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Wacko Jacko's Auction Action

6/2/2007 6:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He ain't a Pretty Young Thing anymore, but Michael Jackson's stuff is still popular with fans. Hundreds of items were auctioned off by Universal Express, Inc., this past week, netting more than $1.5 million. Think about all the new noses he could buy with that!

Among some of Wacko Jacko's personal belongings that went on the auction block: an MTV music award for "We Are the World" went for $16,000; a be-glittered jacket sold for $19,000, and a letter from Marlon Brando to the King of Pop garnered $1,600. One shocker: a platinum record for his hit song "Billie Jean" went for a measly 100 bucks. Jackson's a thriller no more!

Universal Express, which acquired the items for around $5 million, expects to hold a second auction of King of Pop-related items later this year.


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Matthew Simpson    

Who Cares?

2636 days ago


You couldn't give me anything of his. He is to weird and guilty! !

2636 days ago


No one cares about this sad pathetic individual anymore. Absolutely no one.

2636 days ago


That guy is going to be one ugly 70 year old. He will make millions selling halloween masks.

2636 days ago


As a bonus, he's losing the Beatles catalog in a year.

2636 days ago

Hoff is a Joke, and I'm not laughing.    

I don't care about this weird, pathetic has-been. What a loser.

2636 days ago

Harry Houdini    

GOD! This guy is CREEPY!

2636 days ago


Why does the media support the farce
that the children Jackson is holding hostage
are HIS children?

Is it legal for a person charged with pedophelia
to buy as many babies as they desire,
as long as they are rich and famous?

2636 days ago

John Q. Public    

Look at this freak of nature. What a friggin idiot this "thing" is. Get lost Jacko! and leave them kids alone...

2636 days ago


Michael Jackson did THRILLER!! There will ALWAYS be people who love him regardless of what he may or may not have done.

2636 days ago


Jackson at one time was an amazing talent, and that is what makes his story so sad. However, Thriller cannot make up for the fact that he is likely a pedophile. He also has no loyalty to those who have given their friendship, time and money to him over the years. He has stiffed attorneys, producers, staff, you name it. He is, unfortunately, an absolute pig of a human being.

2636 days ago


We should all be ashamed of ourselves that we let this man make headlines. He deserves musical credit for what he was and nothing for what he is. The way he treats his children, shrouding them like vintage dolls, dangling them off balconies, is nothing short of child abuse. No sooner does he start making a little money, the auction and his 10 million dollar appearance for an Arab prince, than he sets out to blow it all again on crap. This is a man who has admitted to sleeping in the same bed with kids that are not his own. A man who created a NAMBLAland ranch clearly designed to attract children. Those mothers that took him to court never should have settled until he was in jail. No one has any conviction anymore. Why are we giving this man a pass because he entertained us once?

2636 days ago


Ha Ha - they thought they'd clean up, but actually LOST money on this sale.

No one wants to be associated with any Jackson. Like you'd be proud to say what stupid sucker you are for spending thousands on some pedophile has-been's crap?

2636 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

The entire Jackson family is dysfunctional!

A few years ago, if you stood Michael Jackson and Diane Ross together, you wouldn't know who was who.

It's really a shame, he doesn't know if he's "black or white", girl or boy.

He sure found a winner in Debbie Rowe and Elvis would have turned over in his grave if he knew his beloved daughter married this freak.

Don't they neuter young boys in the country Michael has fled to?

2636 days ago

White Rabbit    

TMZ sez: "Think about all the new noses he could buy with that! "

Which reminds me of an MJ joke:

Question: How does Michael Jackson pick his nose?
Answer: From a catalog.

Just thought I'd share.

2636 days ago
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