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Shirley MacLaine to Lohan: Get Better, Make My Movie!!

5/31/2007 11:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oscar winner Shirley MacLaine, along with another producer of Lindsay Lohan's upcoming film "Poor Things," has just released a statement claiming that they are more than willing to work around Lohan's rehab schedule in order to get the movie done:
Maclaine & Lohan
In the spirit of helping Lindsay Lohan and her rehabilitation, we have been asked by Lindsay to comply with her wishes to continue working on "Poor Things." We are trying to rearrange the shooting schedule to facilitate her working at the end of the shoot to coincide with the completion of her rehabilitation. We wish her love and the blending of mind, body and spirit.

Shirley MacLaine
Rob Hickman


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Im sorry, To # 24. I think Im going to be totally sick becasue of what you said. Boy you are impressed to death by anything, arent you? How utterly dumb that "beautiful people dont deserve to be treated like this. " Do you think she is better than others becasue of looks? I hope to :Lord you never have to deal with an addict your family, you woudlnt know know what to do, and they would run all over you. Talk to any psychologist or trained professional about handling addiction. Sounds like you dont know the first thing about this. And last of all, get Lohan out of the media, TMZ. Most people (except the completly blind and misled) are completely sick of her.

2702 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

In the real world, any young woman pulling all the stunts LL has wouldn't be receiving such compassion and support from her fellow 'workers'. Certainly, there'd be no job awaiting her when she finally decides to clean up her act.
Shirley MacLaine wasn't exactly a hands-on mother so I think her giving LL anything remotely called advice or support is ...well...amusing. So Hollywood, though.

2702 days ago


It reallly is sad that Shirly McLaine feels that Lindsay Lohan with an addiction and on a path of destruction is going to be better for her movie then a healthy bankable actress. Shirley, if your read this Lindsay Lohan hasn't had a hit movie in quite a while. Find an actress people want to watch because she is talented not because she is an accident that people can't stop looking at..

2702 days ago

Mom of REAL Teens    

How sad that she is not experiencing the full consequences of her actions. There's powerful learning lessons for all, esp troubled teens, when faced with REAL reality.

At the end of the day she is still just a very troubled teen. And she clearly is shielded from the true consequences of such behaviors by all.

I love Shirley, but she's just another enabler in this instance, like the long list of adults in LL's life who have come before her.

REAL current day teens would have been jailed LONG AGO for the behaviors celebrity teens exhibit nightly.

REAL teens who screw up a lot less than these celebrities would have gotten numerous MIP's by now. They'd simply be in jail already for a fraction of the underaged drinking Celeb-teens get away with.

REAL teens get reckless and negligent driving charges all the time in my community for a LOT LESS significant driving infractions than these celeb-teens do nightly.

How in god's name do Clubs get away with allowing underaged patrons in their doors nightly?? And after hours, too?? REAL teens can't get in to clubs - unless they have one very, very good fake id. Celeb-teens b'days are commonly known by the world.

No one's doing these teens any good by enabling them. They're just prolonging the inevitable, which makes these teens even more vulnerable to early death than REAL teens who learn pretty quickly what happens if you drink/drug & drive, speed, drive recklessly, are in possession of alcohol as a minor, or commit fraud by using fake id's.

The LAW does not enable REAL teens for such behavior. It hits them in the pocketbook, their freedom, and their records for the rest of their lives. REAL teens figure out pretty quickly they may not get to go to grad school, or get a great job in the future with misdemeanor and felonies on the youth records. In the REAL world that happens every day.

In the alternate reality of the entertainment business, apparently the adult message is "It's okay; come work when you can".

How truly sad; nothing more than a death sentence for this crop of delusioned young celeb-teens....

