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Swimming with Sharks? Agent Ripped in Script-like Suit

6/3/2007 4:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to Read"In this version of 'Swimming with the Sharks,' Hollywood Talent Agent, Harry Gold grandly displays his thievery and chicanery."

No, it's not the beginning of a scheming movie script -- it's the opening line in a snarky lawsuit between an axed Hollywood agent and her allegedly "lying, cheating,stealing" boss. Gotta love Hollywood.

Who knew lawyers could be so entertaining!? Check it out for yourself.


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Stop trying to portray yourselves as a bunch of inside-Hollywood mavens, TMZ. We all know you're just a bunch of semi-literate nitwits out in some dreary office, swilling coffee and occasionally being berated by that S&M freak Levin. You couldn't even get work interning at People. Hell, you couldn't be janitors at People.

2668 days ago


damn..that's why everyone in this town has to WATCH THEIR MONEY.

2668 days ago

West Coastian    

That's one stooopid agent. There should be a 10% penalty for this lawsuit.

2667 days ago


Hey Bonnie -- you're a GREAT agent.
We're behind you 100%.

So long, Harry!

2667 days ago



You are the best agent out there and Harry should have been kissing your feet all these years. You are the only reason that place stayed a float. Go get 'em girl. Karma's a bitch, isn't it Harry?

2667 days ago


You are the best. Now ...time for showtime.

2666 days ago

been there myself    

I know how you are feeling Bonnie I am sure that a man like Harry (who surely suffers from the short man Napoleon complex) who put his adopted kids to work at a young age and then took their money to start a company--a la Missy and Tracey---has no morals----he is the quintesential Hollywood whore----He just went from an unemployed New York struggling actor with very little talent to a Los Angeles talent agent with very little talent---His wife caused Tracey to become anorexic with her constant attention to every morsel if food that she put in her young mouth----lets talk about worrying about children Bonnie your kids will turn out great Harry has a druggie for a kid and another who cracks up cars with her kids inside That is some family of losers---money comes out of hard work and you have the talent to find and nurture future stars You will be fine just fine Harry on the other hand wouldnt recognise talent if it hit him over his tiny bald head

2665 days ago

been there myself    

Harry Gold has for many years lived under a delusional misconception that people in this town actually think he is a "player" He is a small minded talentless hack who has for too long basked in the glow of the hardworking and charismatic former head of his youth division BONNIE LIEDTKE everyone knows how the youth division floated his adult dept -----Bonnie cultivated more relationships and nurtured more young people who went on to super stardom than Harry could ever dream of ----He is "small" in every conceivable way ( pity his poor frustrated wife) No wonder she spends half her life in lala land and the other half wondering how she ended up with such a loser----Time for a change Bonnie----you have grown way too influential to associate yourself with such scum

2665 days ago


Note to all stage mothers and fathers; Stop placing comments of support on this sight for Bonnie in hopes of gaining her love and acceptance and having her turn your child into the next Leo DiCaprio. Your accolades and support are transparent and hypocritical especially in your attack of Mr. Gold. Have you forgotten that Bonnie is a children's agent or is it okay to whore out other people's chidren. Please don't argue that Bonnie was loyal to Talentworks. You are only hearing her side of the story.

Integrity; by definition; The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness. You can attack the Gold family. Drugs, anorexia, children supporting their parents. Ask them to their faces. None of them would ever deny any of the accusations presented in the previous email. I know this because I watch television. I have seen Ms. Tracey Gold on Oprah discussing her anorexia and drunk driving. I have watched Mr. Gold discuss the family's struggles when his kids could make money and he couldn't on E! channel. I have seen Mrs. Gold take responsibility for her daughter's ED as a result of her own. Integrity means owning both the good and the bad of what we all possess. We all make mistakes. We all learn from them....or we take the Bonnie approach and embrace the litigious nature of our country and deny responsibility for one's actions. Talk to Bush if that is what you want. He seems to have perfected that.

2665 days ago

TMZ Fan ?    

I find it strange that there are quite a few negative comments about Harry Gold yet the first comment criticizing Bonnie Liedtke was taken down by TMZ.... My guess is that maybe she knows someone at the site. I mean this is a pretty lame story for the average TMZ reader, considering that you'd really have to be an "insider" to even care about this. I mean none of the other blogs that I read have even mentioned this. I usually consider TMZ a good source for celeb news thats somewhat unbiased, but this just seems like someone is doing Bonnie Liedtke a favor.

2665 days ago


Harry was a punk even when he was a kid.
A real wannabe who took great glee in trying to hurt peoples feelings.
No surprise that he grew up actually hurting people.
Harry's nic name was "Bupkis" (nothing)
Harry, you're still a punk

1434 days ago

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