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Larry and Laurie David Curb Their Marriage

6/5/2007 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Laurie and Larry DavidCrankypants "Seinfeld" co-creator Larry David and tree-hugging activist wife Laurie David are calling it quits on their marriage.

Larry and Laurie have separated after 14 years -- and two children -- according to Page Six. Though the Post's report says that the official word is "very amicable, and no other parties are involved," the announcement follows closely upon "An Inconvenient Truth" co-producer Laurie's well-publicized tour of the US with rocker Sheryl Crow, who just adopted a child.

David made an estimated $200 million on "Seinfeld." Laurie's "An Inconvenient Truth," the enviro-crusading documentary, has made an estimated $24 million since its release a year ago.

A rep for the Davids would not comment, adding they do not discuss the personal lives of their clients.


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hes been using the product

2699 days ago

Get over it!!    

I know I'm threatened by those lightbulbs. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2699 days ago

He's Boring now    

oh good now Laurie can go marry all those global warming mongers instead of being married to a husband. She reminds me of Jay Lenos wife, you never see her with him, shes always too busy with her "causes" like Laurie David. Never marry a woman with a "cause", they make lousy lovers and lousier wives. They need to stay unmarried so the "cause" can get all their attention. And god help their children...wouldnt want those to interfere with the "cause".

Larry go find a real woman..the ones who know how to love, be supportive, encouraging and there for You, not their cause.

If it wasnt global warming, she would replace it with another "cause". These type of women, and people for that matter, give everything to causes and never enough to loved ones.

Dont get too "caused" out Laurie, you might go the way of Cindy Sheehan---now a woman without either a lover nor a "cause".


2699 days ago


((She reinforces the idea that liberalism, activism and environmentalism are a bunch of kooks. ))

Liberals ARE a bunch of kooks.

2699 days ago


Good for Larry. No nobody will be telling him how much toiler paper to use. Oh that's right Laurie tells all of us how to live our lives.

Good riddance!

2699 days ago


#6 & #15 : Laurie based her whole life on Liberal politics, that's why we can talk about it.

2699 days ago


Larry David, thanks to your talent, you have given me some of the greatest laughs ever.. I LOVED Curb your Enthusiasm so much. I wish it were still on so I could get to Tivo it.

2699 days ago



I want a date with him too! Larry is SO sexy!

2699 days ago

West Coastian    

#21, Caused Out

Substiture "cause" with "job" and it's what most men do. Everybody has something they believe in and you can't focus on another person 24/7.

2699 days ago

David Orbach    

#23 - Oh, did she? As if you ever exchanged a single word with the woman. You know nothing about what she based her life on. Hateful, angry people.

2699 days ago


Good for you Larry! BTW Love "Curb Your Enthusiasm"

2699 days ago

David Orbach    

#27 - You are another Einstein. What do you base your ever so eloquent opinion on, other than the manipulated, distorted pseudo facts that you buy hook, line and sinker from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh? I just love that the conservative viewpoint is so often nothing more than school yard name calling and insults. Here's a question for you to mull over: what if all of us "kooks" are right, and the world that is left for your children is full of environmental hazards, increased cancers, etc., etc. I bet they'd be real appreciative of how you fought for their future.

2698 days ago


Man, this is a bummer. I was not a huge Laurie fan, but I respected her positions on the environment. And Larry incorporated some of her activism into CURB (like making Cheryl a member of the NRDC). I just celebrated nine years of marriage today, so this is ironic timing.I also just bought Season 8 of Seinfeld, the first post-Larry season, and it shows. While the show still has its moments, it definitely lost a lot without Larry's point of view behind it. (BTW, there's a lot of funny stuff referring to the program at , and recently launched a new Seinfeld site...don't have the URL handy, though.)

2698 days ago

Courtney Tyler    

Count me in with the ladies who would like to date Larry David! Always loved Seinfeld and think Curb Your Enthusiasm is even better.

According to the Curb book, and the interview with Laurie, Larry had to be coerced into marriage in the first place. She had to break up with him several times before he would agree to get married at all. Well, 14 years in Hollywood is still a good long run.

Good luck to both of them; but I still want to meet Larry -- seems I have a lot of company, eh? No one seems too anxious to connect with Laurie.

2697 days ago

nat trayger    

Personally I think that it was the lock box that she put on the air conditioner. She also insited that Larry had to exhale half as much to cut down on his carbon footprint. What marriage could survive this?

2696 days ago
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