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Jayden James Federline -- The First CLEAR Picture!

6/7/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Britney's second son is no longer in hiding! Aloha, Jayden!

Paparazzi finally caught the single mother of two in Hawaii, carrying her up-til-now mysterious little formerly bundled-up bundle of joy, Jayden James. Britney spent some time alone in Mexico last week, and is continuing her R&R in Hawaii with the kids and cousin Alli. Lip-synching is exhaustin', ya know!

Britney may not have planned for this reveal, but it's clear that the Britster doesn't look too pleased after spotting a photog. It's also clear that Sean Preston's wedgie looks like it hurts. Ouch, y'all!


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All American Girl    

Cute babies! She should be proud of her baby boys.

2659 days ago


What a loser skank!! She is ONE of the most pathetic excuses for a human being on this earth...adding to the list Lindsay, Paris, Nicole, and the rest of the young "loser skanks" we have to see splashed on magazine cover after magazine cover. I can't believe any judge anywhere would allow this scummy, alcoholic-drug using tramp to have custody of these two poor children. I feel so bad for the kids. What a life for stability or real "home" whatsoever - not to mention two parents who are total morons. Poor little things! Just because you have "big bucks" doesn't mean you have a brain in your head, or ANY talent, for that matter...and here's living proof.

2659 days ago


HOT ROD you are an ignorant tool!! This is her 2nd vacation in nearly a year. Going to Hawaii in the Summer, how wrong of her. She's been working & taking care of her babies. Her HOB was beyond a succses dolt! Her fans loved it & they sold out whithin seconds. That was the entire point fool! So she doesn't need your fake misguided pity. Shows what an idiot you are by even calling it a comback tour which is was NOT! Sounds like you are the one w/ the useless life wasting your time following & hating on Britney's life on the net. LMAO! How about getting a life & taking a vacation yourself!!

TMZ you boneheads. You can't even see his face, just a profile. Could see what he looked like better inteh blurry pics.

"been there" WTF do you care what her babies wear in the pool!? Ever think he's potty trained? Worry about what's covering up your ass not SPF's!

2659 days ago


Oh my God! I can't believe it....has hell frozen over? She is actually WITH her kids!!!!

2659 days ago


Poor Britters was waiting on the highest bidder for pic of JJ and TMZ ruined it for her! WAY TO GO TMZ!!!! Kisses! Good job MUAH XOXOXOXO

2659 days ago


Nice kids!

2659 days ago



2659 days ago


When I see those 2 kids, I think of Stalin during world war 2, when he told his army, remember when you get in Germany, only the unborn are innocent!!!

2659 days ago


Well, at least she covered up her ass this time in a some what better fitting bikini.

2659 days ago


Britney is a loser and so are you for caring

2659 days ago


I am always rotten, when it comes to SPEARS and K-FED, but I have to admit that Britney has my sympathy, when it concearns having 2 spoiled little brats for the rest of her life, that will only remind her of the Pope of Popozao!!

2659 days ago


I'm glad to see her spending more time with her kids and not at the clubs. kudos to Britney and her beautiful kids!

2659 days ago


I am not a fan of Britney Spears but why don't people leave that woman alone...It is a proven fact that she had emotional problems but she needs to be given some privacy when it comes to her wonder she goes off like she does...the news hounds watch every move she makes...she can't fart with out someone saying it was a gas explosion....never really cared for her but what she has been through with everything she does being discussed under a microscope...she needs to be left alone for a while....give her some private time with her sons.

2659 days ago


Who cares? Her kids are ugly anyways...She's a mess, her kids will be a mess. Who cares.

2659 days ago


in re: to been there's ugly comments. I really wish ppl would get off Brit's back about being a mother, and some should really be more educated about what is available for babies to swim in. They do make infant swim shorts!!!! Duh! But I guess if you only shop at Wal-Mart you wouldn't know that! Evidence that you should know the whole story before you shoot your mouth off. Maybe you should consider that when calling someone else a poor parent as well!

2659 days ago
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