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Process Server to Opri - It's Dangerous Chewing Her Ass

6/1/2007 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriTMZ has learned Debra Opri got a visit tonight from a famous P.I., who served her with Larry Birkhead's lawsuit filed Friday.

Birkhead hired attorney Michael Trope to sue Opri, alleging she defrauded him by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned and diverted them into her client trust fund account.

John Nazarian, the famous P.I., went to Opri's Santa Monica home tonight and handed her the lawsuit. We're told Opri's reaction: "I have insurance to cover this,"

Opri then told Nazarian, she wanted to know who the hell was Michael Trope. Nazarian put it this way, "I wouldn't want him chewing on my ass."


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Lenn K.    

You know she did it. Greedy bitch, who loves watching herself on television.

2666 days ago

tired of anna nicole news    

I'm glad that he's suing her unethical ass. She padded that bill AFTER taking all of that money into her own trust account. What the crap? She didn't even get him that kid back, some other attorney did....and Howard running for the hills.

2666 days ago


omg im sick of this dumb bitch Opri.

larry fans come here

2666 days ago


Ms Opri -- EVERYBODY knows that your insurance company isn't just going to fork over money. You have to have been sued and have it settled, or a judgment issued against you for your insurance just to fork over Larry's money. If it were that easy, why didn't you just give Larry his money to begin with? I think you're history in this town.

2666 days ago


This is a surprise?
Every lawyer involved in this sad case are there for only one reason
M O N E Y !
and I should add that includes The Mother, The shyster, The new daddy et all
The only human being involved in this mess is The Child.
Nothing else matters
Child Protective Services needs to get involved and save this child from all of the above

2666 days ago


she said HKS was a thief, stealing ANS money! This arrogant, loud mouth ambulance chaser belongs in a jail cell. Sue her LB and have them revoke her license to practice law.

2666 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Bottom feeding media trash - Opri had her 15mins of fame with Larry Birkhead, now she trying to suck the blood out of David Hasselhoff - I'm surprised Kim Bassinger hasn't hired her also.

Maybe she'll get disbarred, stay at home and learn to do her husand's laundry!

2666 days ago


Larry is being influenced by the King of Evil himself Howard K. Stern.
Poor DL!!!

2666 days ago

Opri loses all the way around    

This woman is a major embarassment to her profession. She is crusty, rude and unprofessional.
Any show I have ever seen her on, she acts that way too. Everyone kind of cringes at her pitbull kind of manners. I was so afraid she was going to cause Larry's case to be damaged with her pushy exaggerations.
Nice to see someone stand up to her and her gouging of clients.


2666 days ago

as i see it    

Debra add your name to the lawsuit list __Ashley,Anna,and now you.Larry ,when you going to quit living off the ladies and get a real job?

2666 days ago

Mrs. Laughing So Hard    

Well, well, well, Howard, Ron Rale, and Larry what a bunch of legal beagles! Except Larry of course. He is just coming off as a big fat liar. Remember, "no deal" Birkhead. Got to say, Larry, you have really disappointed me! But, then obviously, you don't really care what people think any more. Guess, you guys think you have everything in the bag. I guess we will see. Honestly, I am really disappointed.

2666 days ago


Taken from his website....

As he likes to say, he is one of the most expensive private eyes in LA,
charging $10,000 to $20,000 as a retainer and $400 an hour for his services.

Who is paying him money to harass Opri at home? Stern and his bum buddy Larry? I said it since Larry turned Benedict Arnold...Stern and him are in it together. And no one can say that it is just a coincidence Larry is using Ron Rales law firm and Howies PI.

2666 days ago

The REAL Just My Opinion    

Why does this SMELL of HK$?

Because it is the same old story of HK$ and Anna, screw over anyone who tries to help them. They both left a trail of unpaid lawyers and others while they lived off other people's money. Sounds like Larry is doing the same, except this time it is a poor little baby's money.

Why is Larry trying to get out of an obligation he agreed to pay? He signed the contract, he has to pay.

If it were not for Opri, he would not have that baby to this day. He is a either the biggest fool for aligning himself with HK$ or he is just backwoods STUPID.

2666 days ago


More and more, I'm thinking larry is part of a long and premeditated plan, and more and more, I'm seeing the wisdom of O'Quinn's words: "sperm donor".

Boy did larry have me fooled! Now, I can hardly look at him without feeling very sad for Dannielynn.

Again, I hope the courts will reconsider Virgie's petitions.

2666 days ago


I wonder if she worked her way through law school by laying on her back . . .

2666 days ago
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