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Shemar Moore DUI -- The Young & Arrested

6/4/2007 2:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that actor Shemar Moore was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of DUI in Los Angeles.

According to the CHP arrest report obtained by TMZ, the former "Young and the Restless" star was pulled over after officers noticed the actor speeding near Santa Monica Blvd. at 1:30 AM. After he was stopped, cops reported that Moore "displayed signs of alcohol impairment and a DUI investigation was conducted." Moore was then arrested and transported to a nearby station, where he took a breath test and was later booked.

Moore, who currently stars in "Criminal Minds," was released a few hours later on $5000 bail.

Calls to Moore's rep were not immediately returned.

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The Arrest Report

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2706 days ago


HOT? Yuck. He looks like a hoodlum and druggie. If he weren't an actor, he would probably not have a job.

Why is everybody attracted to the badboys?

2706 days ago

Michael S. Terrell    

what the get a chance at becoming famous and the whole world gets to know and see your talents ,you get to entertain the public, make it big,live in great homes,lots of money...and then go and jeopardize all that by being a drunk,or a drug user,or be like Hilton or Lohan, or the many more famous that get stupid and get in trouble,...........hell i'd love to have the chance to be where most Hollywood stars are...I could use the fame and money,... so could my family.....if i I had an acting ability......sheeesh Hollywood GROW UP!!!

2706 days ago


This goes to #2,#7,#9,#10,,,,all you idiots that sit and say how "hot" this one is,,,,,,,,, we seem to be missing the point here. This FOOL was drunk driving. He could of killed himself,,, or way ,,,way worse some other INNOCENT person,,, or people that would die just because of what this creep decided to do. And, yes,, he could hire a driver,,,, easier than the average person can because he works in the industry and makes a lot more $ than the average hard working person!!!!! Hes not HOT hes a jerk.

2706 days ago

vigi october    

This nice guy still appears to be "young & restless". Someone needs to let him know that when he is off-duty, he needs to let the "criminal mind" go - ESPECIALLY when he plays an FBI gent (or some other officer). If people are rich, young and great looking like he is, what else do they need?: LOTS OF PRAYER! Remember, children are watching.

2706 days ago


Are you kidding about "this getting out of hand?" The other day, I came to a stop at and intersection. The driver ahead of all of us had a bumper sticker: "A drunk driver killed my son." We all stared at it. No one spoke. Radios were turned off.

Listen--your two glasses of wine, the proverbial 2 beers~think of where they can lead and enjoy them at home. I bet that's what that father at the intersection would ask you to do.

2706 days ago


CAN ANYONE SAY.....................TAXI!

2706 days ago


Please just remember, this happens EVERYDAY and most DUIs are from the guy down the street. It is not right to drive under the influence at all, but it is not just Holywood thinking they are above the law, it's just that the paps don't follow you or your neighbor around. Before you stop and take him off your favorite actor list, think about this, when you kid screws up (and he/she will) will you disown them, take them off your "kids I love" list?

To "Steve" the "former DUI Officer", my dad is a police officier and he admits, one of his biggest problems with law enforcement is that they do, indeed look for specific people and types of cars. If you are in a sports car vs a mini van, the spots car is the one more likely to be pulled over. If you say it's not, you are just in denial to protect your former job. And depending on the size of the person, 2 drinks can put you at or above the legal limit. Tyra Banks did a show on this and there was a girl that drank 2 beers, at least an hour between each, waited at least 2 hours and blew exactly the legal limit. So do not mislead people.

2706 days ago

concerned about the PEEPS.    

I believe anyone who is senseless enough to drink and drive should be arrested. However! How come it took 5 tries before they finally booked Paris Hilton? Why wasn't Lindsay Lohan taken to Jail after Having a DUI? Shemar as fine as you are, You better thank the Lord that you were pulled over. You could have killed someone or yourself? Please people Use common sense. There are so many deaths that are contributed to alcohol. IT IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER. NOT CANCER.

2706 days ago


DUI's have become big cash cows for law enforcement and states....don't forget the attorneys. There are people who have a few drinks, aren't impaired but because it is far more profitable to have a "one size fits all" measurement of impaired driving, they have it, and more people get pulled over. People like myself are drinking less (if at all in restaurants)...and saving it for home. I can't believe there isn't some restaurant lobby calling for some balance in the laws. Right now even some of the more naive comments here ("he could have killed someone!" etc., show that people are convinced even 1 drop of alcohol would have a 200 lb. slab hunk of a man like Shemar falling on the floor and stumbling to his car. This is so stupid.

2706 days ago


At least this time it's someone who is over 21!

2705 days ago

Y&R Watcher    

I don't give a DAM who U R or what U do if U drink and drive U need to get caught and go to jail so here is some advise for all of U that drink and drive. Get Room, Get a Driver so the rest of us R sure we can have FULL LIFE. I am missing a Dad, Brother and the life I would. could of had if they had been there while I was growing up.

2705 days ago


C'mon people, we all know how fond the press is of exaggeration... after all, the juicier the story, the more interest it sells, right? Someone sees a celeb with a alcoholic drink, snaps a pic, and suddenly they're parting hard and haven't stopped drinking all night long. Or a pic taken posing with fans has turned the guys into cruising for chicks, the girls into sluts. Tell me, because he's been arrested for a DUI does that mean he must have been falling down drunk and should never have another fan again?

Because I've seen a copy of the arrest record I have no choice but to believe the DUI, and please don't get me wrong - I am incredibly disappointed in his actions and stunned beyond belief that someone so seemingly levelheaded and intelligent would do something so wrong, however as for anything else... I'll be reserving judgment and I'm not giving up on him; he's still one of my favourite actors and that's not going to change at the first sign of trouble. This is the first time he's ever had even a whiff of negative publicity, so as a fan I choose to believe this is a one time offence and something he not only regrets, but will never do again.

After all just because he's a celeb doesn't mean he's infallible. He's still human and capable of making dumbass mistakes just like the rest of us, only his unfortunately, are publicized and paraded for all to see. I'm sure each and every one of us has done something stupid we regret and would gladly take back if given the chance, and we're not bad people and neither is Shemar. Don't paint him with the same brush coloured by other people's mistakes.

2705 days ago


i got it put them all in rehab that way you know where their at and you kknow they are safe from hurting themseleves and other people, come on people {stars} get your acts together you guys look like a bunch drunken fools and as for the young ones your parents should be shot by not locking up the door to your bedrooms where you should be studying for your eduations {remember you guys we do make and we can break you } you need something to fall back on your not going to be famous all your lives. SO LIKE THEY SAY DON'T TAKE THE CAR YOU'LL KILL YOURSELEVES. PLEASE.

2705 days ago

From Me    

Sickened...stop hating. U R just jealous!

2705 days ago
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