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Pam Anderson

Still Turnin' Tricks

6/4/2007 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson keeps blowing minds. Although Pam turns 40 on July 1, that's not going to stop the mother of two from walking around half naked! Presto! Are ya feelin' the magic?

pamela anderson
The star of a new Hans Klok "The Beauty of Magic" show at Planet Hollywood has Miss Anderson in Las Vegas three days a week until September. At Friday's opening, she strutted her ample stuff in a scandalously revealing one-piece. Abracadabra! What a piece!

On Saturday, Pam was caught on video getting close with the uber-luscious stripteaser Dita Von Teese -- and dancing her brains out at Pure at Caesars Palace. Battle of the titans!


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Larry wanna a cracker?    


Here's another one that doesn't even look human.
(No wonder she can't find and keep a healthy-minded man.)

When are you going to learn, Pam? *Real* men aren't interested.
Or is it you already have your real true lover -- the Media?

2661 days ago

10 feet tall    


2661 days ago

Never inked up!    

# 18 - we would love to see your picture. You MUST be wearing coke bottle glasses! This woman is showing every bit of her 40 years. The sun is a skin killer. Ladies beware it will make you 100 by the time you are 30!
By the way, I'm 39 and still get carded! Not a sun bunny and grateful for it!

2661 days ago


Catty Comment Alert: Pam, what is that circular divot on your right hip as seen in the left hand picture????

Ok, that's all the bad I can say about her - she still is a hottie!

2661 days ago


Poor Pam h*ll , more like her poor children. How would you like to be the son of a woman who parades her T & A, guess its just like having a mom who is a prostitute, they both sell it.

2661 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

22. #16-Amazing what turns men on....

Amazing how fast the "Pam's" of this world can turn them ~off~, too.

Pam Anderson has only one talent and that's attracting the wrong kind of men. Men, most healthy women avoid like the plague. So, in a way, Pam does indeed serve a purpose -- she keeps the riff-raff engaged enough to keep them 'occupied' by themselves. So hey, Pam! I, for one, appreciate that!
(figuring my park walking trails are safer, too--fewer pervs on the loose.)

2661 days ago

big joe    

thank you pam.

2661 days ago


Take off all the make-up and take out the implants and let her hair go natural and she is ugly as a mud fence. Makeup and air brushing covers up all the flaws. She is not pretty. She needs to get a life. She gets off taking her sons to school in clothes that look too little and showing her body. She should put on some regular clothes when she takes the boys out. All she is interested in is flaunting her body to men. Such a shallow person

2661 days ago


Who appointed all of you people as Judge ? Did God send you a memo that said HE needed your assistance ? Careful there with all the negative judgemental running at the mouth.

2661 days ago

jack sparrow    

Pamela dear, please do not pay any attention to what these old hags have to say, they're just jealous. Hey, old hags jealousy's a bitch ain't it?

2661 days ago

the wise old owl    

PRETTY is as PRETTY does..........that's what my Mom use to tell me all the time. ( a quote from a good friend of mine )

If this is all she can do ......I just don't find it " that atttractive ".

Does she look AMAZING for her age.? YES !

Does her body and ass look good ? Of course.

But it seems like that's all she's got to give. I mean come on........looks do fade and the only things that's left is what 's " inside " There doesn't seem to much there in this particular case.

At least she's strutting her stuff in a "work enviorment " as opposed to doing her at her son's birthday party or grocery shopping. That's an improvement. That way, if you don't want to see don't have to.

My advise to her would be ...........develop something more than your TIT's. A good place to start might be the cerebrum.

2661 days ago


I have to side with Kid Rock about her. Parties too much & acts like a whore.

2661 days ago

juke boy bob    

I'd still bang her, Hep C and all!!!

2661 days ago

Michael Richards fat assed beotches need to get over it. Pam is hot...very hot. Her ass is fine...stop trying to find something wrong with Pam to cover your own insecurities. When Pam is 60, she will still be hotter than most of you.

2661 days ago


how much of it is plastic??????????????

2661 days ago
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