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Process Server to Opri - It's Dangerous Chewing Her Ass

6/1/2007 10:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debra OpriTMZ has learned Debra Opri got a visit tonight from a famous P.I., who served her with Larry Birkhead's lawsuit filed Friday.

Birkhead hired attorney Michael Trope to sue Opri, alleging she defrauded him by taking hundreds of thousands of dollars he earned and diverted them into her client trust fund account.

John Nazarian, the famous P.I., went to Opri's Santa Monica home tonight and handed her the lawsuit. We're told Opri's reaction: "I have insurance to cover this,"

Opri then told Nazarian, she wanted to know who the hell was Michael Trope. Nazarian put it this way, "I wouldn't want him chewing on my ass."


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Ya know when this all shakes out I think you will find that Stern is the good guy!!!!

2668 days ago

Skeeter 17    

Shame on you, Opri. You were UNSUCCESSFUL in helping Larry get back his child....what you were only successul in was putting your face in every talk show and news broadcasts while you were Larry's lawyer. A lawyer is hired to help...not to steal!
Right for Larry to go after you!!

2668 days ago


Tell it like it is,, That is not even a possibility!!

2668 days ago

hurricane katrina land    

tell it like it is............

yep! and did you know that ToPoGiGiO was real? lmao

go to hell howard!!!

2668 days ago

Let sleeping bodies rest in peace...........    

If Larry wins this lawsuit against Opri, and get his money back, won't he have to turn around and pay Opri his bill anyway?

Lawyers don't come free where I live. If you hire a big time lawyer you pay big time. Is Larry just trying to get out of paying Opri?

2668 days ago

Alec has no brains    

A lawyer is not supposed to put a cient'smoney in a trust fund without the client's permisson, especially not to hold it hostage for an inflated bill.

More importantly, she did work so hard over those lobster dinners, getting nothing done, but at least her husband's undies were cleaned.

She's the idiot.

2668 days ago

janice _____________________________________________ Video of Rita Crosby and Larry about paternity

2668 days ago

yero abdul ba    

a career endig for miss opri

2668 days ago

Daniel Boyington    

I'm no lawyer but isn't that called "conversion" when you take someone's money/property for your own purposes. If it is in a "trust", it is his money. If he owes you money (OPRI) take him to court. Seems to me she will have trouble getting "ANY" new clients after this, that is if she keeps her lawyer card.
I always watched her on TV but never liked her from the start.


2668 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

The man-crushes are just getting a little too creepy for me. Birkhead/Stern/Rale.

and Harvey Levin, of course.

I do believe I've had enough of this site. But my parting words are, pay your damn bills and if you don't like bills, then don't sign your name to legal contracts. sheesh, and don't malign yourselves with people such as Howard K. Stern. Is flip flopper Birkhead just dumb or what. That poor kid, Dannielynn doesn't have a chance in hell to be normal. What a con artist her greedy sperm donor turned out to be.

Opri might not get all her money, but she'll certainly receive the bulk of it.....well, unless Larry goes bankrupt or flees the country, like his boyfriend did. ugh...what creeps. Have fun discussing it all (to ad nauseum. .....methinks a lot of you Larry-lovers don't pay your -own- bills. lol)

2668 days ago


SEND OPRI TO JAIL.... She's NOT a good lawyer. Go to hell Ms. Opri.

2668 days ago


Remember when HKS's lawyers kept saying "take it to the Bahamas" This was planned all along by Howard and Larry. Anna was really mad at Larry for some reason! She did everything to keep Larry away from the baby. Anna dies (killed) Howard kept saying "this is what Anna wanted. Remember? He never said it about Larry! Howard had his buddy Larry get Anna preg....He knew what was on the will! Or shall I say the one he had to finally turn in.

Back to the Bahama's. When Howard and and lawyer morons kept saying take it to the Bahama's not the US. They knew all along which was their plans that Larry would win in the Bahama's. We all thought Larry would loose! Howard covered his ass. You know what I mean. Howard did not want Dannielynn! Larry wanted her for the money and fame.

What angers me the most is Howard is able to still control the Bahaman people. Getting the inquest moved how many times now? When is the Bahaman people going to get anough of a non citizen staying in their country telling their goverment people what to do? Remember Howard had a camera and video camera in his hands at all times. Some people may be to scared to say to much. Think about it why was Horizons broken into to so fast? Why do you think Howard is pulling off the deal of a life time of taking away a mans property? Let's just say money talks and pictures talk.

Tell me why no one is doing anything to hold anyone accountable for Daniel's and Anna's deaths? It has been months now since two wonderful people were killed. Where is the answers? Even the doctors were not charged! The California bar is doing nothing to Howard. On and On and On. They are a bunch of cowards! All Howard has to do is hire one of his dogs and everyone runs! hahahaha

Daniel, you will get your justice!

Lawyer Joke...............

What's the difference between a lawyer and a Carp?

One is a slimy, bottom-feeding, mud-sucking scavenger. The other is a fish.

2668 days ago

Drama Continues!    

Larry had talked to Greta before he hired Debra Opri...Larry asked Greta her opinion about getting her "Free" of charge because the publicity would be enough?? I think that Larry has a very good witness in this whole thing. Debra Opri is a "Wanna-Be" she's reaching for the "Stars" and hasn't climbed the ladder so far......So, this being such a high profile case....I DO believe that she told Larry she'd represent him for FREE....then she tries to steel money....what a snake!
Larry...SPEAK up loudly so everyone can hear you...this woman needs to be put to sleep!

2668 days ago


Regardless of what you all think

NBC would not have sent her the check unless it was in the contract - guess LB didn't read the print - or he'd be suing them claiming he didn't get paid - guess he had a lawyer look at that and was told he'd agreed to it - arbitration will determine if the bill is padded - my guess not by much and he will pay about $885 thou with interest - which is what he is suing for.

LB you are just stupid stupid stupid stupid -

What a laugh NBC said we made the check to a trust --------- hah made fools of us --- Opri's trust account.

They didn't want to say LB sold the baby before the DNA was done ---- how would you all feel had you known he was going after big bucks -------and if he wasn't -- why the contract ------by the way I understand NBC is exclusive until after the last Bahama hearing - which is why its so quiet -

the bloom is off this pr deal - most people don't want to hear one more word - so baby aint worth much now and LB - do you think the press wants to deal with a guy who has a rep of not honoring his contracts - here's $10 so I can take your pic ----end of story.

A trust company should be appointed to look after DL financial affairs - not LB or HKS or Vergie - all these people want to make a dime off of her

2668 days ago


Tata Larue - Post #104..............

Great post and for the most part I agree with you. It was clear from the beginning that Larry was way out of his league. I agree that he is a "hillbilly preacher type man wierdo". I have no respect for attorneys in general and am not impressed by Debra Opri antics but I have less respect for Larry. He was a nobody who somehow managed to involve himself in a situation with the results being better than he could have ever dreamed. I just feel sorry for the innocent people involved. Dannielynn is innocent and deserves better. I believe that Howard is innocent and he is left to clean up the mess that everyone has made. I believe that the good or bad that a person does will be rewarded or punished sooner or later in it's on way and time. Our legal system does not always get it right.

2668 days ago
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