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No Joke -- Lindsay Laughs During Drunk Driving PSA

5/31/2007 12:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two years before going to rehab and her DUI arrest, Lindsay Lohan filmed an anti-drunk driving PSA. Priceless!

Shot in May, 2005, the PSA features the then-blonde 18-year-old laughing -- after pop band A Simple Plan says, "Please don't drink and drive." Hysterical, isn't it?!

Lindsay manages to compose herself long enough to utter the words "Be safe!" and flash her trademark peace sign. If only she had taken her own advice!


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just sayin'    

I think she looks fabulous! I hope I look that good when I'm her age. I'm 45 now, but... wait... she's how old? TWENTY?!?! Oh. Never mind.

2665 days ago


Did you watch the video - come on TMZ, I'm not a Lohan fan, but you made it sound like she was in hysterics during the video - it was a chuckle... anyway, i'm sure this rehab won't stick, but good luck...

2665 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

36. I think she looks fabulous! I hope I look that good when I'm her age. I'm 45 now, but... wait... she's how old? TWENTY?!?! Oh. Never mind.

Posted at 1:43PM on May 31st 2007 by Emily Latella

ROTFL - this is one of the best posts I've read in days! LoHO definitely has been around the block a few times. Won't be long before she's going to look older than that pathetic excuse of a fleabag mother of hers.

2665 days ago


Dear Twinkle Toes: Only a TRUE moron wouldn't know how to spell it. MORON!

2665 days ago


of course she's laughing, she's probably smashed.

2665 days ago


I just have to say with all the craziness and attention that Lindsay is brining to herself it is sad. Her life truly can’t be that bad. I am 33 yrs old a stepfather of 4. On Mother’s Day I suffered a mini stroke after our family dinner. A month later I suffered a small stroke. I must go every other week to a Cancer Center and receive medicine that I will be on for life. Although all this is happening I am not binging I and I love life. I think Lindsay needs to come live my life for a couple weeks then she can truly see how much she has to be grateful. It truly hurts me to see these celebrities act in this manner, especially when there are many people like me out there just trying to make it to the next day. We unfortunately don’t have the choice to change certain aspects of our lives they do. We don’t have the star power to have our voice heard. We need a voice. I think her and her friends and the whole “Hollywood Starlets” need to hang out with us and see what we do. Maybe they will gain a better appreciation for life.

2665 days ago


What do you expect, she was on drugs, duh

2665 days ago


I know it was done in the olden days. Can we please bring back publicly stoning someone to death? Sorry for the pun.....

2665 days ago


Hey People - that "chuckle" is disgusting, it proves the crackhead doesn't take her own advice seriously and thinks advice like that is a joke and doesn't apply to her. That chuckle is the best argument for putting thst twit behind bars for a very long time. Who's lame idea was it anyway, having a crackhead whore boozer do a public service ad like this, like she even believes drinking and drugs and driving is a bad thing? That's how she lives her life, and people who think the crackhead's chuckle isn't a big deal have their heads up their butts.

2665 days ago

are you kidding me?    

Lindsay, we all wish you a speedy DEATH!
We don't want to see you, hear about you - everything you've released thus far is crap, from a mediocre album to films that flopped. Maxim is crazy to put you as their #1 sexiest woman alive. I wonder if you paid them to feature you, or you're their pimp because you have to have bad vision to even think you're attractive. Nothing makes a woman sexier than a big head without a brain...NOT.

2665 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She is SUCH a dumbass. What is her deal? Is she purposely trying to be the most hated person in America? Is this some sort of dumbass competition between her & her frenemy pair-ASS? WTF?

2665 days ago


I don't think that this is funny what the hell is she laughing at she could have killed someone,nobody thinks this is funny that message she told with the group simple Plan what the nerve does she got to tell us not to drink and drive: when she did it and it was funny: The worst thing is doing drugs to what kind of message is she giving to her fans hope she loses her case in court: you have to pay for your mistakes;Linsey needs to share the cell with the 3 sluts Like Paris, Nicole, and Her of course look whos talking about drinking and drugs. Rehab,is not doing anything for her and she needs to see a shrink:
This is what I feel and the other people think that if you get caught with drugs or driving under the influence you should pay for the crime: drinking never solves your problems and drugs: so go to Jail
and you need to show respect to your fans: you need tell the media and your fans that your sorry about what you have done: Hope that people won't go see your movies in the theather: Not Me I'm Not a Linsey Lohan Fan: Don't Wanna Be never Will:need to Learn Respect:

2665 days ago


Lindsay needs Major Psychiatric Help.

2665 days ago


Wow!! She has really aged in 2 years. I guess that's what hard partying and lack of sleep will do to you!!

2665 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Stupid drunken WHORE-drop dead-BOYCOTT all movies she is in. Shirley McLane you better drop her from your movie or it will bomb like Georgia Rules did.

2665 days ago
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