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Knife Pix Don't Stick Minnillo

6/5/2007 12:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A few dicey photos taken a year ago with Lindsay Lohan and a knife may fork with her career, but they won't keep Vanessa Minnillo from getting some tasty grub.

TMZ caught the former "TRL" host with boyfriend Nick Lachey leaving Joseph's Cafe in Hollywood last night (where they make one helluva falafel). Minnillo was looking great -- despite the horror of pictures making the rounds -- showing Lindsay Lohan holding a knife to her throat -- or was that someone who just looks like Vanessa?

Nick's bro Drew and wife Lea, Lance Bass and galpal "Entourage" hottie Emmanuelle Chriqui, Wilmer Valderrama -- and his hot Lamborghini -- and DJ Paul from Three 6 Mafia were all at the restaurant/club last night.

Also out last night were Kim Kardashian and "The Departed" badass Ray Winstone at Koi, and Stevie Wonder back for more dumplings at Mr. Chow with rapper Won G.

All this and more in today's don't-cut-me edition of Star Catcher.


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Those pics DO NOT look like Vanessa! But man, Lindsey is really messed up!

2660 days ago


Didn't this happen months ago? Why would she still be affected by this?

2660 days ago


Did you happen to see the pictures? They both look like they are high on something!

2660 days ago


I don't think that's Vanessa in those pictures, at least to me it didn't really look like her but they ARE disturbing photos.

2660 days ago


#6 you are right! Same clothes same day this IS her! I hope her career fails even further for encouraging an underage girl's bad behaviour because she wanted to party with a celebrity. Cuz shes is just a wannabe.

2660 days ago


Those pictures are at least a year old. Give this woman a break. I wish her well and am rooting for her always.

2660 days ago

All American Girl    

So Vanessa must be a druggie too. She looks as high as a kite in those pictures. To bad I kinda thought she was o.k.. She must be a follower like most of the other young hollywood!

2660 days ago


These girls are both just trash, and that's putting it nicely. How pathetic that little girls look up to these freaks.

2660 days ago


tasty red lettuce

2660 days ago


Vanessa got just what she asked for. She wanted fame and here it is. She better trap Nick with a pregnancy....STAT

2660 days ago


Vanessa is loving all the this attention. She can't make it on her own so she needs scandal or to sleep with someone famous. Nick is insane to hook up with a drug-addict pig like her. I don't know what he sees in her fat, ugly face. She's always been known to be a wild, ho and that's what Nick likes because he's a player, too.

2660 days ago


Nick must love seeing his girlfriend high as a kite! So much for his clean image. Wake up Nick, your girl is a wh@re!

2660 days ago


These pictures were from a year ago. Not last weekend or the other day a year ago!

And how do any of you know if they were drugged up on coke??? Right you don't!
They could have been drunk..who cares if they took pictures with knives they're in a kitchen, i'm sure none of you would have taken a picture with a spatula or a frying pan?

no but seriously, to me it's not a big deal. this year i've really seen how bad the media can make everything seem worse.

2660 days ago


According to Access Hollywood, on their show--last night, and on their web site (digital video), they claimed, in fact, that the other femme fatal playing wife the knife, along with Lindsey Lohan, in those kinky pictures is indeed Vanessa Minnillo...although they made no reference to her being an on air reporter for their rival tv show Entertainment Tonight.

Billy Bush personally reported the story last night on Access Hollywood!!! BTW...I also saw last night's Entertainment Tonight, and curiously, there was no mention of Minnillo, or the leaked drugged-out Lohan/Minnillo "Knife Wielding Lesbian S&M" picture poses. Note: Suspiciously, Minnillo didn't appear on, Entertainment Tonight last night.

I wonder if this will also affect her doing press interviews for the family friendly Fox film Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer, since Minnillo stars in the film???!!!

BTW...Minnillo did not appear with the rest of the cast of Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer on the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday. Makes you wonder if there are a lot more sleazy pictures, and other nasty scandals, ready to come out concerning "Nasty Nessa"--Vanessa's reported nickname among her close friends!!! Either way, judging by those "super freaky" pictures with Lohan, now we all know why, and how...Vanessa got that much deserved nickname, in the first place!!! Nick are one lucky bastard!!! Enjoy!!!

2660 days ago


The pics were taken a year ago, when Nick and Vanessa had only been dating a few weeks, according to Us and My personal thought is that Lindsay has said how she was obsessed with Angelina Jolie, and remember Angelina has talked about knives and playing with them with her one time girlfriend Jenny. I think Lindsay and Vanessa were drunk, high, whatever, and were acting out Lindsays obsession with Angelina.

It's not good for Vanessa though, who has pretty much gotten good publicity lately. And moved in with Nick! I don[t know how Nick feels about all this, but he's probably glad he didn't jump the gun and marry her. She needs to come out and make a statement or something, or she will be on unemployment for awhile!

2660 days ago
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