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Jayden James Federline -- The First CLEAR Picture!

6/7/2007 2:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official! Britney's second son is no longer in hiding! Aloha, Jayden!

Paparazzi finally caught the single mother of two in Hawaii, carrying her up-til-now mysterious little formerly bundled-up bundle of joy, Jayden James. Britney spent some time alone in Mexico last week, and is continuing her R&R in Hawaii with the kids and cousin Alli. Lip-synching is exhaustin', ya know!

Britney may not have planned for this reveal, but it's clear that the Britster doesn't look too pleased after spotting a photog. It's also clear that Sean Preston's wedgie looks like it hurts. Ouch, y'all!


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Erin brower    

it's about time Jayden gets to go outside, and be with his mom, instead of being inside all the time !! he was starting to look like he was sick or something . and sean is cute too. but Britney has to start being " amother" , and not party all of the time . now, the boys know that , they have a mother that cares for them., and loves them . as for their father, i don't know if keeping jayden inside all of the time was a really good idea for him to do . i mean, that musyt've been hard for him to keep Jayden away from the Media !! and the photographers will do anything to get a picture . now, this shows everyone that, Britney can be a good mother to her boys, even though people think that she isn't a good mother. Anyway, 'bye!!

2695 days ago


she's had Jayden out before, it is just that everyone was so sure that something "was wrong " with the poor kid, they assumed it was Sean P.

2695 days ago


This is a funny article.

2695 days ago


As much as I am annoyed by this chick Im even more annoyed at how well you guys stalk her. How in hell do you know when and where is she is at all times? Thats pretty sick.

2695 days ago


I thought she shaved her head, what's with all the blond hair. These pictures are probably old, she's holding Sean Preston and her cousin is holding some other kid.

2695 days ago


does this meen no more Bryttney talk.. please tell me it is ... !!!!!!

2695 days ago

Mojito Lady    

I still can't see his face....I still think he's disfigured someway either physically or mentally, why else keep him under cover for so long, and publicly display the other child every chance you get? Most people would be proud of their child no matter what the problem, but I think theres something wrong with the child and thats the reason she's off her rocker, she can't handle having a "non perfect child" and being dumped by a worthless bum also!!

2695 days ago


Has been!

2695 days ago


cute baby but what happened to brittanys breast?????

2695 days ago


Despite all of the negative things, Britney should be given credit for keeping up with her life, unlike others that have failed,Britney's really only 25 years old,a single mom of two beautiful children,that if she keeps trying to be the best she can be,for her kids and herself,she'll always be on the right path. To all the negative comments out there,best thing to do is to at least to wish her well,just as you would want to be done onto you.
No one's perfect, we all make mistakes,still the best things would be to pray for Britney in your own positive style,than to judge. May Britney bring about the best in her children and may she succeed in any obstacle that gets in her way. Then again why say anything negative at all,Britney needs her privacy in her personal life so much,that she's not to be criticize. Today is today, yesterday is history,yet we all strive to live each day better,still we have to keep trying harder just to make it so. What comes around and goes around,it's not just in Britney's world, think about those that are the closest to you,or many in your world that go thru life's hardest times,yeah that's what I thought; so guess you better think twice before judge. Again may it all go well with Britney and her children and may we all bring about the positive and off with the dam negative comments already. Britney's bless with these two cute kids,just pray she can make it work for the best!>>>

2695 days ago


Um, these people who keep saying to leave britney alone, what the hell are you talking about? She's a public figure, of course, people are gonna comment on her. It's part of being a celeb! If she doesn't like it, she needs to leave Hollywood. People have been bashing her for so long because of things SHE'S done. Nobody made her do anything. She has gone out and made HERSELF look bad. She's grown and needs to take responsiblity for her actions and stop blaming everyone. As for her career, that's finished!

2695 days ago


#15 AKA KK............please go to school and get an education. Your grammar and spelling are terrible!!! As for Britney, Who really cares?

2695 days ago


To # 62.... looks to me like he has a down's syndrome face. I'm not saying he's not totally cute. He is. But to ME..and I've seen many, many kids with it...he looks strongly like a child with down's syndrome.

I don't think there is any other reason why a mother would be SO over protective of one son and not so much the other. No matter what she is...she's a mother. And she's VERY protective of the younger son and always has been. And I do NOT think it's about money. I think she's protecting her child from ridicule. I really think he has down's syndrome.

2695 days ago


Some truly distasteful comments,why not say these things directly to her face ,instead of posting on some faceless internet forum,you bunch of imbeciles.

2695 days ago


lifetime memberships in the united states chess federation, omly one thousand dollars...

2695 days ago
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