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Jodie Foster

Bottoms Out

5/31/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shield your eyes! Jodie's tweaking her wardrobe!

Jodie Foster was on the balcony of a real mountainside mansion for what was supposed to be a glamorous photo shoot -- but the glamor went down the cliff soon after she hiked up her dress to fix her understuff.

The Oscar winner put it all on display to make her adjustments, leaving this, er, rear view from the balcony.


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Ronda in St Louis    

Jodie has nothing to be ashamed of, I wish my butt looked that good. Jodie and I are the same age and have childhood pictures that look like we were twins. Picture Jodie as Becky Thatcher. ME

You go Jodie, you are beautiful!

2702 days ago


I agree with Delilah. And maybe Jodie's career took off before the paparazzi became so aggressive, but dang, Jodie is smart enough to know times have changed and if you are going to adjust your clothing in public AND you are famous AND you are not the usual kinda skank that looks for this kinda attention, well, what's the big deal with going inside just be on the safe side? Ya know, if there is anyone to blame, it is the Hollywood skanks like Paris and Lindsay and Britney and and their ilk - they lowered the standards for everyone with their sex tapes and public nudity, and all celebrities now pay the price.

But come on, Jodie, you are looking mighty fine, and even in pantyhose which I think tend to squash even the finest ass, your behind is looking pretty damned good, better than all the above-mentioned names that are much younger than you.

2702 days ago

I Am The Real Bella    

Once again TMZ has pulled one of their all time lows. Having your photog's hiding in bushes to get intimate pics of celebrity's is so up your efing alley. It's shameless and disrespectful.

Regardless of any celebrity they do deserve some privacy. This is just crass and I hope to HELL Jodie sue's each and everyone of you sorry ass publicity hounds including TMZ.

2702 days ago

Rick in LA    

Thank God Lilo's in rehab and not out on some balcony adjusting herself. This same shot of her would have been NASTY. Jodie would appear to have a better butt than a lot of women in Hollywood half her age. And BTW, models and actors have been ducking around corners and behind buildings for wardrobe changes forever. Photogs of days past just had the good taste not to shoot them while they were. This isn't news; just an invasion of privacy and a non-event. I guess this is what we can expect from TMZ for a month or so until Lilo and Paris get their train wreck lives back on track.

2702 days ago


Her butt doesn't look bad, she doesnt even have an old ladies butt. She has nice legs too. Geez cut the woman some slack TMZ!

2702 days ago


Frankly, I wish I looked that good. Unlike many, Jodie doesn't seek out the limelight, and she's the kind of lady I wish more Hollywood starlets would emulate. One public mistep (maybe a 3 on a 1-10 scale) doesn't mean she's skank of the month. I'm far more stunned by what some will do when they KNOW the camera is on them.

2702 days ago


Jody - be proud - you look great!
TMZ for shame - Paris goes to church, Nicole has fallen and can't get up and Lindsay is in rehab for the day - so you you have to stalk Jody?
There are enough starlets around just waiting to show you their parts - look them up.

2702 days ago

the wise old owl    

DANG........she has a better hinnie than most 18 year olds. Way to go JODY ! What ever exercise routine your doing.....keep it up. You wear it well. LOL

2702 days ago


Are we as a nation so desperate for celebrity drama that we actually want to know about Jodie Fosters behind,isnt she 45ish....people .....please...

2702 days ago


I love women in pantyhose. This is a great photo!

2702 days ago


Her ass looks a hell of a lot better than Rosie's face..............

2702 days ago


Come on TMZ show some decency. I bet you were there with a zoom lens just waiting for this shot...pathetic. This isn't gossip, nor is it interesting. Don't you feel creepy, like a peeping Tom, doing this sort of thing?

2702 days ago


I think she looks incredible for her or any age. No cellulite or fat. GREAT ass!! Lucky ladies that get to hit that....

2702 days ago

THese sternies are mean people who have no feelings    

She looks great ! She shouldn't be embarressed at all ; the people who took this shot at her should be ASSHAMED>

Hey Harvey ! Slow news day for ya ?

2702 days ago


She could have a G-String on..

But the truth of the matter is, She's lifting her dress to her boobs.. HELLO..

Believe me this is no big deal in LA LA Land!

2702 days ago
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