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Paris' Cell Mate Hand-Picked

5/30/2007 2:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Paris Hilton's cell mate has already been selected.

Officials at the jail where Paris will do time have decided an inmate who is doing time for reckless driving will be the perfect match for Paris. Sources tell TMZ that jailers were looking for someone who they believe will not try to cash in on Hilton's stay. The woman is already in the cell that Paris will be in ... waiting for a touch of Hilton.

Sources also tell TMZ that jailers are already conducting searches of anything electronic -- they are prohibiting cameras, cell phones and Celeb Mugshots gallery: Click to lauch gallerythe like. We're told a memo has gone out to the staff, warning them that anyone who takes pictures of Paris will be disciplined -- i.e., fired.

Our sources say a "written protocol" has already been prepared especially for Paris' stay, detailing "when and how things should be done for her."


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Talk about cruel and unusual punishment. I pity the woman in the cell with Paris. Hopefully she won't pick up any of ho bags nasty habits (or anything else).

2702 days ago

Charles Cowan    

I guess I missed something, Paris going to jail, and Snoop Dog does not? He deserves to be their as much as anyone.

2702 days ago


SUSAN #141-142-143 Are you Drunk now? She needs to do the time all of it as a matter of fact. She knew what she was up against so quit the whining and do the time. Bet it would be a different opinion Miss Thang if she hit and killed one of your family members. Just a thought .
Hang her high!!! General population I say!!!

2702 days ago

voice of reason    

For those of you who are complaining she's going to get special treatment in are a few things to think about:

As a celebrity, she's not going in there anonymously, the WHOLE place knows who she is and because of that she's going to be a target for all kinds of things your AVERAGE citizen would never have to deal with. As these posts show, people have a tendency to be EXTRA mean to you because you're rich and famous. Talk about special treatment!! If they are offering her protection in jail it's only to level the playing field. NO ONE else in that jail has to worry about being exploited while they're in jail, why should she?

Don't get me wrong! I think SHE DESERVES JAIL. You bet! Because, unlike your average Joe she had access to a driver once her license was suspended. She has absolutely no excuse for what she did and I would NOT have waited for a 3rd offense to arrest her . But fair is fair...I think she should do her time and be left in alone like everyone else.

2702 days ago


i wish they would install a web cam in her cell so the whole world can watch her in there.... well paris with all that money you should have hired a personal driver!!!!!!!!

2702 days ago


That poor about Cruel and unusual punishment

2702 days ago


talk about cruel and unusual punishment

2702 days ago


After watching the video of Paris going off on blacks, gays and public school poor bitches they need to put her in a cell with an angry, poor black girl that went to public school. I'm sure she would get her ass whipped. Thats what she needs is a good old fashioned ass whippin from someone who has had to struggle hard for what they have in life. I am a middle classed white female, 44 years old and I was pissed off after watching that video. I'd like to beat the bitch down myself.

2702 days ago


Maybe they don't want any pictures taken because Maybe Paris isn't really going to be there..maybe there just telling us that she will be there and in reality she will be at home..just a thought???????

2701 days ago


don't give me that crap. you all know that if you could get special treatment in jail you would go for it too. don't even lie. hell, if i was going to jail and i could special treatment i would go for it too. the thing about electronics isn't really "special treatment" though. i'm sure paris will have to follow the same schedule as everyone else. look, the bottom line is that she is going, which should make most of you very happy- WHY are you still whining? i'm happy she's going too; i'm just bitter than lindsey gets a fancy "rehab" and paris gets jail. lindsey should do jail time too (she annoys me more than paris).

2701 days ago
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