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Jodie Foster

Bottoms Out

5/31/2007 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shield your eyes! Jodie's tweaking her wardrobe!

Jodie Foster was on the balcony of a real mountainside mansion for what was supposed to be a glamorous photo shoot -- but the glamor went down the cliff soon after she hiked up her dress to fix her understuff.

The Oscar winner put it all on display to make her adjustments, leaving this, er, rear view from the balcony.


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Zoe Girl    

That is so wrong!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago

Sue the Crap out of Her!!!!!!!    

Compared to Britney Spears shot of SPREADING her legs WIDE ( Ugly and Nasty)wearing NO underwear, this is tame. How many of you FLAT ass's or FAT Ass's on this blog wear thongs to a public pool or public beach? Jodie is wearing seamless pantihose which DO HAVE A CROTCH in them. Many women who wear pantihose do not wear additional underwear. Grow up and stop being a bunch of little school kids.

2665 days ago


this crosses the line

2665 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...............Whoops! Jodie is a class act!!!!!

2665 days ago


OMG people, she is obviously wearing a thing called a THONG! No panty lines with thongs dear people.

AND I think Jodie's ass look fine for her age, she's natural and no she did not deserve to be photographed like that

Someone said she doesn't deserve privacy for hiking up her nylons on a balcony, you should read closer, she was at a PHOTO shoot, so probably did not have time to go out some place more private to adjust.

TMZ stick with what you do best TRASH the SKANKS of HW, you know and we all know who they are and lay off the classier more dignified actresses like Jodie Foster

2665 days ago



2665 days ago

Ryan Sisk    

nice ass.

2605 days ago


I'm with those who've said "leave Jodi alone." Jodi isn't prancing around like these little celebutards, courting the paps and behaving as outlandishly as she can. I don't think everything is worthy of being photographed. And, finally, she really deserves a lifetime pass from the paps after the whole John Hinckley mess.

2665 days ago


jess - I was thinking the same thing.

Paparazzi or voyeurs? Pretty tasteless TMZ. The nylons Jodie's wearing look like the kind with small panties sewn in them. I've worn the same kind before, only I didn't have a camera up a**. As far as privacy goes - the laws depend on where you live and how strict they are. But as far as I'm concerned, if you're at home, far enough away from your nosey neighbors can't see you, what you do in your yard or on your balcony is your business. The same goes if you're at someone else's place that you trust.

Speaking of which TMZ, when you said Jodie was at a "mountainside mansion" --- was this her home, or someone else's private property? And how did you get this shot? With a telephoto lens or on the property with a standard lens? Where you given permission to be on the property or take any pictures of the owners/guests while they were there? Is this mansion and it's grounds open to the public?

I hope Jodie's lawyer are asking these questions as well, or whoever owns this property. Incidentally TMZ, my local laws prohibit anyone from trespassing on private property w/o permission. And taking pictures of people on private property here w/o permission is no different then voyeurism, esp. if the shots are in any way revealing. Jodie will probably be a good sport about it and let it go. But if it were me, I wouldn't.

2665 days ago

montana mike    

jodie foster is hot for any age--always has been and always will be. her ass looks great-not like the let's drive drunk gals. she has always had class and my favorite jodie movie is stealing home with mark harmon

2665 days ago


she looks great, although i'm not really interested in seeing her ass, but whatever. some photogs are way creepy

2665 days ago

Lenn K.    

It's funny if this was the photographer wife or girlfriend he's would be going crazy. There is just something wrong with invading a person private space for a photo!!!

2665 days ago

my two cents    

At least she can say that is a Yale ass!

2665 days ago


That makes me wanna do her on a pinball machine.

2665 days ago


She does not have a flat ass! Gawd people, stop being so damn critical! To #26
evemustlooklikesteve: You must be what 12? Only a 12 year old would call someone in their 40's old. Furthermore, what does being gay have to do with the subject matter of the post? Lastly, if winning 2 oscars and being paid millions to act and direct maky a person "irrelevant", then you seriously need your head examined. I actually feel sorry for you for being such an ignorant person.

2665 days ago
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