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JonBenet Dad and Natalee Mom -- "Special Friends"

6/5/2007 11:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ramsey & TwittySo will Geraldo be officiating the wedding, or what?

John Ramsey and Beth Twitty -- aka the parents of JonBenet Ramsey and Natalee Holloway -- are supposedly dating, according to a FOX News report, but JonBenet's dad said yesterday that they're just "special friends" grown out of the tragedy that befell both of them. Lin Wood -- the Atlanta lawyer who represents both Ramsey and Twitty separately -- describes the pair to the AP as "friends who have a great deal of admiration for each other." Is that the sound of spin we're hearing?

The couple, according to the report, have been spotted "holding hands and kissing" in Mountain Brook, Ala. where Twitty lives. Ramsey's wife Patsy died earlier this year of cancer, and Twitty divorced her ex-husband (not Natalee's dad) last December.

Were she alive, JonBenet Ramsey would be 17 years old. Natalee, who is presumed dead after disappearing in Aruba in 2005, would be 20.


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jProud American Author    

I wish them both the best and hope that someday they find answers to all of their questions. So sad. Everyone needs to be loved.

2663 days ago


I don't think anyone can be the judge, until we have gone through the same thing these two people have gone through (I pray everyday that will never happen). They probably feel relief to find eachother, considering no one else understands. I am happy to see two people move on with their lives the best they know how, especially since their tragedies will follow them forever.

2663 days ago


I don't know how this women could be looking for a boyfriend at this stage of the game. She needs to be focusing on finding her daughter. However, on the flip side, I can see how they can find comfort in eachother as friends. They have both been through somewhat of the same ordeal. But looking for love? I don't think that it is the right time for either one of them..

2663 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

A match made in heaven?

2663 days ago


If this is true, Beth you need to look in to your inner self otherwise you will be counting men, marry, divorced remarry over and over again. You need to go the arms of your Savior and empty yourself to Him and not to men. Happiness cannot be found in marrying one man after another. Find yourself, look for your Self-Esteem, because Beth needs Him. God bless.

2663 days ago


Geez! Back in the "olden days" so many women died in childbirth, left many children with a widowed father. He needed help raising them and would remarry as soon as socially acceptable, maybe even earlier. So this thing about mourning the dead spouse FOREVER is a fairly new concept.

Get a grip people! Give these folks a chance to be happy again! Who in hell wants to stay miserable forever after a spouse dies? There are those who do. I feel sorry for them.

2663 days ago


Wishing them the best and TMZ leave them alone, geez...Stick to your obsession with Lindsey Lohan......

2663 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

btw, TMZ. This is OLD news. Ramsey and Twitty have been getting it on for *at least* a couple of months. They haven't even been trying to hide it.

2663 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

He looks like 'Graham Spaulding' from "Without A Trace"..

2663 days ago


17 years old. Golly, has it been that long?

2663 days ago


when i first heard this i was so happy for them .they both have been through so much.
i have 2 daughters myself and just can,t imagine anything happening to them.And not to have any closer on their deaths would be so devasting.Poor Beth has been through hell trying to find answers.I saw her on a tv show the other day and she looks great i almost think she had some botex anyway i wish both of them happyness.

2663 days ago


Boy is Beth DUMB. Who are the Ramseys going to put up as perp of the week after John Mark Karr blew up in their faces?

2663 days ago


Listen up Mr. John Ramsey.... from someone who knows. Beth Twitty has suffered a horrible tragedy. I fell compassion for her. But, she is a nasty tempered woman with most other events of life. It will seep into every area of your life, if she remains involved with you in a permanent way. She is mean spirited in most areas. Do you want this? I would think not. Watch out, don't rebound. There are other women in this world, much more gracious than Beth. Of course, let me say again, that her tagedy is deeply felt. But, her daughter absolutely hated her.... that is a fact and two husbands could not survive her mean personality. So you are the reason she had plastic surgery!

2663 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

Give me either of Ramsey's or Twitty's tragic experiences and I'm liable to do anything. And hooking up with someone who just might know what I'm going through would be the least probable 'mistake'.

I hope these two can find some peace....together or separate.
I'm glad TMZ filed this article because it's damn time we get some good news here for a change.
(Are we getting sick of Paris/Britney/Lindsay yet? I know I am.)

2663 days ago


#8&9 are you both nuts, DNA was found on the child. Man what is it going to take???
I am happy for both of them and there is NO time line for LOSS!

2663 days ago
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