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Hilton in Custody

and Doing Time

6/4/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was there when Paris Hilton turned herself in to Sheriff's authorities Sunday night.

It didn't go down at the jail. Paris' mega-lawyer, Richard Hutton, picked her up at her parents' house at 10:30 PM. Hilton, Hutton, mom Kathy and sister Nicky then drove to the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles -- commonly referred to as the Twin Towers -- where Paris officially surrendered to the L.A. County Sheriff to begin her 23-day sentence.

Paris Hilton: Click to watch
The Sheriff devised the plan of surrendering miles away from the actual site where Paris will be doing time, because the crush of paparazzi at the jail created a potential safety hazard.

Paris was then driven to the jail in Lynwood, where she is now serving her sentence.

Paris Hilton: Click to watchEarlier in the evening, Hilton left her house for the MTV Movie Awards. After appearing on the red carpet, Hilton went to her parents' house for a brief time, then left with her lawyer to face the music.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ the plans for Paris have changed. Although they had pre-screened a woman who was designated her cell mate, for the time being, Hilton will be in solitary 23 out of 24 hours every day. The one hour that she's out, she's not really out. Hilton will be allowed to shower, use a phone and watch TV in a small pod adjacent to her cell.

Paris' lawyer just released a statement to TMZ from Hilton: "I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation. During the past few weeks, I have had a lot of time to think and have come to realize I made some mistakes."

Hilton added, "This is an important point in my life and I need to take responsibility for my actions.
In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make. I want to thank my family, friends and fans for their continued support. Although I am scared, I am ready to begin my jail sentence."


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Media whores! Kathy rolled the window down for a photo op... Barf! I hope Big Bertha and her posse have a go on the little brat bitch. What a pathetic waste of humanity.

2666 days ago


Do you get a special toilet seat? Maybe 1 of those padded seats? They are nice!!

2666 days ago

Dan Roberta    

Let's all face it. She's a junkie. drunk, anerxiic and a whore. save all the stuff for the rags. Please get this over with, go away for few years and stop taking up column space in rge NY Times.

2666 days ago


I know there are a lot of people that don't like Paris for some reason, but the thing that no one seems to realize is that she is a person just like the rest of us. Although she has done some stupid things and flaunted around like she was God's gift to earth (in my opinion), her mistakes were her mistakes ALONE. No one has a right to fault her for the decisions she makes and I hope that she learns from this experience and becomes more aware of the things she does. No one has a right to call her out of her name, especially people who do not know her. You shouldn't believe everything you hear, read or see in the press. I wish her the best and I pray that she comes out of this okay.

2666 days ago


I have to admit, I'm NOT a fan of Paris Hilton anymore (being an attractive woman myself who likes to dress up and have a good time out on the town, I used to like her bold and ultra-feminine style, the cool way she walked and talked, and generally seemed in her words, being "hot", but not after all her endless crazy antics and especially her racial/ gay slurs-definitely not "hot"!).

My message to Paris: As you've stated, you're going to use this jail time to reflect upon your life and plan your next course of life. I congratulate that, I hope that that statement is the truth and not just some public relations maneuvering on your part that you will laugh about later to your club friends.

Now, being a public relations pro and as a woman who likes to have a good time, but likes to live life with a sense of compassion and conscience -I want to give you some advice:
1) Love yourself: Partying is fine, life is short, and you should enjoy it, but don't do it in excess at the expense of all the other areas of your life like your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental state (example: no more drinking and driving for you young lady - and if you do plan to drink, hire a driver, aren't you rich enough?!)
2) Love others: Stop all hateful comments and actions about and against others (case in point, all your frenemies like Lindsey, Nicole, Shannah Moakler, who else, so many I can't remember). But, most especially stop the hateful comments about other races/ ethnicities/ gender orientation (it's one thing to bash other celebs who can take it and maybe even deserve it, but to bash people based on things like race/ ethinicity/ gender orientation shows a true lack of compassion, empathy, decency, education, and upbringing on your part (I can just imagine how your parents just turn red in the face every time some crazy thing you said/ did comes out in the media).
3) Love the world: You are TRULY privileged - Do something beneficial with your fame, influence, and money for the underprivileged.
4) Love education: You are truly privileged, Get yourself a world-class education. You can socialize by night, but spend your days reading, learning, being a perpetual student of life. Learn everything from art to zoology. I think that would be one of the greatest joy and privilege. I loved my days in college. You really should try it. Paris, "the thinker", now that would really be "hot"!
5) Love those who really love you: Surround yourself with people who really do care about you and care about others, and jettison those fakers around you who're really using you and don't give a damn about you and who will propel you down the wrong path.

I truly think that what really lies at the heart of this Hollywood younger generation problem (all the drinking, drugs, promiscuity, etc.) is 1) a lack of education, 2) lack of proper supportive people, and 3) lack of self control. 1) They're so caught up with the Hollywood shuffle that they never stop to get a proper education, which would go a long way in making those celebs stop and think before doing something stupid, and do what's right. 2) As I've stated before, the actors are so surrounded by yes people who do anything to hang on or who use these celebs for their own gain do not give helpful advice or a reality check. "NO you shouldn't do that!" is the best advice a friend can give sometimes.
3) Lastly, you have to control your own behavior and admit your own wrong doings and not do stupid things like blame your employees (to Paris' publicist: Mintz, it was a stupid move to blame yourself and not Paris about not knowing whether she was driving on a suspended license; whether it was your idea or hers, it was dumb. Haven't you learned from the Tylenol fiasco? Better to own up to your faults and then control the damage).

Ok, I think I went on long enough and I liked getting all that off my chest, but hopefully, this message helps someone, if not Paris, then those who look up to her.

2665 days ago


I thought that some poeople had better things to do than to pick on someone who got caught , for doing something just about eveyone has done or is doing. And to pick on Paris , is so childess.And thses are the same age as her. they are jeolousof what she has!!i would like for everyone who has said bad thing about Paris being scared, well let see you spend a few days in jail and see if they wouldn't be scared also.Most of you would be scarming and crying too. Hang in there Paris ,I well be praying for you.

2665 days ago


right on !!!!!!!!!!! hang Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2665 days ago


like you maybe ????

2665 days ago


Paris is a loser, she has grown up with too much and doesn't give back to the human race....She continues to take what she feels is her right without the consideration of others. She will always be a lonely, rich girl!

2665 days ago


Its about time that bitch was put away. Look what her and her skanky friends have done to the women in this country.

2665 days ago



2665 days ago


It's funny to see how all of the "haters" of Paris Hilton can't wait to post comments about her. Honestly people it is nice to know that she is the center of your universe but honestly, GROW UP!

2665 days ago

of course we've all driven drunk...but none of us have driven drunk, then drove on a suspended license, and then get pulled over again for driving without a license less than a month later. You gotta face the music and realise that if that were any one of us, the jail time would have been 6 months to 2 years. Be real. I hope paris looks deep into her soul and realise what a fool she's made her image to be in the public light and come to the realization that she needs to better her self mentally and spritually.

2665 days ago


look i'm a pacifist and all but Paris should have gotten this a while ago :-[ she got her just deserves but i pray 4 everyone n jail so here it goes...

2665 days ago


I'm definitely not a fan but realy paris isn't that stupid. Also i think now she realizes that all her fame is just a sex joke and stuff she might try to change it a bit. And you know people most of you only hate her because she has the stuff you can't have and she lets everyone know it. Good luck to her hope she comes back showing a little more of her brain.

2665 days ago
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