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Judge to Paris: Get Back Here STAT!

6/7/2007 9:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that a judge has ordered Paris Hilton back to his Los Angeles courtroom, telling her she must attend tomorrow morning's hearing. She could be sent BACK to the slammer!!
Paris Hilton
Late today, L.A. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo filed paperwork demanding a hearing before Judge Michael Sauer to determine why the Sheriff's Department allowed Paris to get out of jail when the judge had expressly ordered her to serve out her entire sentence.

The hearing is scheduled for 9:00 AM PDT on Friday.

TMZ contacted the Sheriff's Department, but they refused to comment on the case.


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WHATS THE BIG DEAL. The whole system is corrupt anyway. I Love Paris. I hope she gets sober and finds JESUS. yeh

2695 days ago

Jamie Lynn    

I will be glad to do her jail time for her just so she can get back to flaunting herself and I will thoroughly enjoy the strip search.

2695 days ago


i think someone needs to look at that sheriffs bank account, cause i am wondering if it got any bigger?, and BTW...there are many people in jail serving sentences with mental disabilities, hep c, aids and herpes along with numerous other ailments, wonder IF they can get a "get special treatment?" i see some lawsuits for discrimmination in the works...

2695 days ago


It's been said.. Think of all those 19-20 year old 'boys' & 'girls' in Iraq at this very moment that will have to be there for over a year.

And yet Paris can't last more then a few days in a room!

WTF America!

2695 days ago


First of all Baca should be fired!!! Next, all the damn gangbangers and illegals with no insurance need to be deported. Third, hit the Hiltons, and all of the rest of the damn spoiled celebs where it hurts most, in their pockets. Boycott anyone, anything that gives Paris, Nicole, Lindsey any of these brats jobs. Stop watching ET, E, or any of these shows that constantly shove them in our faces. Lastly, "voluntary" enlisted them in the Armed Forces and send them to Bagdad, to fight for their freedom. I think it's really sad that this whole debacle is overshadowing the fact that there are young men and women dying out there for these trollops!!! Sickening. Please stop the madness, it's making me puke.

2695 days ago


I'm 1/2 with you Sugar Cocoa Mocha. I'll explain......the first couple of days of this saga I would have agreed 100% with you regarding your "crime doesn't fit the punishment" concept. Very valid point.

However - after this media/medical/entertainment circus today caused by the LACS's office.....NOW I think she should really serve her time for interrupting the world with her drama.

Still with you tho'.

Peace to all.

2695 days ago


Not only should she be put back in jail, she should be put under the jail
Other inmates should not be exposed to this filthy whore.
I hope you get MRSA in jail Paris.
That would be HOT!!!!!!

MRSA=Methicillin Resistant Staph aureus. Google it. It is one nasty infection,

2695 days ago


We finally have the whole Country together. We All Hate Her and Want Her Butt Back In Jail.

2695 days ago

unreal reality    

Anyone read the article in the LA Times about the columunist that attended a parole hearing for a person that served a six month sentence for stealing a lightbulb? And this person has AIDS, Cancer and Dementia. Preferential treatment for that poor ingrade? Doubtful since he was in there for SIX MONTHS before hitting parole.

This case matters. Anyone who says it doesn't, doesn't realize the slippery slope that it contributes to. Every action matters.

2695 days ago


Now this is justice. Good job Rocky!!!!

2695 days ago


Good!! Im glad to see Delgadillo isnt taking this laying down!! Its about time, & the judge better do something to Sheriff Baca, since he was the one that overrode the judges decision to no monitoring devices in the first place!! I hope they dont fall for that whole anxiety attack thing either!!!

2695 days ago


Why is anyone surprised? She gets away with whatever she does because her daddy inherited some money. She will not be held accountable until she OJ's someone.

In the end, though, she will pay.

Go home tonight, little one. The Judge will see you in the a.m.

What goes around comes around.

2695 days ago


Ha ha..Funny thing is..she thought she were off for real! Man, I can't wait to see if she shows up, or ends up in the hospital due to "mental issues".

2695 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

YES!!!! I hope the judge throws her stupid braindead ass back in jail, where she belongs. Maybe we'll get lucky, and her "panic attacks" (which seem to be celebrity based; girls gone wild femme boy Joe Francis had them as well) will cause her to rethink her parasitic attitude, and will also force her to seriously change her life for the better (hers & especially ours).

If, by having to look at her life while in jail, she actually realizes that with great privilege comes great responsibility, and she starts to help those who are less fortunate than herself, then I say her punishment will have served a good cause. If all it does is create more publicity for her so she can make more money when she gets out, then maybe it's best she get shoved into general population, where she can be taught the true meaning of "scared"...

2695 days ago

Dean Martin    

Its no wonder Paris is crying and not eating, The court system is so screwed up in LA. They keep jerking the poor thing around.
The city attorrney wants his name in the news. So everyone makes out at Paris' expence.
We will still pray with you at 10:54pst Paris.

2695 days ago
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