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Yoko Ono

Eats the Queen's Dog?

5/30/2007 12:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Happiness ... is a warm, tasty Corgi dog, at least for one London performance artist.

Artist eats dog, with Yoko Ono.
Ono was reportedly part of a canine-chewing stunt at a London radio station yesterday, reports Reuters, in which gonzo artist Mark McGowan ate cooked pieces of a Corgi, Queen Elizabeth II's dog of choice. McGowan staged the Fido-feeding (pictured above left) to protest the Queen's husband's treatment of a fox on a hunt last year. While the artist did his best to swallow a few chunks of Corgi (which had been minced with apple, onion and other seasonings), Yoko could only manage a small taste before looking "a bit strange," according to McGowan.

Performance artist McGowan is a rabid vegetarian and animal-rights activist who once notoriously ate a swan to protest the monarchy. He says that the Corgi had died at a breeding farm.

Yoko Ono's publicist, Elliot Mintz, tells TMZ that his client wasn't anywhere near London for the canine-feeding. He says the report about her is "untrue and absurd."


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Does he really think he can stop centuries of tradition by eating a dog that died in a nasty puppy mill? The twisted freak obviously did this for publicity an nothing more.

2670 days ago


And no one is grossed out by the fact that the dog had died at a breeding farm? Uh, I would assume that there was something WRONG with it or it wouldn't have died. ICK!

2670 days ago


I love animals and am very appreciative of people who advocate for them, but McGowan's stunt is asinine and disgusting. He's not an advocate for animals, he's an opportunist trying to draw attention to himself. And Yoko Ono should've known better, she's just as bad as he is for taking part in it.

2670 days ago


i find this absolutely revolting ! might i suggest a drug rehab for these insane people !!

2670 days ago


What a couple of severely sick people. I have a pembroke welsh corgi and she is a very sweet dog. It makes me so ill that there are zealots out there who go such extremes to prove their point. What the hell did that dog do to deserve such a terrible fate even post-mortem ?!?!?!

2670 days ago



Long on flavor, short on stature. Always a down to earth snack. Re: Yoko and her radio pal:
Totally gross. I am sure Yoko's wardrobe includes hundreds if not thousands of items that required animal sacrifice. Like leather shoes? Oh, and if in doubt that humans are animals, just consider this news item and the comments to it. Oh, yeah, we're definitely animals. Every year the facade of civilization just tarnishes away some more. Next year Yoko and her friends will be eating other people (from New Jersey?) to protest some act against humanity.


2670 days ago


Makes sense to me. Eat a dog to protest killing foxes. Why not? Now, who is going to eat dead person protest the war in Iraq? Or the genocide in Darfur? Or child abuse? How asinine.

2670 days ago


Um, ok, a vegetarian protesting the treatment of a fox by eating a dog? Talk about a mixed up statement! He should have just had Yoko sing for the Queen and locked all the doors in the room. I can't think of anything more punishing than that!

2670 days ago


What is positive about this message? Nothing. It's inhumane.

2670 days ago


this is so funny.
I hate PETA, but I commend these two for doing something unique.
The corgi was already dead, and its not like they were harming anyone.

2669 days ago


No true vegetarian, however "rabid", whatever than means, would eat a dog or a swan so what is his motive? As for Yoko, is this the same woman who had two refrigerated rooms to store her (and John's furs) back in 1980? There must have been a remarkable turnaround since then. This stunt won't stop the royals or anyone else from hunting as it is a pursuit of people whose knuckles are still dragging on the ground. We don't need to kill animals for food or clothing so why kill for fun? Hunters are primitives and until they evolve they wil continue using other species as if they were put here for mankind's use.

2669 days ago


Pathetic. I thought the point of the "vegetarian and animal-rights activist" exercise was to eliminate the cruelty of the kill. This demonstration is pointless and cowardly because they did not slaughter the dog but simply broiled one that had died of natural causes at the "breeding farm". In reality, they are vultures eating carrion. Fail.

2669 days ago


What is America coming to?? Are we following China's footsteps in eating dogs?? These whole situation was pointless. He calls himself an animal activists, i personally think he a hypocrit. So what, if the dog was dead already. Have respect for the dead (human or animal). People do anything for exposure.

2669 days ago

Alan Gomes Filho    

I Think Yoko Ono is Schizophrenic or Psychopatic person. First, only a mad woman or a bad
charcter could do such a disgusting procedure!! The Corgis are not guilty for hunting foxes.
They are lead to these actions!!
I wonder if someone who does not agree with Yoko's primitive self, will revenge with other
psychotic action: Imagine if someone decide to smoke John Lennon's ashes!! Or now this
crazy woman doing such a barbarism authorizes anyone to rape her mother's grave and steal a Yoko's mother bone and therefore offers this bone to a Corgi. How Yoko would feel
this action?? I hope someone does that for her: I suggest someone to pick Yoko's Mother bones and give these bones to several Corgis!!

2669 days ago

Vegetarian Music Man    

This is sick. Look. I am an animal rights activist to some degree ( not a wacko), and I am appalled by this.

2668 days ago
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