that O'Donnell once "ate a lot of cake" at his wedding to Marla Maples, way back before they were at each other's throats.

No word on whether it was necessary to expand the set to accommodate both of their heads.


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How silly, how two Big mouth liars and hyprocrtes can get on TV and discuss Rosie, how disgusting, they should look at themselves before they talk, why, is it because that is the only way they can extra publicity! What do you expect from two morons.

2667 days ago


Reine is an ASS!

2667 days ago


Comment #63 lmao. If liberals hate Fox so much why do they watch it?

2667 days ago

David Orbach    

#136 - The fact that you refer to "all the far left networks" tells us all we need to know because there is no such thing. Please, please site one independent source that explains just how all of these networks are biased. If there is a bias, why did Bush get more favorable coverage than Gore in 2000? Why was there no widespread coverage of Bush laughing about the execution of Karla Faye Tucker while he was Governor? Why was there no in depth analysis of the nonexistent role of Iraq in 9/11 prior to the war.

2667 days ago

David Orbach    

#186 - You are too funny. GIven that "the United States doesn't talk to terrorists" how did you feel about our sit down with Iran earlier this week?

2667 days ago


I've never liked Bill O'Reilly UNTIL NOW! Like I've said before...Rosie needs some help.....maybe her meds need to be increased!

2667 days ago

susan darby    

To #147--BS--if you were referring to my comment, please read it again. I never said anything about O'Reilly's show; never said it was "going down the tubes". What I said was Trump and O'Reilly will self-destruct before Rosie will; there is a difference. I am well aware of how popular it is and have even watched it myself. I am by no means liberal but I certainly don't like to see to men like him and Trump be so full of self importance, and (not just over Rosie) have issues with women. I hardly think that is liberal; that is just observing how they treat people. I said Rosie has self-destructive tendencies which I think are due to a mood disorder. What I was referring to is that men like him and Trump who tend to think more of themselves than they should eventually do something to oversetimate their sense of self-worth and then engage in behavior that, can result in self-destruction. Due to his allegations of sexual harrassment, and some of his antics on his show (his fight with Geraldo Rivera), I have concerns that he could eventually be going down this path. Trump has been in and out of bankrupcy and has faltered on self-destruction before. I don't think either one has a mood disorder; I think they are just a little too arrogant for their own good. Maybe you should check your facts before you go slamming people. If your comments weren't directed to me, please disregard.

2667 days ago


America's Who's Who.... Best Sexual Harrasment.....and Most Likely to leave His Wife and figure it out....Two Losers discussing who they screw over the most...WOMEN!!!!

2667 days ago

Bella Donna    

Donald Dump,was on Greta, still talking about Rosie. He is so revengeful! Get a grip Donnie,the whole world is laughing at you! Greta, BO, ET are just talking to you for the ratings.Rosie fans will be Rosie fans forever,and there are plenty of them! I watch the View, and Rosie is missed. THE DUMP, is now trying to pick on Joy!! Joy is very funny,and has been on the View since the beginning!! I wish he would get a hobby, or a wife that keeps him interested. His trophy wife, probably doesn't know there is a war going on! IMO.DT's wife is too busy barfing in the toilet so she won't get fat! lol

2667 days ago


Donald Trump is a vicious, nasty,piece of trash. He ought to take a good look at himself in a mirror. Like most men he is scared of a strong woman. Donald feels good about himself when he can spew disgusting things abiut Rosie. Funny how Rosie brought so many viewers in and his show is gone. What goes around comes around!

2667 days ago


Donald Trump must get a life beyond Rosie O'Donnell....

I'm not a Rosie fan (I agree with some of what she proclaims) but Donald Trump, who's supposedly a "professional" businessman, has demonstrated that he's simply a very large. arrogant, pathetic, and vicious gnat! He doesn't deserve that beautiful young bride and adorable fourth child--I'd feel very embarrassed if he were my husband and father under the Rosie circumstances! By repeatedly interviewing with Bill O'Reilly, it would appear he would sell his soul for any price!

He's so caught up in the Rosie bashing (an incurable obsession?) that one must begin to wonder if he isn't losing his mental faculties (after the four child)!

Donald Trump, find someone else to bash now that she's left "The View". Although I don't have much time to watch television, it is a day program that I'll never watch (again) until Elizabeth Hasselbeck has found her way out the back door, too! I felt that way about her from the moment she stepped onto the set so my personal opinion has nothing to do with Rosie O'Donnell!

2667 days ago

David Orbach    

Fox News = state sponsored propaganda, minus the state sponsorship.
Donald Trump = definitive proof that money cannot buy class.

2666 days ago
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