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Report: Sambora Enters Treatment Facility

6/7/2007 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie SamboraRichie Sambora, guitarist for the band Bon Jovi, has entered a treatment facility in California, PEOPLE is reporting.

"Richie Sambora has entered an undisclosed treatment facility in Los Angeles," a rep for the band said in a statement. "He asks that you respect he and his family's privacy at this time."

Sambora recently broke up with actress Denise Richards, after dating for about a year. He split with Heather Locklear last year, after 12 years of marriage.


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West Coastian    

Did he book into the new rehab? No Promises.

2662 days ago


Addiction, hits anyone, tough stuff, needs treatment, there is hope, alot of work, get to the root causes, treat the root causes not the symptoms, anyone can get over it if they are wiling to go to any lengths.

Nicey-nicey, feely good, rock therapy, massages, all nice but doesn't get the job done, all addicts must get treated with tough love not tender loving kindness like Paris and others that go through that revolving door because they are not serious about recovery.

Wake up America we're dealing with life and death here and not always the addicts life and death, innnocent bystanders get killed also.

2662 days ago

Black Macho Gal    

That explains the bloating I guess.

2662 days ago


Richie Who???? Believe me, no one will be clamoring to get more info!! He's a jerk....who cares!!

2662 days ago

Bob Barnett    

"He asks that you respect he and his family's privacy at this time."

LOL-who is his family at "this time?"

2662 days ago

The real world MOM    

I get soooo sick of hearing the daily report on these drunks and dopers and sex addicts and just plain vain and bad ass bunch. Why don't you give attaboys to the real people of this world, the moms and dads and kids and folks who contribute to society, not these gutter bums, Give us a break Pleeeeeeze Hollywood start being creative and not distructive and by the way, there is a two teir justice in the country, the rich get off the poor get the shaft!!

2662 days ago



2662 days ago


24. Richie..
God Bless you!
Get rid of the excess.... keep only the positive!
Can't wait for the next tour... Wait does this mean He is single now?
WEEEHHHEEEEE!!! Now we REALLY can't wait!
Love ya

Posted at 7:22PM on Jun 7th 2007 by Lana
Word on the street is that ,he is queer. Him and american idol clay

2662 days ago


Good for you, Richie. A break from it all is good medicine. Since it seems that your music is somewhat on the spiritual side, I don't get the drama the women in your life bring you, really I don't. You need a better match.

The unknown isn't so bad. You'll find you're in total control and the world is still at your feet.

2662 days ago

I'm still convulsing from the horrible sound and image    

Give the guy props for getting help. And for those of you calling him a "has been", well, he STILL is making millions touring and selling albums. Just what have YOU done lately???The negative comments never cease to amaze me. Good Lord...are your lives THAT empty that you need to rant about people you don't even know? Have some freakin' compassion and get your own damn life - oh -'s probably not interesting enough for people to talk about. Your kind never is.


2662 days ago


He can't have a relationship with substances and a person. Its one or the other.

2662 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

Like another reader commented, I suspect Denise Richards got this poor guy addicted to drugs as she is.

Speaking of not doing time to fit the crime, WHAT ABOUT DRUG USING OLD LADY ASSAULTING DENISE RICHARDS? She nearly killed two elderly women in their 80's when she threw her laptop out of the windown (a SECOND STORY WINDOW MIND YOU) and unto the women sitting below the window, severely injuring them. Heck, laptops are heavy. I WOULDN"T want to to sitting under the window of a coked up witch throwing one down on my head. Especially when I hit my 80's!!!!!!!! Why didn't Denise go to jail for that?!

2662 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

And for those of you judging Richie for moving on after Heather, SHE threw him out of the house, remember. I still think he did a way foolish thing by taking up with lying drug addict Denise,but he was very sad and lonely. He never wanted to leave Heather and Ava, never! I feel for the guy and I would like to see him happy again.

2662 days ago

poohonyougolddiggin ^&^%^%%$    

what have we all done? i will tell you what i have done. lol. reading tmz every day makes me jealous of these money makers... so i wanted to see how it felt being them i cranked up the credit cards everywhere. lol. felt great shopping till dropping till hubby caught me when asked how much is on credit cards!!!! and i had to tell him... but in a days voice i felt like one of them people just buying what i wanted and not thinking of the total bills!!!!! wtg meeeeeeeee

2662 days ago

lost "high" way    

waaaaaaaaaah! now i'm gonna have to bang the groupies without the coke and booze induced stupor... I wonder if it's true that Richie's urine sample has a street value of $400 an ounce?

2662 days ago
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