2702 days ago


i think that the public gets so offended with these young celebs because they appear to have it all and f#@* it up for no apparent reason...linds is a perfect candidate for addiction, she meets all the "requirements"...its in her genes and both her work and social enviorment are unindated with an endless supply of whatever she desires...i really hope and appeal to our justice system that something be done about these dance clubs that serve as serrogate homes and are hotbeds for under age drinking and drug use...pure and simply put they are the enablers (a junkies worst enemy)...lindsay is still young and worked her way to where she is at today and it would be a real shame for her to throw it all away...i too think that she is in need of some tough love...her mother should do some brushing up on the nature and treatment for addiction...alanon is a good place to start. americans love a success story...we are sadly lacking in the positive female role model department ...and i think good parents everywhere have had lindsay, straighten up and fly right or just go away,period.

2702 days ago

Brit is a f*ck up    



2702 days ago

J Byrd    

First of all: Great post #20!!!
Next: I predict she'll do her rehab and for a few years she'll be "lost," without any work, then she'll be hired to make more dull movies, she'll have some successful movies out but she'll never be the Oscar winning actress she's always wanted to be. Hollywood is so lenient towards celebs, so as far her partying ways, she's never going to stop at all. She'll just do it behind closed doors that's all.

2702 days ago


To hell with "LOSER Lohan"....Shirley McClain ought to hire some respectable young girl such as Hillary Duff for example...LL is a complete disgrace to 20 year olds. She needs to go straight to jail....that will dry her out!

2702 days ago


Lindsay. Paris, Anna Nicole, Nicole Richie, Brittney, it is so sad that these are the young women that are constantly being placed in the media. Our Ms. USA is a drug addict, the, presidents daughters have been in trouble due to drug problems, our vice presidents daughther is gay, New york can't catch a good man and acts like a discusting no class tramp, Flavor Flav's ho's are nasty, just like the girls on Girls Gone Wild and the sleez bags on the music channels. Cyote Ugly gals have to dance and dress really sluty to beat Victoria's little secrets that are repeatedly splash on commeriacls for my young teenage sons to see. Oh my goodness! What the hell is going. on? How does one teach their sons to treat women with respect when the girls are so trashy and screwed up? These are the Idols, the role models that our young girls are imitating. What happen to CLASS & PRIDE? I saw a show yesterday where a mother bought spray on tans for her daughter so she could look like Lindsay. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT THEIR DAUGHTER TO BE LIKE LINDSAY? I felt that as a mother it was my job to teach my boys to respect women but respect is something you earn. Wake up ladies and think about what the affect of what your doing is going to have as a whole.

2702 days ago


Nice way to teach her that there are no consequences for her actions or for her bad behavior. She obviously didn't learn her lesson when her producer smacked her down during the filming of Georgia Rule.

Just another bunch of enablers.

2702 days ago


I for one will not see a single movie with any of these out of control, trailer trash addicts. Why do people keep putting money in these spoiled little twat's pockets? I'd rather give 20 bucks to a bum without a home than a bum with a mansion.

2702 days ago


Most of us are vindictive and would like to teach Lindsay a good lesson. However, Shirley Maclaine is NOT like that. She is a compassionate, caring person whom we should emulate, not criticize. The Lady has my respect. Lindsay may disappoint her, hopefully not, but Shirley practices what she preaches, she will find the best in people regardless of the criticism. I would like to remind all of you, (one post called her an "old hag.") that your time is coming, you will age, would you like your parents or yourself to be referred to that way? I think not.

2702 days ago

Daniel G.    

Let me get this right.....Lindsay screwed...AGAIN.....screws up production and those around....and yet this little heifer still has the freaking nerve to say "Go around MY schedule, help MY needs"!?!?

....Do you see this Ms. Lohan??? It's you the finger.

2702 days ago


i say hit 'em where it hurts,their bank accounts let'em work at burger king
they need whopper floppers all the time!!!!!!there's plenty of pretty young
girls that would love to take her place.....

2702 days ago


hey LAPD,,,,GO EAT SOME DEEEEEZE NUTZ.......,,,,,,hey SHIRLEY, give the kid 30 days,,you old hag,,,GOSH THIS ISN'T 1950 anymore,,,,,,rest & relaxation Lindsey,, I SAY "STAY 90 DAYS ..YOU'LL LOVE YOURSELF 4 IT."............

2702 days ago
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