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Barker Fans Come On Down ... and Wait and Wait

5/31/2007 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After 35 years, Bob Barker is stepping down from hosting "The Price Is Right," and that has some of his most loyal fans camping out overnight to catch one last glimpse of the TV icon in all his price-guessing glory.

With Bob's last tape day set for this Wednesday, June 6, TMZ caught up with wannabe contestants who have already lined-up on the street -- some for over two days! Um, does the Showcase Showdown come with a shower?!

Barker fanatics who don't have the time (or the insanity) to wait around outside for days can watch his final episode at home, when it airs June 15. Tent, blankets and porta-potty not included!


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Cathy Kadlec    

Hey Bob wanted to let you know we love you and will miss you very much. It was the best 50 years. But the best game show The Price Is Right. No body will not replay you, you were the best host. We went to see you on May 29,30, and 31 and June 1,07. It was real cool to see you in person and get to talk to you thanks. Your Friend Cathy & James Kadlec

2677 days ago


HEY DUDE READ THIS-Controversy erupted in 1993 when Parkinson sued host Bob Barker for sexual harassment. Barker admitted that he had sexual relations with Parkinson but stated, "As God is my witness I never asked her to do anything she didn't want to do" and that everything was indeed consensual. Parkinson declared herself no financial match to Barker and his resources and gave up her legal fight with him in 1995.

Barker was involved in more legal trouble with a Price model in 1995. Holly Hallstrom, a model from 1977 to 1995, stated that she had gained 14 pounds due to a prescription medication and that Barker used the weight gain as an excuse to fire her, which Barker denied. Hallstrom alleged that the real reason Barker fired her was because she had refused to support Barker when Parkinson sued him for sexual harassment. Barker responded with a lawsuit for slander and libel, Barker v. Hallstrom, claiming Hallstrom was lying, but the court declared Hallstrom the prevailing party and ordered Plaintiff Barker to pay all Hallstrom's legal fees. Hallstrom countersued Barker and in October 2005 Hallstrom received a multi-million-dollar out-of-court settlement.

Janice Pennington and Kathleen Bradley (1990-2000) were both let go from the show in 2000 after testifying in Hallstrom's favor during Barker's lawsuit against her.

In 2003 model Claudia Jordan (2001-2003), was dismissed from the show. In 2004 Jordan filed suit against Barker and the show for charges that included Racial Discrimination, Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination. In 2005 Jordan received an out-of-court financial settlement.

2675 days ago


What Quincygirl left out was the following-After Dian dropped her lawsuit (which was actually due to insufficient evidence) both her and her attorney (Labowitz) were fined for wasting the court's time. Also Labowitz was brought up before the State Bar in which his license to practice was suspended.
Concerning the Jordan and for that matter all of the other ladies that sued Bob were represented by the same attorney-they used Bob's name to place a "face" on their cause-their lawsuit was actually against Freemantle media not Bob himself-incidentally Bob has never paid a cent to anyone including Miss Halstrom. The legal fees were paid by Bob's legal party not Mr. Barker himself which were very nominal after Bob dropped his lawsuit against Hallstrom-known as Hallstrom II.
. Finally, with the Hallstrom case-it was only AFTER ALL provisions in the lawsuit against Bob were DROPPED-did Ms. Hallstrom settle out of court for far less than what she wanted and has claimed with much of her offer paying her attorney who made more money in aligning all these settlements than all of the plaintiffs combined-Bob himself wanted the company to continue with the lawsuit instead of settle because after the provisions against Bob were dropped during appeal, Holly basically had no case-but Freemantle wanted to move on..

2673 days ago


Oh and let's not forget what touched off all these frivilous lawsuits by these ladies and that was Dian's BLACKMAIL attempt against Bob in that if he did not pay her off-she would go to the media.
Bob just beat her to it by manning up to the public himself. A lot of people seems to have forgotten that-so quite frankly if Hallstrom "sided" with Dian that shows me the type of person she is as well as the rest of the lot.

2673 days ago


I just found a really funny list of one guy's favorite things about Bob Barker. Actually it's alliteratively entitled, "Reasons Bob Barker is the Bomb." Lots of other good lists on that site as well.

2660 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

i would just assume sit ehre in my home and watch the finale lol... who the heck knows if you will be standing by some one with t b !!!!!!!!!! home safe home thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!

2681 days ago

Dan Coleman    

Bob Barker should have retired long ago. Price Is Right has gone downhill for the past several years. Most of the prizes suck anymore and some of the games smell like crooked. Point in question; spinning the big wheel. I have always felt that they had the ability to slow or even stop that phony wheel from off stage. As far as the Plinko game goes, they brag about being able to win up to $50,000 and that is ridiculous. Players are lucky if they even win $10,000. I think those chips are magnetized and can be diverted off stage as they fall down the board.
Speaking of the prizes, how many damn guitars, or those stupid jukeboxes can they have in the warehouse? Hopefully this show will go belly-up when Barker goes to the home!

2681 days ago

jProud American Author    

Another American Icon retiring. I will miss Bob Barker. He is almost like one of the family. The best to him!

2681 days ago

the way it is    


2681 days ago


He'll be missed.

2681 days ago

RAY J    

Good get rid of this pervert, he should have been dead years ago. Maybe this old asshole should get neutered. Cant stand this old ass creep, with his sexual harrassment of women. When they take this old ass queen off then maybe I'll watch that stupid show. Post something here when he bites the dust...then that would be news.

2681 days ago


I haven't watcher regularly i yeas, but I used to be a die hard fan and knew the games inside and out. If given the opportunity back then, I could have easily walked away a winner. I actually had a dream once and in the dream I was on the show and played perfectly and was the showdown winner.

Too bad day time game shows aren't as popular as they used to be. I would have had some very long and boring country summers without them as a kid growing up in the days before cable.

2681 days ago

Drew in Orlando    

That show lasted as long as it did because many of the contestants did not EVER collect the prize they won. The taxes on any non-cash prize, such as a car, or a dining room set must be paid before the prize can be claimed. And the taxes for the prizes can run upwards of 40-50% of the prize value. Gotta love Uncle Sam!

2681 days ago


I bet you Rosie O'Donnell replaces him.

2681 days ago


I always wanted to meet Barker in person , but I never had the chance .

I watched his show for yearssssssssssssssssssssssssss .

REally Bob should enjoy life and sit back in his lounge chair

by the pool or found something to do .

Always keep busy after retiring . Heck I will .......for reasons .......

2681 days ago
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