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Angie's Workout Secret -- Motherhood!

5/31/2007 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For an allegedly frail woman, Angelina Jolie has no problem with heavy lifting.

Though the always reliable National Enquirer touts Brad Pitt's 5'7" wild woman as weighing 100 pounds, Angelina was spotted carrying two of her toddlers in her spindly arms yesterday in Prague -- seemingly without effort -- and without collapsing!

Jolie was bringing Pax and Zahara to a school in the Czech capital, where she was flanked by her trusty, bleach-blonde bodyguard and a local security guard.


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Is it just me, or do those kids look like rag dolls. Their legs dangle like dead weight. It is quite obvious that they know Angie is NOT their Mother. No love shown.....

2697 days ago

Fed Up    

First, if it was not for daycare, then no woman would be able to accomplish anything, let alone with Angelina has accomplished. (Daycare helped me earn a Ph.D, although I am loathe to admit that while typing these comments on this less-than-scholarly site). Really, though, I am so tired of hearing about how Angelina "abandons" her kids at daycare. Even if she dropped them there so that she could have "me time" to go off to a hotel, a bar, a beach, shopping, whatever - that is certainly her perogative. If more women would get over the cult of motherhood, there would certainly be less "Andrea-Yates" type incidents.

Secondly, she's probably carrying her children to help to protect them from the hoards of photographers obviously surrounding them (you guys hear the clicks?). Would a "better mother" allow two kids under the age of six to walk around freely amist all that? Logic, people, logic.

2696 days ago


LOL Angelina & Brad forever .... go carve it on a tree.

I think Brad already left and took shiloh with him. You would see Shiloh more often if these kids werent props.

2689 days ago


#1 I can't wait either, I think it's coming soon.

Give me a break. They leave Shiloh at home so she is away from the cameras because the don't want the paps to get the money shots. They get money to shots of her (angelina) with her adopted ones. What Shiloh like the clothes you only where on Sunday??? and the adopted ones are for everyday????

2689 days ago


Zahara, that ugly little troll, isn't getting any prettier.

2688 days ago


She's not pregnant. She's MALNOURISHED!! Your stomach always bloats like that when you aren't eating properly. Just like all those little African children that never eat but always have huge beer guts. She's so gross. Remember how hot she was in Tomb Raider? I agree that this isn't a new thing for her. She was too thin way before her mom died. Brad, go back to Jen and take Shiloh with you!!!! And seriously those adopted kids ALWAYS look pissed off. I've seen Zahara smile only once and haven't seen Maddox smile since he lost his only child status. Pax never smiles b/c....well would you smile if you couldn't understand a damn word being said around you?

2688 days ago


As I sit here and read all these negative comments about Angelina Jolie, I cant help but wonder why are there so many haters? Seems like there a lot of biggots, racist, ignorant, jelous envious people out there criticizing a humanitarian who obviously sees no color....

2683 days ago



2700 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    

Put the kids down!! In case u haven't noticed, they have legs!!

2700 days ago

Karma...what a bitch!    

Strong mother. She really likes to carry her kids.

2700 days ago


She is disgusting!

2700 days ago


LAPD............SUCK ON DEEEEEEEEEEZE NUTZ!!!!!!!! go arrest a homeless man.

2700 days ago


Angie looks like crap, I don't for a minute think Brad and Angelina have any kind of sex life at all, and those kids are not in "school" they are in DAY CARE because Angelina is too busy making movies noone will go see and giving teary-eyed interviews (gag me) to try to convince the world how perfect she is. Most of the pictures we see of Brad and Angelina are photos of the kids being dropped off or picked up from DAY CARE. and if they are out anywhere, the nanny is not far behind. Angelina only knows how to ACQUIRE children, but Angelina being aN actual DAY IN, DAY OUT mother is not something I buy.

2700 days ago


Wht didn't they adopt white kid's?

2700 days ago


She's so beautiful, but scary skinny right now. I know she's mourning the loss of her beloved mother, but she looks like she's developed an eating disorder.

2700 days ago
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