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Barker Fans Come On Down ... and Wait and Wait

5/31/2007 6:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After 35 years, Bob Barker is stepping down from hosting "The Price Is Right," and that has some of his most loyal fans camping out overnight to catch one last glimpse of the TV icon in all his price-guessing glory.

With Bob's last tape day set for this Wednesday, June 6, TMZ caught up with wannabe contestants who have already lined-up on the street -- some for over two days! Um, does the Showcase Showdown come with a shower?!

Barker fanatics who don't have the time (or the insanity) to wait around outside for days can watch his final episode at home, when it airs June 15. Tent, blankets and porta-potty not included!


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John Q. Public    

Your a bunch of friggin idiots.

2702 days ago

White Rabbit    

Well, Jesus me!!! Going an entire 2 days without a shower -- oooooh, the HORROR. Puh-leeeze!

#2, what drug are you on? T.B.???? I mean really now, wtf??

2702 days ago

Arturo Fuente    

My 94 year old grandma passed away 1 month ago and we always loved to watch Bob together when I was a kid. She thought he was handsome and I thought he was cool and his beauties were hawt. Fast forward to college and I was skipping class to pull 3 foot bong hits while watching Bob in a dorm room full of religious Bob fans. Bob is the man. Bob's retirement is like the end of an era. It's like the greatest generation is officially signing off. Thanks for the memories Bob and I hope you hope you have a great retirement. You earned it!

2702 days ago

TMZ=jackals, and jackasses    

ANNE...Go kill yourself, you fat $hitbag

2702 days ago


7. Good get rid of this pervert, he should have been dead years ago. Maybe this old asshole should get neutered. Cant stand this old ass creep, with his sexual harrassment of women. When they take this old ass queen off then maybe I'll watch that stupid show. Post something here when he bites the dust...then that would be news.

Posted at 6:58PM on May 31st 2007 by Anne

May a drunk Paris Hilton run over and kill all your family...........

2702 days ago


Anne, you are one funny ass bitch! *wiping tears from my eyes fom laughing so hard*

2702 days ago

tata larue    

Some of my prettiest memories in the LaRue household was watching the Price is Right with mama and the cat lady every morning. Mama didn't make me go to school--and her coffee always smelled funny, like it had perfume in it--but there we were, at 9 am, lookin' and a-laughin' at all of that durn commotion. I think the cat lady had a crush on Bob Barker but mama said to never tease her about it, because the cat lady was real shy about the menfolk.
We wern't no good at the game neither, because we never shopped at the store, we grew our own food--we grew polk salad, we did alright.

2702 days ago


He should have retired years ago! He is a dirty old man! I could never stand to watch that show just because he was on it! Everytime that show came on and I saw his face it was time to turn the channel. I'm surprised some of these Bob fans seems to totally forgotten what a pervert he is. And please don't say Oh, I never believed that stuff. Well, believe it, cause it did happen. Good riddance!

2702 days ago

its a shame    

I'm sick of old people presenting shows - there are so many people out there who could do a better job, that are more easy on the eye. Barbara Walters with her speech defect - that crumbly old fart reading the news...get them off the box.

2702 days ago


I think some of these stupid and nasty comments are made by people who need to "Get A LIFE" They probably are the ones who also call the talk shows and they are replaceable.

2701 days ago


Bob is cool, I remember watching this show when I was younger. The accusations against him by all the bimbos on the show proved to be false. Take that bitch!

2701 days ago

Poor kid    

Why is he a "pervert"? Because he hit on semi-pretty younger women? It wasn't like they were kids or anything. They were certainly old enough to handle the situation. I feel no pity for them. And I don't think Bob's a pervert because he actually enjoyed looking at women or in his later years. Big whoop. The man is human. Grow up, kiddies. "Old people" still enjoy the opposite sex. Geeze, what a friggin' crime. This whole GD country came unglued when they found out B. Clinton enjoyed a BJ now and then. Good God, the things people get tied in a knot about blows me away. I have news for all you CHILDREN out there: Life and sex does not stop when you're 40 or older. ROCK ON, BOB!!!

2701 days ago


We went to that show today and one of the people you interviewed got on stage.

Check out the Bob Barker Retirement plan on Dot Comedy.

So long Bob!!

2701 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Hey- Tom c gives Okayayy ehead to us guys in sunSwseet-Drive-duide duh??????? Sory dud wehve the intrest now:) no ne will now3 :)

2701 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

I can't stand the Mountain Climber game with the yodeler, but I will miss Bob Barker. To the poster who said that the prizes are crappy is right. Over the years it seems that T.P.I.R prizes have been leaning towards the cheap side.

2701 days ago
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