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Hilton in Custody

and Doing Time

6/4/2007 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was there when Paris Hilton turned herself in to Sheriff's authorities Sunday night.

It didn't go down at the jail. Paris' mega-lawyer, Richard Hutton, picked her up at her parents' house at 10:30 PM. Hilton, Hutton, mom Kathy and sister Nicky then drove to the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles -- commonly referred to as the Twin Towers -- where Paris officially surrendered to the L.A. County Sheriff to begin her 23-day sentence.

Paris Hilton: Click to watch
The Sheriff devised the plan of surrendering miles away from the actual site where Paris will be doing time, because the crush of paparazzi at the jail created a potential safety hazard.

Paris was then driven to the jail in Lynwood, where she is now serving her sentence.

Paris Hilton: Click to watchEarlier in the evening, Hilton left her house for the MTV Movie Awards. After appearing on the red carpet, Hilton went to her parents' house for a brief time, then left with her lawyer to face the music.

Law enforcement officials tell TMZ the plans for Paris have changed. Although they had pre-screened a woman who was designated her cell mate, for the time being, Hilton will be in solitary 23 out of 24 hours every day. The one hour that she's out, she's not really out. Hilton will be allowed to shower, use a phone and watch TV in a small pod adjacent to her cell.

Paris' lawyer just released a statement to TMZ from Hilton: "I am ready to face the consequences of violating probation. During the past few weeks, I have had a lot of time to think and have come to realize I made some mistakes."

Hilton added, "This is an important point in my life and I need to take responsibility for my actions.
In the future, I plan on taking more of an active role in the decisions I make. I want to thank my family, friends and fans for their continued support. Although I am scared, I am ready to begin my jail sentence."


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Tweety Bird    

Where in the world was the parenting of this messed up 20 plus kid? The parents didn't seem to do a good job to get her ready for the real world. She cries like a baby and screams for her mother. She's still a child doing adult things....and THAT aint hot! I really wonder if she can do this even though it's just a few days. I've seen people go through more severe trauma and come out of it stronger...this girl if she's not just staging a spoiled hissy fit seems like she does need severe mental help to deal with the consequences of her spoiled bratty life. on Paris pull yourself together...get it all put behind you and learn from this!

2658 days ago

joey adrian    

Ha...........I hope Lindsey Lohan is watching closely...........she may be close to joining Paris. These bitches think the universe rotates around them and their money.......I don't think so girllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllls. Enjoy your stay Paris and hope you grow up, finally.

2658 days ago


Paris will not remain behind bars for long. Rumor has it that friend and Simple Life Co-Star Nicole Richie will visit Paris, and when she gets there, she will slide herself into the keyhole, and unlock the locking mechanism for the door, hereby freeing Paris......

2658 days ago


I feel sorry for her ....she should not break the laws but she dosent deserve this....she only knows the life of the is not her fault......god loves her,too

2658 days ago


I feel sorry for her ....she should not break the laws but she dosent deserve this....she only knows the life of the is not her fault......god loves her,too

2658 days ago


in no way is Paris getting harsh treatment b/c she's rich and famous.On the contrary, she should be back at the regional det center insteadof her weekend sabbatical in the medical wing of the twin towerscenter.

From what I can gather from the bits of info that we've beengiven, I think it's highly probable that the "medical condition" thatshe wasn't able to get medication for in jail and was "progressivelydeterioriating" is that she's detoxing from opiates and the jailwon't allow administration of opiates for their inmates just becausethey're addicted. Jails are full of people forced to go cold turkeythrough withdrawl and they don't get any help or medical assistancefor it, unless it's life threatening, which is extremely rare w/ anopiate detox.

Harsh treatment? The Sheriff is STILL protecting her by keeping her in the medical wing which I'm sure is much more pleasant than her old cell at the RDC pokey. She's probably getting her fix as well over there. Regardless of that her, justice has NOT been served, and she will probably be out by Monday. I had hopes that this would be a humbling and much needed life lesson for Paris. I think the only lesson she will have learned from this is that she can manipulate even the United States Justice System by throwing a hissy fit. It's worked forher in the past, and it's working now.

The big show in the coming weeks is going to be the standoff between the Sheriff and the Judge. All this tadoo over Princess Paris. And she'll come out smelling like daisies laughing her way to the bank.

2658 days ago


This is all a show, all you stupid morons. I sense that paris was marketed by her parents from day one. wealthy people would die for this type of 'public attention'. I would not mind being rich and famous, but to raise a child for marketing purposes, is just pure f***** evil.
this is on the same level as those pedophile 'losers' if not worst. i personally feel sorry
for paris and hope she sees the evil of her parent's ways.
one quick note: ace up the sleeve, robert shapiro, to the rescue. i swear this is one of the slickest slime balls on the earth. i would not want to be him on his judgment day. I hope this sets the case for 'no more special treatment' for anyone, let everyone guilty do their time. what the heck we the people can stand up to wealthy individuals.

2657 days ago

Steve Brooks    

Maybe this will help to keep these spoiled brats a little more respectful of the court system. Her mom will probably keep her mouth shut next time.

2657 days ago


###### 271
i soooooooo agree with you !


2657 days ago


paris is nothing but a spoiled little brat , and she needs to remember you play you pay. and i think the judge is doing a great thing but not changing his ruling. i tired of these rich people thinking they can get away with murder.

2657 days ago

Charles Bukowski    

To Pariswannabe:

Silly mistake? Tell me, what did you score on your last IQ-test..Couldn't be especially high, judging from that statement. Paris Hilton did not make a "silly mistake", I doubt you would call it a silly mistake if she had killed your kids while being DUI..

It's not a mistake to drive while under the influence, lose the license because of it and even then continue to drive with a suspended licence. That's more flagrant disregard for the law, and ought to be reacted upon. NO MATTER HOW RICH AND FAMOUS THE CULPRIT IS..

Wether it is a B-list wannabe-celebrity likeHilton or a rich drugbaron from Columbia, makes no difference.. If you break the law then you should do the time.

2657 days ago

No More    

Enough with the Paris Hilton persecution already.

2657 days ago

Damn Paris    

Hahaha... this is all so funny! I can't believe someone would have such a mental break down like this after only a few days in jail! That's pathetic...

Anyway.. check this video out for a laugh at her tragic stay.

2656 days ago


This jail sentence is a joke. The judge is stupid and her lawyer must suck. That
said i feel safer out here in Ma. knowing that this dangerous criminal is off the streets.

2656 days ago


you can say negative things about her, but she is rich and famous! she will always have the last laugh.

2656 days ago
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