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County Official: Paris "Reassignment" is BS!

6/7/2007 3:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The decision to allow Paris Hilton to serve the remainder of her time under house arrest is already under heavy fire from L.A. County officials.
Don Knabe and Paris Hilton
In a sharply-worded statement from L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe, he claims that Paris' "reassignment" is a load of crap: "This incident with Paris Hilton is just the most recent that highlights the problems our criminal justice system has with making sure sentences stick, whether it is in a County jail or under electronic monitoring."


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Gee, if I got that sentence I would still be there. . . and in general population, not some cushy solitary cell. Sheesh, what a load of baloney! Send her back! Why is she different from anyone else?????

2696 days ago


ugh, why are people so fascinated by her? She is boooooring and a talentless loser. but then again, America has questionable taste when it comes to adoring celebs..

2696 days ago


no way, no way, no way, no way, no way. I can't believe it.

In a few days they'll say ok your time is over, so why did we waste everyone's time, oh yes publicity.
Great roll model for all the young girls.

2696 days ago

truth be told    

How much you want a bet her parents threatened to make the biggest lawsuit if something happened to her in jail (ie nervous breakdown, hunger) whatever. so they just didn't want to deal with it..

2696 days ago


This is outrageous. If that was any other person (oh make that any other person who has no money or 'celebrity' status) in jail having a 'breakdown' they would have sent them to the jail's medical facilities. I'm not surprised. Just another case of celebrity favoritism. Can anyone tell me one single thing that Paris has done to contribute to society? Any charities she works for? Please someone tell me one thing. Maybe it will make me less disgusted with her knowing she quietly does *some* good work.

2696 days ago


how the hell can someone idiolize this tramp? she cant do anything worth crap. her porn video even sucked!! (and not in a good way) shes horrible. anyone who thinks her getting out was the right thing or supports it should have a relative killed by a drunk driver and see if they feel the same!

2696 days ago


Spoken like a man who knows what's REALLY going on!

2696 days ago


#84 What a jerk! I was just diagnosed with cancer. Your juvenile comment should be removed. You have no idea....and obviously no children. Thank goodness! With any luck you never will...

The whole Paris thing, along with OJ, Robert Blake, and no doubt Mr. Spector just goes to show that the rich and famous ARE different and are treated as such. I know my cancerous ass and those of my friends and family would be in jail AT LEAST a big deal 40+ days. Nervous breakdown. Please. There probably wasn't a mirror in the cell that caused her to freak out.

2696 days ago

Get over it!!    

WEST true, it's up to us to make these freaks go away.

2696 days ago


Hey Team Paris and Amnesty for Paris people -- why don't you invest your energy in a REAL cause ... you know something like getting our troops home from the war, fighting terrorism, secure funding for research on ncurable diseases ... Hell, I'll even go out on a limb here and suggest you might volunteer some of your time to MADD or to people who have viable mental and physical disabilities and not just Parisitis! GET A LIFE!

2696 days ago


I think Paris was released for emotional stress, nothing else, she didn't have the intestinal fortitude to handle it in there, in spite of her being put in a Special Needs unit. Lets face it, her parents have coddled and pampered her all of her life, they all live in a bubble of unreality. So when all of this business came up and with her parents being in la-la land too, her family with really poor boundaries, so called enabling friends almost encouraged her to behave as though she was above the law. She should have known better, lots better but with her upbringing and lack of really good role models who would inspire responsibility, she will continue to make this type of mistake, people will continue to bail her out until she finally learns.

But in all reality I don't think she was emotionally equipped for this situation, in spite of her preparation. Fourty days confined to home with a tag on her leg, having to check in for a further 3 years with parole officers. All this will help to bring her to our type of reality. And guaranteed if she steps out of line, health concerns or not she will be serving time, very probably not in a Special Needs Unit.

2696 days ago

What the Fu***    

Email the Mayor:

2696 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Whaduyamean, her reassignment is a load of crap?
Like, she called in sick to the jailers, 'kay?!?

2696 days ago


Money talks...I wonder whose pockets got lined with Hilton $$$.

2696 days ago


#102 FUNNY? Hopefully, no one you ever know will get hit by a drunk driver. Yeah, real funny.

2696 days ago
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