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Kimmel Sued by Guy Who

Put His Junk in Mousetrap

6/1/2007 9:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a lawsuit filed by a man who doesn't think Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla and Johnny Knoxville are funny.
Jimmy Kimmel, Adam Corolla, Johnny Knoxville
Perry Caravello, the one-time "star" of a practical joke flick, filed suit today in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming, among other things, the three funnymen owe him $10.5 million.

For several years, Caravello was duped into believing he was going to play the lead role in the faux action flick "Windy City Heat." Every actor and member of the crew was in on the joke -- except Caravello. The final product, er, joke, aired in 2003 on Comedy Central.

In his suit, Caravello claims the defendants "falsely and fraudulently" represented the project, and promised him, among other things, that he "would be paid 10 million dollars if he placed his penis in a mousetrap." Caravello says he "was severely injured when the trap literally went on his manhood." Ouch. To add insult to injury, Caravello says he's suffered "humiliation and emotional trauma" because the video has circulated the Internet. Talk about viral.

Caravello is suing for the $10.5 million that he says he is owed, plus damages and medical expenses.

A call to Kimmel and Corolla's rep was not immediately returned.


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jProud American Author    

That kind of stupidity has really got to hurt! 10 million dollars? Who would believe that someone would pay 10 million dollars for an act as senseless as that? Ouch.

2663 days ago


always get it in writing...

2663 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Never even heard of the numb nut Perry Carvello. And, now we know why. Appears the idiot is unable to walk and chew gum, and that was long before he was stupid enough to stick his manhood in a mouse trap.

2663 days ago


Post # 2
I agree with you Mouse

I am so grateful TMZ did not provide video!

2663 days ago

dirty doggg    

if told he would get paid he should but the rest was his ignorance contracts and buisness deals go hand in hand .but pain suffering mental anguish hell no he done it himself and wanted it in a movie there not liable in my opinion

2663 days ago


Joe Schmo didnt bitch and cry like this guy is doing. Pussy.

2663 days ago


I don't know how Adam Corolla ever made it on radio, let alone television. He is the least funny guy in entertainment and Jimmy Kimmel is a right wing prick. Not smart to put you dink in a trap, venus fly trap maybe, but I hope these guys get slapped around for my entertainment.

2663 days ago

Bella Donna    

Jimmy Kimmell would do something like that! I can not stand him. SICKO

2663 days ago

He's Boring now    

Kimmel...what sophmoric low class humor to be involved in. That whole crew who was behind this, always having to inflict pain on another for a cheap laugh. I hope Knoxville and his whole crew OD or find out in about 5 years they are all arthritic from their earlier abuses of their bodies. Than they can be the punked jackasses. Not a one of them has ever served their Country and we're all supposed to think they're tough guys. Ask Bams uncle Vito about his situation. Child molester.

Pay up you welchers.

2663 days ago

Luther Lackey    

I've been made a fool of on tv as well, except my feelings were the only thing hurt.

2663 days ago


i heard that show &saw the video jimmey kimmel wasent there,why is he getting sued.i love his show ,and sarahs shows funny too.

2663 days ago


perry caravello is not real hes stone furry(in the movies)? who dooped TMZ is perry tring to get more commission off wendy city heat dvd sales?

2663 days ago


i went to acting school with perry caravello(stage name) in 1989 id hope hed do well .he went to harvard befor coming to ca. i think hes a good actor . no ones that dumb

make friends not foe

2663 days ago


i cant read the lawsuit !! shock to extreme u eat it
were is everyone getting info :jackass uncles molesting .retards tortured by hollywood elite ,someone in montana is blaming a movie for middle school kids hazing ,a kid at a school function ? did montana know all these movies are rated R. (18 and over)

IF jenna jamison had to admit on howard stern ,all pornstars were raped or molested to sell her movies. and barbra wa wa 20/20 followed bella dona to meet her small town religious family ,and explaine a porn career?
jack ass 2 is no diffrent than porn why would FCC ok jack ass but ban good ole fashion sex
how else can you explane whats wrong with jack ass.
.how did you make jack ass #1 these guys just did anything to make a buck
perry is just trying to make a buck
its your world own it
you raised your kids like you trust your country!

perry caravellos lawsuit makes him a terrorist .

2663 days ago


Best of luck to the rube, but Kimmel and company's lawyers are more well equipped. This guy should just spend as little as he can to pay some thug to go after his transgressors with a big, sharp garden shears and... fill a few mousetraps... rather, gopher traps. Teach 'em!

2663 days ago
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