Lindsay: Daddy Day Care?

6/1/2007 2:18 PM PDT
Could Lindsay Lohan's ex-con dad be her savior? He seems to think so.

Michael Lohan, who was just sprung from prison after doing time for aggravated assault and securities fraud, was on "Scarborough Country" last night, claiming he could be the key to saving his rehab-resident, curb-hopping daughter. After admitting that he used cocaine in the past and "made some really stupid stupid decisions," Papa Lohan claimed that bringing his family back together will help turn LiLo's life around. Make room for daddy!

Michael has been banned from seeing Lindsay, as well as his three other children with Dina Lohan (aka the White Oprah), since they divorced two years ago -- and has not been able to reach her at Promises. According to BestWeekEver, Dina herself has not seen Lindsay since she entered rehab earlier this week, and she's staying on the east coast to party with care for her other kids.