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Lindsay: Daddy Day Care?

6/1/2007 2:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Could Lindsay Lohan's ex-con dad be her savior? He seems to think so.

Michael Lohan, who was just sprung from prison after doing time for aggravated assault and securities fraud, was on "Scarborough Country" last night, claiming he could be the key to saving his rehab-resident, curb-hopping daughter. After admitting that he used cocaine in the past and "made some really stupid stupid decisions," Papa Lohan claimed that bringing his family back together will help turn LiLo's life around. Make room for daddy!

Michael has been banned from seeing Lindsay, as well as his three other children with Dina Lohan (aka the White Oprah), since they divorced two years ago -- and has not been able to reach her at Promises. According to BestWeekEver, Dina herself has not seen Lindsay since she entered rehab earlier this week, and she's staying on the east coast to party with care for her other kids.


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"who was just sprung from prison after doing time for aggravated assault and securities fraud" As if he is role model or advisor to anyone least of all his daughter.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak much louder. If this guy actually keeps his act clean for the next year or more, then I can see him trying to giving advice. I feel sorry for Lindsay that she these people for parents. And if she doesn't change, she's following both of their footsteps.

2708 days ago


No wonder the girl is messed up. Her mother is worse than the dad because mom wasn't on drugs. Her mom is supposed to be her mom and a best party buddy. That is what is wrong with the story. Dad was messed up on drugs and they put him in jail who knows maybe he may be able to help her. Her mother sure didn't put her first. I feel someone from family services should be looking at her mother and her parenting skills leaving other children back in the northeast and her hanging out with her daughter in L.A.

2708 days ago


His recovery should remain separate from his daughters. It is disfunctional for a parent in recovery to counsel a child in recovery especially an adult child. Not healthy. She shoud go to her own meetings and he to his. She can get her own sponsor away from Dad who does not have that much time invested in the program. It's a lifelong process of growth in sobriety.

2708 days ago


Sadly, this chode smoker is being the parent right now. Dina is probably off doing some smack.

2708 days ago


i think lindsay is nothing but a drug problem and a bad person in this world. she also can't act or sing so go back to 42nd street.

2708 days ago


He and his former wife together would be the end of Lindsey.
If he truley loves his daughter he would back off and let the the program she is in "try" to work..Instead this guy goes on TV and shoots his mouth off. He is destructive to his daughters recovery.

2708 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

#35Douchhhhe!!! -Lohan can read the press or choose not to read it. From what I can tell,
there's some better advice here than she apparently receives from her parents, and she would do well to absorb some of it rather than the toxic people she appears to have around her. People can and will talk; take the good and throw out the chafe. Why are YOU on here talking about her??? With her millions, somehow I think she'll survive. She plays the press better than most of them.

2706 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Having gone thru rehab 20 years ago and being clean ever since I made
sure to send the message to my two daughters that I never wanted them
to go thru what I did. He loves his daughter very much regardless of
what laws he's broken. I have no doubt whatsoever that, had he raised
her, she would be in a better place today! One of the ways to tell if
Lindsay is serious about recovery is that, if she is, she will be
seeking out her father, not her mother, when she gets out! I think
Dina didn't visit Lindsay on her first visitation day not because she "couldn't make it" but because Lindsay didn't want to see her! That sent Dina the message that the days of using Lindsay are over. That's why she's looking for someone to give her a reality show where she can use her other two kids! I just hope Lindsay the best of luck because rehab is not the fun place some of you appear to think it is. The "hot seat" in group is a place nobody wants to be.

2703 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    


2708 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

He's after $$$$$$$$$$$$, no question about it. Just like her mother.

2708 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    

Don't let the FAT prudes bring you down Lindsay!You are hot,young & white,enjoy your youth!

2708 days ago


Oh good lord! Well one thing about it - if he does get back into her life - he'll steal her car and she won't have to worry about drinking and driving anymore.

2708 days ago

PEREZ HIVton    

I don't believe in God but I believe in Lindsay!

2708 days ago


Sooooooooo Dina hasn't seen Lindsay since her infamous weekend? All the sudden she has other kids to care for? Talk about a rat abandoning a sinking ship! I bet she is scared that SHE is giong to have a lot of questions to answer! I guess she thinks it's okay to go party with your under-aged daughter, use your child's name to get into exclusice parties & even a position as an ET correspondent at HER DAUGHTER'S premiere!!!! Whatta looser of a user!

Dina, we all know that you're hiding. Your daughter is facing up to reality in just the way you taught her...RUN AWAY! You are a coward! You should be getting help as well. There IS treatment available on the east coast ya know! I think it's time for CPS to look at your mothering skills or lack there of!

2708 days ago

big joe    

he seem's like a good guy back offfff.

2708 days ago
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