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Paris' Jailbreak -- The Official Explanation

6/7/2007 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained an official press release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept., explaining the terms and reasons for Hilton's "reassignment" from an L.A. jail to her West Hollywood home.
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Peppermint Squirrel    

How about this for an idea. Leave Paris at home, let her party it up, blah, blah, blah. Buuuuttttt. If she ever harms somebody, anybody, in the act of violating the law then we hold Paris, Paris' lawyer, Paris' parents, and the person at the Sheriff's department liable for civil damages (if not criminally liable as well). She'd have her a$$ back in the pokie in a hurry. I know that could never happen but it'd be fun watching those folks sweat. Paris and her out-of-touch brethren are the personification of everything that's wrong with America.

2663 days ago


why don't people throw things at her or spit at her?

2663 days ago


Said it before and I'll say it again, for somebody who supposedly has a "medical condition" i.e. nervous breakdown (FAKE) let's not forget where she was hours prior to checking in - flopping those size 11 clown feet on the red carpet at the MTV awards. She was more than fine and flaunting herself then but less than 75 HOURS not FIVE FREAKING DAYS later she's got a "medical condition?" And she looked A-Okay in that mugshot too.

Nope, this was a simple case of what money and tears can buy for the rich. This so reeks of being a set up from day one. Between her attorneys and doctors, they were setting up a some kind of breakdown before she even went in. We aleady know it worked once as she's already got one trial pushed off til the end of summer for just that reason. And didn't her attorney say on Tuesday that she was doing fine? What the hell???

All across the country there are similar cases of girls (AND GUYS) crying their eyes out at being in jail but you can bet your sweet ass that they are not being given the privilege of a private cell, much less the early release. If I was one of them I'd be pleading the "Paris Defense" right now - "I'm stressed, I'm cold, I can't eat, I can't sleep, ..." Think their tears will be buy them an early out? Not likely. They'd be lucky if a trip to the hospital ward is granted.

This whole judicial system needs a major overhaul starting with the LA County Sheriff's office. There SHOULD be a case for contempt filed against the Sheriff for overriding the Judge's specific orders and at Friday's hearing Ms. Hilton should go right back to where she was today. If she's so damn sick, then she should be reassigned to the hospital ward. If it's her head, then to the mental ward but no way should she be allowed to fill her sentence at her home. THAT'S what would happen if her last name wasn't Hilton!!!

It was such a joke reading her statement after she got home about how she wants to be a good example and serve her time. Punishment in a multi-million dollar mansion is not punishment by any means but put her in a one of those trailers they set up for the Hurricane Katrina victims and THAT would be punishment, especially for someone like her. No air conditioning, special food, PHONES, entertainment, visitors - THAT'S punishment. Cross your fingers that this judge doesn't buy into this crap. If he does, then the voters of Los Angeles County, CA need to remember this when election time comes around and clean house.

Wouldn't it be only too much if the judge rules to to put Paris back in jail and on top of that, restart her time??? I could die happy!!!

2663 days ago


it is what it is..... its not like celebrities never get away with stuff, it's life... deal.

2663 days ago

Mr. M    

thank god i live on the east coast,most of the time when you are sentanced to jail you go there. " if you do the crime ,DO THE TIME" damn i wish i was rich!!!!!

2663 days ago

No More    

Enough with the Paris Hilton persecution already.

2661 days ago


No day goes by without a barrage of news on Paris Hilton.Should she have been in jail in the first place for driving with a suspended license?I personally think that if she was a regular celebrity or a star athlete,she wouldn't have been in jail in the first place.May be making an example with her will be the best thing that happened to bring drunk-driving awareness and driving with a suspended license.The worst case should have been probation or community service.The likes of Boy George,Naomi Campbell etc. etc. who where all guilty of some misdemeanors didn't get no jail time.

The LA Lakers owner, Jerry Buss was recently caught driving drunk .Lets see how that plays out.He will not spend any jail time watch.I am a Laker fan by the way.Drunk driving is a terrible thing,especially for celebrities who can afford to be chauffered driven.

Paris Hilton, when she comes out of jail will be much wealthier and more in the news because of the media frenzy,movie deals and late night and day time talk shows.Remember Martha Stewart?No other socialite or celebutante has drawn more attention than this sexy spoiled brat.Not even Marilyn Monroe.I do think that she is a beautiful and gorgeous looking woman.However Marilyn Monroe was much better looking.Calling Paris a spoiled brat may even be a turn on for since she knows what hot! means.Her TV Simple Life experience may help her in confinement.Don't be shocked if she comes out of jail sooner than later.

The domain name is been auctioned on eBay.So far on the auction,PARIS AIN'T WORTH A BUCK.....OR IS SHE REALLY HOT?

The auction link is

2657 days ago
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