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G.A.Y. Fan Is Enrique Iglesias' "Hero"

6/6/2007 7:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Enrique Iglesias gave a lucky fan a night to remember -- when he turned up at London's G.A.Y. nightclub on Saturday. Fierce!

The Spanish crooner pulled a same-sex fan up onstage and sang his hit ballad, "Hero," to him. While there was no man-on-man kissing, Iglesias did come up behind the fan and hug him during the number.

Just last month, Enrique sang the same song to an underage female fan at KIIS-FM's Wango Tango concert. Wonder how on-again-off-again girlfriend/wife/who-knows-what Anna Kournikova feels about all this!


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Ian Johnson    

This is right on so many levels.

He is showing he is supportive of gay equality. He is treating the song and his audience with the respect that such a prestigious gig as G-A-Y (where Madonna, Kylie and many other big names CHOOSE to play in London) club in Soho and being so comfortable all at once.

As we pointed out at
this is also very clever marketing by Enrique - and is winning mostly positive comment this week from all over.

Good stuff.

2693 days ago


Hot hot hot! And hell I am a woman!

2693 days ago


more power to Enrique.I am one of his biggest fan and I admire what he did,he sang to us who are heterosexual fans why not sing to the gays fans also we all buy his cds and we all deserve the same kind of treatment from its is not about him trying to come out or not and even if he was gay its not our bussiness we should care about is his music and his good heart and his personnality and how well he treat us fans .and america please stop being homophobic tis is the 21st century!

2666 days ago


Would appear to me just "some people" having a GREAT time! Does sexuality really matter?

2624 days ago

yoly g    

Go KIKI !!!!!!!! who cares what everyone thinks!!! At least you know youre secure and confident enough that you can go out and do things like this.

2621 days ago


I thought it was very sweet. And also very sweet how he kissed his forehead at the end. I'm also in the camp that feels Enrique is gay, but even if he isn't, all this video shows is that he is totally comfortable with his own sexuality, as well as that of his gay fan base. I applaud him for just being real. It looked NOTHING like pandering to me. You want to see pandering? Go look up that Michael Jackson/Lisa Marie on stage "kiss" debaucle. Now THAT is pandering.

2691 days ago


Beautiful, and I am girl, in love with my husband.
I can't stop looking to the video. He is so himself, so beautiful. While others fake to like their fan, he truly show interest for his audience. Is a show to you. Like he did in spanish, you feel he sings to you. Gay or not gay his performance was completly outstanding. I reach a new level of admiration to him. And personal i dont believe he is gay, and nor of my business neither if he is. Anyway i never seen him, being so straight and Man. I am all over in my 20 and loving his music again.

2691 days ago

Dan Coleman    

Chill out gang! So what if he is gay? More power to him if he's now ready to admit it. The current issue of People has an article about Enrique and he makes it quite clear he is not married, not dating; female that is. One question I have is; why was he perfoming in one of London's largest gay nightclubs? Is this somewhat of a coming out for him? He is HOT and come on over to our side StudPuppy!

2690 days ago


well i just think that this have nothing to do with being gay he is just performing and for all the people saying that its queer you could actually tell they are the ones wanting to be in his matter what he is or what he does he is still a good singer.

2687 days ago


well wat can i say im gay n support wat enrique did.thats great even if he is gay thats cool.

2686 days ago


Ok, I don't think he's gay, I mean, it maybe is kind of weird but is just a way to show that we'r all the same, why gay people cannot have the same oportunitys that girls or boys have of kiss their favorite artist? I mean, them are people just like us, just like anybody else, I think is a hero act (of Enrique) kissing another boy, just to express the way he feels about gay sociaty and is good that he thinks we'r all the same and we have to be treat and treat everybody else by the same way. Enrique is amazing as singer and of course, as person! Love him, he is sooo hot!!!!!!!

2681 days ago


Good for Enrique...I admire him for having the guts to be the man he is.

2678 days ago


hope all these narrow minded fools comeback gay in thier next life.
good for you Enrique for excepting people for who they are, and appreciating fans whomever thay are.

1431 days ago


That was hot! Kudos to you Enrique! Ignore the hypocrisy!

1318 days ago
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