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Larry and Laurie David Curb Their Marriage

6/5/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laurie and Larry DavidCrankypants "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David and tree-hugging activist wife Laurie David are calling it quits on their marriage.

Larry and Laurie have separated after 14 years -- and two children -- according to Page Six. Though the Post's report says that the official word is "very amicable, and no other parties are involved," the announcement follows closely upon "An Inconvenient Truth" co-producer Laurie's well-publicized tour of the US with rocker Sheryl Crow, who just adopted a child.

David made an estimated $200 million on "Seinfeld." Laurie's "An Inconvenient Truth," the enviro-crusading documentary, has made an estimated $24 million since its release a year ago.

A rep for the Davids would not comment, adding they do not discuss the personal lives of their clients.


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i love larry david! the guy is hilarious and seinfeld kicks ass! the greatest show of all time!

2663 days ago


"very amicable, and no other parties are involved"

Smart people to keep there money form the divorce industry hounds.

2663 days ago


of all the photos available of larry's beautiful wife, why did TMZ decide to post something so unflattering? her looks arent even part of the story.

TMZ goes a little too far when they post the worst shots of celebs they can find. especially when it has nothing to do with the story.

2663 days ago


The Inconvient Truth is that Larry will never be able to duplicate his Seinfeld success. The good news is that with his Seinfeld money, he can get a sweet piece of ass to replace the liberal schrill he has been saddled with.

2663 days ago


"very amicable, and no other parties are involved"
Smart people to keep their money from the divorce industry hounds.

Sorry for previous typos.

It will be interesting if the divorce industy does get in there to stir it up.

2663 days ago


Larry should marry "Cheryl David" from his show.

His real wife (Laurie) seems like a horse's ass . . . and I am a California Liberal. She reinforces the idea that liberalism, activism and environmentalism are a bunch of kooks. Everytime I've seen her in any media, she looks like she is overly medicated.

2663 days ago

He's Boring now    

Is it any wonder Laurie David was in Bernard Goldbergs book "100 people who are screwing up America"?...what a nut job this woman is. Glad Larry finally recognized it..and while dumping her Larry you can now go be like Seinfeld and buy 25 Mercedes Benz vehicles and dump that silly Toyota Prisirus you have been driving because Laurie made you drive it to save the Environment...while she conviently took private jets across the Country to promote her committment to the Environment and the commitment to her selfish self.

I doubt she was much fun to live with as a comedian. Let her and Al "never skipped a meal" Gore go dazzle the world with their Global Warming BS.

Another rich white woman trying to save the world so all us peons can be thankful...Get a Life Laurie David.

I often wondered why Larry wasnt at your side too much during your world self promoting, save the toilet paper tours...I'll bet that recent thing with Crow was Larrys last straw.

2663 days ago


Larry it's time to be happy with all your millions.

2663 days ago


I've been trying to create a documentary about how I am able to get a date with Larry (like the doc on date with Drew Barrymore). I've had the idea even before his marriage was over. Now couldn't be a better time! So now... does any one know how I could get a possible date???

2663 days ago


Larry and Laurie.... sounded like a match made in heaven .. :P :)

2663 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

Any man should be glad to get rid of that Laurie David. She's an example of stupid, extreme liberalism based on ignorance. She's done her part to ruin the world. Now Larry can get back to real life, use a real light bulb, real toilet paper, all those little niceties that ordinary people have. She must be too crazy to live with.

2663 days ago

Madam Pince    

Larry got tired of living with a shrew. No need for a third party. A self-righteous bitch can drive you crazy.

He enjoyed the peace and quiet while she was gone with Sheryl Crow; now he's decided to make it permanent. Good for him.

2663 days ago

David Orbach    

#6 - I agree. What I don't get is why every item on TMZ becomes a reason to foam at the mouth about politics. Whatever happened to being a "uniter, not a divider?"

2663 days ago


larry david - call me.

2663 days ago


I have to agree with # 1 although seinfeld was not the greatest show on tv, it was certainly one of the greatest and funniest. also curb your enthusiasm is funny as hell, I love dry humor and Larry David is certainly a comic genius. damn why can't folks stay married in hollyweird its a damn shame 14 yrs down the tube. I wish them the very best and may they find happiness with another.

2663 days ago
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