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Whoops! Wrong Paris Mugshot Released!

6/4/2007 12:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two Paris Hilton mugshots were released to TMZ this morning, but we've learned that one of them was never supposed to see the light of day! Oops.
Paris Mugshots
Los Angeles County Sheriff's officials tell TMZ that the first mugshot they released (right), the one in which you are unable to see Paris' white jumper, was taken moments after her September 7 DUI arrest and was "inadvertently released" by officials this morning. The photo was never supposed to be released.

Lucky us.


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i don't much care for her either way, but i think it's less her celebrity status and more that she had the money to get a good lawyer. given that every citizen ought to serve the same sentence for any particular punishment, i do still bet prison is a whole lot worse to someone like paris than a middle-class citizen.

and you know ... if you hate her so much ... why bother looking into her life? because you actually are curious about her and drawn in by the glamour of her lifestyle. i think a lot of people have just been jealous of her and want her to be miserable and ugly. well ... get over it.

2697 days ago


Poor Paris. Such a shame she has to spend the rest of her time in a luxurious mansion. Now she must watch TV, read, sleep in her own comfy bed, , eat anything she wants to, and roam around a 4,000 foot mansion all day. I am sure all those in the county jail who don't have these nice things, and must stay in jail, are jumping up and down for joy for her. This is a sad commentary on how broad the gap is between the super rich and powerful, and just any ordinary Joe or Jane, in this country. BUT I must say, I never once thought that she would spend all her time in jail. I find it hard to believe anyone would. She is a pretty party girl, with too much money, too much time, and has no reason to think of anyone, but herself. What a poor example for young women, who may be gullible enough to look up to her.

I have a 52 year old sister, who had invasive breast cancer(a 6.9 cm large one), had major surgery for this, spent two weeks in the hospital, extensive radiation, plus other problems from surgery....went from all this straight to jail. Her nerves were shot, she was exhausted, and cried day and night. Did she get sympathy or get out?, in fact she is still incarcerated. She was harrassed by other inmate females, and I had to make dozens of calls on her behalf. All this has taken a huge toll, not just on her, but on me, an older lady with multiple health issues of my own. Do I feel sorry for Hilton? While I have the utmost sympathy for those who deserve it...I don't consider Hilton one of them.This is only one of the major flaws in the (In)justice system in this country. What a crying shame.

2695 days ago


Poor, poor Paris. Now she must lounge around in a 4,000 foot mansion, in luxury, and while her time away anyway she chooses. She can eat what she wants, sleep in her cozy bed, watch TV, read, whatever her little selfish heart desires. How sad. I am sure all those who didn't get out early, must feel so sorry for her. A perfect example of the broad gap, between the super rich, and powerful, and the have-nots, in this country. If its any ordinary Joe or Jan, they stay in jail, and do whatever time they got. No breaks, no sympathy, no matter how crude the conditions. Some even resort to commit suicide to get out of their distress....I know it has happened where I live, and no doubt thruout the entire country.

Jail for the common folk, is not just losing freedom, it is a living nightmare. What a crying shame. This countries so-called justice system, is for the poor folks who have little money, and no influence, on those in hig places. This is a country in which 1 out of every 10 people is incarcerated. I know from personal experience(my own sister, who is much older than Hilton), just how unjust the system in the good old USA is for the poor. I have the utmost sympathy for those who deserve it...Hilton is not one of them. This girl thumbed her nose at the law, her mother heckled the judge, and yet this happens...This is proof who the "justice" system is really designed for.....the weak and the poor. Not to say there aren't criminals who deserve to be locked away...but too many are those, who should not be. These have my sympathy.

2695 days ago


Money talks, always has always will. Bottom line- let your money do the talking NOW. Boycott all those who have chosen to sponser her show, her product lines etc . get the point.!! Trust me, if there are enough people who choose to put your money where your mouth is then this sort of crap will come to a screeching halt.

Has far a the LA Sherrif goes.. CALL THEM< VOICE YOUR OPINION!!!

2695 days ago


In jail or out of jail she is still hotttt

2693 days ago

No More    

Enough with the Paris Hilton persecution already.

2693 days ago


Who the hell cares? She looks exactly the same to me. Who goes to jail for any reason all made up and looking more like they are ready for "the ball" than in what's supposed to be a place of "living hell" and the reason people obey the law so they won't be put there. Talk about sheer vanity and your hoaxes, these pics don't look like "mug shots", they look like they might be from her last photo shoot! OOPS nothing TMZ, it's all a bunch of more public relations BULLSH*T!!!

1568 days ago
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