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Paris Hilton

Free Woman

6/7/2007 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517-paris-ex-01-2TMZ has learned that Paris Hilton has not only had her sentence cut short, she is already out of jail!

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ the deal was sealed yesterday, and that Hilton made her exit early early this morning.

She was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail, but that was reduced to 23. She served a total of five days -- the normal stay for a violation of this kind. Her five days began Sunday night and concluded early Thursday morning.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department will hold a news conference in an hour to discuss what went down.

UPDATE 10:16
LA County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says that Paris Hilton has been fitted for an ankle bracelet and put under house arrest for the next 40 days, after authorities decided to release Paris from jail due to medical reasons. She got out of jail just after 2:00 AM.

Whitmore says he cannot release details about Paris' "medical issue" due to confidentiality, but said that medical officials "constantly examined" her while she was in jail.

Paris will be under house confinement in her West Hollywood home for 40 days. After the 40 days are up, Whitmore says she will have "fulfilled her debt to society."

Whitmore made it clear that Paris was not released early -- she was reassigned. She is technically still in custody.


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The Paris Hilton affair was of little interest to me so far, but hearing about her early release, I am absolutely outraged. I hear that she was bored and cold and had a medical condition. A) bored: what about some thinking, as she planned to do, but maybe she ran out of thoughts already and what about reading the bible which she so prominently carried around before her incarceration? B) Cold: Everybody else in jail can do it, including Martha Stewart...maybe she should have practiced some "warm" , friendly thinking..C) Medical condition: Did she have a pimple on her face?? If it is really due to concern of a nervous breakdown, then why is she not treated in jail like everybody else? And why is not everybody else released with serious depression?
This is an insult to all prisoners with less privileged representation. So, Ms. Hilton can now enjoy her gourmet food, booze and dope at home. What punishment!!!! So much for taking responsibilities for her actions.
TMZ: Please stop chasing Paris Hilton when she joins the outside party scene again. It is depressing to see her picture

2695 days ago


Every attorney who has someone in jail should appeal their case by calling at 11:15 PM to their Judge's home - how does 45 minutes constitute a full day? Our legal system sucks - if you have money or whine - you'll get your way - what about equality and the rest of us - where's the fairness?
Terrorists - take notice - your help in destroying this country is NOT needed - we are doing just fine on our own!

2695 days ago

good ole southern girl    

This is a sad day in America. If she has a mental issue, put her on lock down in a mental ward! If all celebs can get off this easy, they have no boundries, whats next? Murder? Oh wait been there done that and got off scott free! Now she will be headlining forever with her sob story of how mistreated and fragile her feeble mind is! Wonderful! ENOUGH PARASITE HILTON! crawl into your mansion and disappear! no one will cry if we never hear from you again!

2695 days ago


we make these people WHY cant we break these people dont buy dont watch.if it wasnt for the public they wouldnt be where they are.i wish there was a way to take them down to our lowlife level thats what they are saying all the way to the bank save your money for people who really need it we dont need to supply there booze or drug habits SHE IS A VERY UGLY AND HATEFUL PERSON DONT WATCH SIMPLE LIFE it just shows they can do whatever good god america take them off the air and out of the spotlife.send them all off to africa to live and work for awhile that the real life for some

2695 days ago


i repeated my 2 postings because i could not find the original ones & i needed both postings to be posted closer together for readers to receive my thought in its entirety.

2695 days ago


GINA- I hope your the next to be hit by a drunk. How dare you defend this trash!

2695 days ago

Cinderella Story    

HA HA HA, I'm laughing all the way to the bank, losers!

2695 days ago


Does anybody realize that this country's finest young men and women are being slaughtered every day in a moron's war? Does this Hilton spawn really deserve the time and effort with her petty little life? What in the hell are you people thinking? Who cares about Miss Hilton and her sorry-assed problems? Please! Give us a break!

2695 days ago


Ok I can't help myself...Hey all y'all out there, after scanning through a few more of your comments, I'm offering up a challenge. I DARE you to find THE CELESTINE PROPHESY or THE SECRET and read it (or get it on cd if you can't read.) Also a dictionary/thesaurus/encyclopedia and flip through it awhile rather than People magazine,The Enquirer, or watching tv. Do searches on things like Darfur, conditions in 3rd world countries,NASA,metaphysical studies, global warming,America's/Russia's/China's/Venezuela's economy rather than whatever it is that you normally do. Listen to one hour of talk radio for every 3 hours of the same repeat stuff you'd listen to otherwise. Oh and this includes you too Paris...the cd thing! Educate yourself, learn to spell&spell-check,punctuate,use words with more than 5 letters, all that silly stuff you never thought you'd need after high school that is still available for you to learn! And a seperate challenge...this one is going to be tough, for one entire day use speech absent of cursing or of a denigrating nature(look it up)! During the course of this day write not one,but two paragraphs along those same guidelines. Really I'm not trying to be condescending (again, look it up) but you may not realize that you will be empowering yourself if you take the time to do this. And who doesn't want to be more powerful? I'm not in the least surprised or alarmed about anything concerning Paris. What does get to me is the awful state of this great nation's education regardless of type of school. I was lucky, my greatest education came first from my parents, then certain wonderful people around me. And no my family was not "rich" financially,,just blessed with hard working,loving,intelligent,parents. Also that people actually believe that G.W. Bush holds so much power in his little finger, and the same have such short, selective memories. This country is no longer and has not been for some time of, by, and for the people but I believe it could get there again if enough people would pull their heads out. (He-he) Watch Bruce Almighty and then "be the miracle." I DARE YOU!!!! A friend once stated how shocked he was at the sheer volume of pornography available on the net. I told him there is even more info about science,nature,culture,world events and the like just as readily available, it just depends on what you're looking for. Ok yes, I know MY writing here is not without error,but at least I'm aware of it and if not in a hurry I'd fix it. It's somewhat of a fluke that I'm even on the comp this long. AND "all y'all IS proper Texas, I know, I've been and miss y'all, might come back if you'll still have me!

2695 days ago


To the sheriff and the psychiatrist: What's in YOUR wallet????

2695 days ago


Who CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are we really surprised? I think NOT!!!

2695 days ago


I wonder if she killed a family member by drunk driving if she would feel guilty then? Maybe she needs to go to the mourge and see what REALITY looks like.If I was a cop in LA I would be ashamed also. Poor Paris (LOCK HER ASS UP)

2695 days ago


Some other blogger offered what I think may be the only real reflection of the outrage expressed.

That is, Paris didn't become who and what she is if she had not been the spawn of someone's sperm and another's egg.

Those two made her who she is. They don't mind her antics.


That may have more of an impact on them and their fawning pawns.

I can dream, can't I?

2695 days ago


The irony of it all is she will still have people who think she is the best thing since sliced white bread. What a judicial travesty. Had she been a "non celebrity" like most of us, her booty would still be in prison/jail or whatever.
If I'm ever in trouble with the law I'm not hiring an attorney, I'm hiring a psychologist.

2695 days ago

jack buchanan, II    


2695 days ago
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