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Smilin' in the Slammer

6/4/2007 3:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's Paris ... just a couple hours after turning herself in to authorities to report for her 23-day jail sentence. Note that Paris is already sporting her brand new white jail uniform.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department just released the official mug shot for Ms. Hilton, and despite a long night -- and an even longer day before it -- all chronicled by, Paris managed a smile for the camera.

Paris surrendered herself to authorities just a few hours ago, as TMZ showed you exclusively -- and we'll be on the story all day long.

UPDATE: TMZ has learned that the other Paris Hilton mugshot, which was released by the sheriff's department earlier this morning, was not taken when she checked in last night. We're still trying to determine exactly when the photo was taken.

Paris Mugshot


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2707 days ago


I get so angry when people call her a celebrity. What has she done that can actually be categorized as celebrity accomplishments? She's been in porno, she produced her own cd, but she can't sing. She hasn't been in any movies or shows because she cannot act. There has has been numorous pictures of her drunk and smoking weed. What kind of a role model is she to the younger generation? If she didn't have so much money she would have been categorized as white trash. it's her families money that keeps her head above water. No one would care to be around her if she didn't have so much money. Do you what your children around paris, linsey, or britney? What a waste! Instead of helping the community they are just helping to make it worse. Grow up paris and start acting like an adult.

2707 days ago


There is nothing "sexy " about driving drunk! I pray that any of you who is making this into a less serious issue will never have to learn how serious it actually is.

2707 days ago


How come in one photo she has a shirt on and the other one she doesn't?

2707 days ago


Her nose is so big from all of the lying and cocai...oops! TMI! I hope jail food is murder to regurgitate. Bulemia is so '87.

2707 days ago


Paris sure knows how to strike a pose, however that hard ass bed is going to be the worst part of her stay. She will stay in her luxurious bed for a week once she gets out.

2707 days ago


I'll give it to her for turning herself in early, no matter if it was after an awards show or whatever. Turning yourself in, takes balls. I'm not a big fan of her at all, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she'd turned herself in early. She'd be smart to donate her money and time to MADD or another charity to benefit the victims and the families of drunk drivers after this jail time. She could still actually use this to not only benefit her, but others as well, in a good way.

I actually wish her luck, as there is no point in wishing her any more harm.

2707 days ago


I don't believe Paris is really doing time in jail, they're just hiding her out somewhere to make us think she is. The reason for the 2nd mug shot pic is because they realized some intuitive viewer or reporter would recognize that she's not wearing her jail issued uniform, so they had to take another pic in the white clothing and have her change her hairstyle a little and say that this is the mug shot. Why else did they try to pass the 1st one off as a mug shot, they realized their mistake. That's probably why her so called cell mate for no reason at all is no longer her cell mate, it was a smokescreen, Paris isn't in jail.

TMZ find out where they're vacationing/hiding Paris out at for the next 23 days, while they pretend she's serving her time; it would be the story of the year.

2707 days ago

urban fashion    

Poor thing, she got roasted at the MTV Awards last night. I felt bad for her. I think she'll learn her lesson with this.

2707 days ago


Paris is doing the right thing .. Those of you writing negative things are just jealous ...

2707 days ago


I see the special treatment has already begun. These are obviously two different pictures. I guess she didn't like the first one. OY

2707 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Look, guys. The girl is mentally disturbed, always has been. Even the wealthy have babies like Paris but usually, they stick them away in poshy 24/7 'living facilities'.
Look at those vacant eyes and ever-present smirk.
Does Paris have any other look? Not that I've seen.

Take away the money, fame and name. What you have is a poster girl for 'mentally disabled'. Jail time isn't going to cure or even calm Paris's behavior problems. And her pathetic parents KNOW that and are probably relieved they'll have someone else dealing with her for a few days.

Moms-to-be: Please remember, no Alcohol when your preggers.
(Someone should have advised Kathy Hilton prior to having Paris.)

2707 days ago


Paris is a young lady who does not have any street smarts. A DUI alone is a serious crime, and she cannot think for one minute it is cute. She has the money for limo's - yet she made the choice to drive. This will be a good lesson for her and possibly she will grow up a little and think before she turns over an engine after drinking. (LIKE WE ALL SHOULD!) I do however think everyone who is bashing her is not giving her credit. Think about it - if you could avoid jail time wouldn't you act ditsy too?

2707 days ago

My two cents    

Harvey was on television this morning and even HE says that Paris got the shaft. I am one of the first to say she deserves to be punished, but it seems true, she got the sentence she got not for what she did, but for WHO she is. I deem that unfair myself.

2707 days ago


dumb slut deserves longer..

2707 days ago
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