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Rob Lowe: (Dead) Bird Is the Word

6/7/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pictured below: Rob Lowe and the goldfinch he killed with a golf shot at the Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am at the Glen Oaks Country Club in Iowa. The goldfinch is their state bird.
Rob Lowe
RIP lil' buddy.


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Shame on you morons who think this is funny. Let's pretend he had hit a dog and killed it, and posed for the same picture. Would anyone, except for you few weirdos, think that's funny? If it was an accident, it obviously can't be changed. But don't make a joke out of it, posing for ugly pictures (he is certainly not aging well, is he?), and laughing. What a jerk.

2640 days ago

No Kidding    

------- It would give him the bird if it could. It seems like an accident, though. This is TMZ,

however, so just in case it wasn't: BIRD KILLER! --------

2640 days ago


To Iowa Boy

This Iowan will not still watch his show. I didn't even know he had a show. Us dumb farmers only watch the weather channel and the hog futures reports don't ya know.

It's not that he killed the bird you dummies. It's that he and his friends applauded and laughed.

2640 days ago


This has nothing to do with animal rights activists, and the people that obviously hate them. It's common sense, and just plain mean to pose for a stupid picture like this. Not to mention Rob Lowe looks like crap. And, why is it if you don't like something, and say so, everyone accuses you of not having a sense of humor or being uptight? Maybe those of you making those comments have no feelings or are just assholes. Ever think of that?

2640 days ago


#11 I like your idea-lol !!!

Rob is the posterboy for good looking guys who have no real talent and if he is doing something else beside acting , I feel he needs a break. He is arm candy for the ladies - and if he goes down in history as a good looking guy who was famous for that - what will anyone care.

Just hope he doesnt pull an OJ for more attention.

Peace and Love : )

2640 days ago


Real Funny. Believe it or not..........he killed something. It was an accident but he and friends did not have to make a joke out of it. I wonder how he would handle a boulder flying in the air and hitting his old -ss.

2640 days ago



2640 days ago


is this heaven??
no its iowa.

2640 days ago


what a jerk. Bad enough to kill an animal like that, but to act like it's a big joke and pose for pictures. SICK. People like this make me ill, that have no concern for other creatures.

2640 days ago


videotape, sex, and republican lies...

2640 days ago



2640 days ago

R. L. Cage    

Did he hit the bird in its 'west wing"?

2640 days ago


If I hit a bird with a golf ball would pose with it too.. How many of you can hit something that small and take out a flying bird? Not many I'm sure!! I think you all need to lighten up!!

2640 days ago

don quixote    

Yep... Rob Lowe was an asshat...and still is an asshat. It's confirmed.

2640 days ago


Oh, look, all that Botox has finally gone to his brain and caused him to revert to the mentality of a 3-year old. Too bad... for a while there it looked like he might have grown up.

2640 days ago
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