Gummi Bear -- Grand Pianist!

6/1/2007 11:05 AM PDT
Ladies and gentlemen, and the rest of you, TMZ takes great pleasure in presenting piano fartuoso, Jason "Gummi Bear" Davis! *polite applause*

The vast talent was previously unknown to us, until Gummi sat around the piano at Melanie Segal's Platinum Luxury Lounge in celebration of the MTV Movie Awards yesterday at the Le Meridien Hotel in Beverly Hills. GumGum is the socialite brother of Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis (originator of "Firecrotch). They are the grandson heirs of the late oil billionaire and onetime 20th-Century Fox owner, Marvin Davis.

It was unknown that a budding Mozart dwelt within the bigger bear, and that his fingers could be used for purposes other than flipping us off!