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Jayden James Federline -- The First CLEAR Picture!

6/7/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Britney's second son is no longer in hiding! Aloha, Jayden!

Paparazzi finally caught the single mother of two in Hawaii, carrying her up-til-now mysterious little formerly bundled-up bundle of joy, Jayden James. Britney spent some time alone in Mexico last week, and is continuing her R&R in Hawaii with the kids and cousin Alli. Lip-synching is exhaustin', ya know!

Britney may not have planned for this reveal, but it's clear that the Britster doesn't look too pleased after spotting a photog. It's also clear that Sean Preston's wedgie looks like it hurts. Ouch, y'all!


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Marshall Jefferson    

Um, who really cares?

2702 days ago


The sun is strong on very young children. Also, they never seem to have shoes on, no matter what. Maybe a collection should be taken up for those kids. They don't seem to benefit from all of her $$. 'Course she doesn't either!

2702 days ago


Maybe it is just me but that child looks a bit big to be Jayden James not to mention one of the agreements in the divorce is that Britney is not to show Jayden until after professional photos are done and released into a magazine, she agreed that kevin would get all profits from Seans and Jaydens first pictures so if she shows Jayden before professional pictures are done with a magazine Kevin gets nothing because why would a magazine want to pay Britney money for the first photos of a child that has already been seen?

I am not saying it is not Jayden as it could be and he is just a big baby but if it is kevin certainly can go after Britney for allowing photos of Jayden to be taken.

Poster number 6 it is really none of your business if someone puts swimmer diapers on there child or just puts swim trunks on, my child is 2 and has NEVER worn a swimmer diaper, he has always worn swim trunks.. I honestly do not think I know anyone who has used swimmer diapers.

I see all these people insulting Britney and putting her down yet look at you, you have nothing better to do then sit here and insult someone whom you do not even know. Your like a bunch of immature children in school making fun of other kids. Are us mature people who actually act our age suppose to take you seriously?

There have been many things that celebrities have done that are stupid and horrible but I do not go on the Internet saying they are retarded or morons or anything because I have better things to do and im not an immature child. Putting someone down is totally immature and to do it on the Internet is just even more immature.

2702 days ago


The kids are super cute. I feel really sorry for Britney because it doesn't seem like she's getting better. I hate to say this, but it also looks like she's a few months pg. That's how her tummy looked when she was pg with both boys. I know she's working out like a fiend these days, but her tummy is hard and pouched OUT.

2702 days ago


How would you feel if people followed you to take pictures of your innocent children?
There not even old enough to decide whether they want to be famous or not...

Id be pissed......

2702 days ago


That's NOT what I call a clear picture...LMAO

2702 days ago


Huh, nine months old today, he was born on the same day as Anna Nichols baby. And i wonder if that is really her hair now, or is that a wig?

2702 days ago


Why is it you always see one of brits kids or the other.. its like the whole michael jackson latoya thing

2702 days ago


I see a lot of comments about Britney and Kevin's arrangement of not having Jayden "shown" until professional photos are done. Are you kidding? Do you really think Britney has a chioce?? TMZ just doesn't give up on this poor girl! And BTW, haha to all you losers who said there's something wrong with Jayden. He's as cute as his brother! And I hope Karma doesn't get "y'all" when you have your own kids and something may be wrong...

2702 days ago


On vacation again?? I never realized that lip synching was sooo exhausting.

2702 days ago


I think he is adorable, but wonder why Britney is still wearing wigs, that has to be hot in the sun.. Yuck.. she must have enough hair by now to shuck the wigs or extensions.... She does look healthy though..

2702 days ago


my god is shows that a lot of people here doesnt have children, that kid is already 9 months and you guys expected to see him like a 1 month old? come on, these days kids grow up wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy to fast, i have a 3 year old daugher and you wouldnt believe how tall she is

2702 days ago


Hey, lets all leave Britney and her sons alone. When Britney is ready she will issue a picture of Jayden James. She WORKS for the money that she earns. She is another HUMAN BEING, none of us are perfect.

2702 days ago

Oh Please!    

Gee, isn't it amazing how Britney's ass changed so much from just a few days ago? Hmmmmpf.

2702 days ago



2702 days ago
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