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Rob Lowe: (Dead) Bird Is the Word

6/7/2007 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pictured below: Rob Lowe and the goldfinch he killed with a golf shot at the Principal Charity Classic Pro-Am at the Glen Oaks Country Club in Iowa. The goldfinch is their state bird.
Rob Lowe
RIP lil' buddy.


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Gosh he looks awful. Hasn't he practiced in front of the mirror? It's like he's showing off the weakness of his vain, bad plastic surgery- surgery for the Plastic amongst us. Hollow eyes, characterless upper-face, stangley mottled lips and chin; how ironic, since actors are supposed to be proficient at conveying emotion; about the only emotion he has left to convey, facial muscle wise, is a smirk. Next time he kills something, he better make sure he has his spray-on tan available...

2659 days ago


Comment number 62, Jill: thanks for your pithy comment, you took the words out of my mouth. And Caveman, comment 67, yes, Iowa is remarkably beautiful, heavenly even, in the east, but no one outside of the upper midwest knows it, so shut up! Let's keep it secret!

Wandering in Wisconsin, when I don't have work in Chicago...

2659 days ago


It is blatantly obvious hitting the bird was an accident. I seriously doubt Rob Lowe could make a conscious decision to kill a bird with a golf ball while both are in mid-air. If he had that skill, he'd be making the rounds with Tiger Woods ... and it's unlikely even Tiger could pull that off. Should he be scorned for laughing about it? Uhhh, NO. Most people would have probably laughed about the irony of it as well. Seriously, what are the chances someone could hit a bird with a tiny ball while playing a sport that refers to something called a "birdie"? And if it weren't for the fact he is a celebrity no one would have even heard about it. Get over it, people.

2659 days ago

larry s    

I always figured he was an asshole.

2659 days ago


That was mean. By the way I think he should come out of the closet. I'm gay and I can tell another gay man from a mile away. Why's he wear mascara?

2659 days ago


Please check in rehab now.
More movie stars check in and check out rehab every day.

2659 days ago


People, who the hell cares that he ACCIDENTLY killed a gold finch, what really matters is that the man is wearing an IOWA Hawkeye hat. He was in Des Moines for crying out loud he should be wearing an Iowa State hat. For this he is a jerk.

2659 days ago

No comment.    

He hit a bird BY ACCIDENT. Get over it. When a baseball hits a bird or a person in the crowd, do you say the batter hit them on purpose? When a hockey puck hits a fan? It was a freaking accident, they happen. I love RL and I agree that this picture isn't the most tasteful, but there is no way in hell he would go out of his way to kill an innocent animal. And I agree with the person who said that if he purposely and successfully aimed at and struck this bird in midair, he wouldn't be playing in a pro-am in Iowa, he'd be challenging Tiger Woods. Get off this and either talk about Paris' BS jail stay or more important stories like oh, abducted women, war, you know things that impact society.

2659 days ago


Oh now that's cute. Let's kill a state bird and then pose sarcastically with the dead carcass. From what I read, he practically danced around the dead bird after it was killed. And that's video taped! Cute. . .how old is this imbicile? I wonder what criminal charges he'll get for that one.

2659 days ago


He kind of makes me sick the way the has his lips rolled up like he's mocking.
He's not sorry at all.

2659 days ago

Jeff in Korea    

Holy crap! That is some horrify plastic surgery you got going there Rob... I wonder if he went to Mickey Rourke's "surgeon"

2659 days ago

crimson pixie    

Killing the bird was a freak accident. Mocking it was just a freak... being his infantile self.

He's had so many face lifts, his mouth probably got stuck in that curled-lip position.

2659 days ago


Yes, it was an accident, but have a little reverance and remorse instead of posing with the poor little creature like some sort of frat boy or teenage spawn of Satan who is fascinated with all-things-dead. And to all you PETA/animal activist bashers: piss off! It's a cheap and easy shot to scorn animal makes you feel better about yourself so you can sit down with your bacon cheeseburger without guilt. Stop rolling your eyes and evolve.

2659 days ago


This shows his true character. What a prick!

2659 days ago


ohhh...little birdiee

2659 days ago
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