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Fired from 'Grey's Anatomy'

6/7/2007 11:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Isaiah Washington has been fired from the ABC hit "Grey's Anatomy."

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman, confirmed this evening to TMZ that "Grey's" creator Shonda Rhimes called Isaiah today and told him he would not be invited back to the show next season. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, who first broke the story, reports that the decision was due only in part to Washington's on-set troubles, and was a result of a "pattern of problematic behavior."

As for how he feels about his termination, Washington issued the following statement: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Paging a mediator, STAT!

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Sorry to see him go. I think Greys goofed on this.

2697 days ago


Yes, there is the 1st ammendment but we should also respect others who are "not like us"- black/white, str8/gay, male/female, jewish/christian/muslim, etc- We also have rules and rights for not working nor living in a hostile environment. C'mon America! WAKE UP! Respect and love all mankind!

2697 days ago


I had stopped watching when Isaiah was allowed to remain, but will REJOIN the fans and watch it again, PROUD of the producers for their decision! Can't wait for this information to hit the headlines.

Isaiahs apology was for fear of losing his job, and was weak and insincere. He repeated the word at the Golden Globes when he LIED about never using the F- word, and said it with such joy and pride.

He deserves everything he's getting.


2697 days ago


Why does everyone have to accept gay's?? I don't think that because someone chooses to be gay or "is born that way" we all should just embrace it. What about peoples morals and religious backgrounds? Oh I know we that have religion or morals are the minority and we should be squashed. I do not accept the gay life and I will not change that in my lifetime. I think that if someone wants to accept it then they have that right and if they don't accept it then they have that right also!!!

2697 days ago

TMZ reader    

Hooray!!! I've never been impressed with him anyway, especially when he said that he and Patrick were too beautiful to fight. That's REALLY stretching him to put his looks in the same league as Patrick. Frankly, I don't find him attractive!

2697 days ago


This makes me happy ......he has been problematic forever not just on Grey's. I worked with him in 1998....we could not wait for him to go....
Let's see what he learns from this.

2697 days ago


Look when ABC & the producer did this, at the time when the media talking about Paris leaving jail. Wonder if Paris can get away saying homophobic remarks to T.R. Knight because she can get away from anything especially that video where she used homophobic & racial slurs. How about Michael Richards, sure he's not working but those Seinfield DVDs are selling out of the stores and high on Amazon list. Mel Gibson said some anti-semetic remarks and even though his last movie flop he still worth almost $1 billion. Rolling Stone magazine did a article called "The Most Dangerous Comedian In America' where a gay man who character's name is "Shirley Q. Liquor" doing black face in gay clubs and gay whites in the South are enjoying this act. Now Blacks, Whites & GLAAD call this man's act offensive but to the people who enjoing this gay man making a mockery out of blacks makes me question the double standards. I'm a gay black man who see both ugly sides from straights & gays. I'm also in a relationship with a white man (also with the last other relationships)and we do get some not so pleasant comments years ago especially when we were living in Texas during our earlier relationship. That's one thing that's been cover up in the gay community is that there's some racism going on. One man name Earl Ofari Hutchinson made a comment in the Rolling Stone article commented "When Isaiah made those comments, they ran him off the series but when a gay white man put on black face and make fun out of blacks, they think it's cool. You would think that given the bashing & vile stereotyping of gays in America society they would have a special sensitivity, but I guess not. You can't have it both ways. Stereotypes are stereotypes & hurt is hurt." I couldn't agree with that Hutchinson who made that statement even more, you can't have it both ways. The gay community almost lost their minds when Washington used those words but when someone like Ann Coulter said this in front of a GOP gathering with Andrew Sullivan(a gay GOP political writer) sitting right in front of the audience, no one from the gay community even Sullivan didn't do nothing they just sit there. I have to say there is a double standard here. Washington a black man get's lots of static for using that word, Coulter a white woman whose also a whore for the GOP used the same word and she still writes her column & has a book coming out. Again I'm a gay black man and get it both ways. I'm not surrpise that the black community have homophobic feelings because it's taught in home & churches but when gay whites have racist feelings, it's a shock. Sure gay whites may have learn racism from the same place blacks learned homophobia, homes & churches. See what I'm saying. As for the show, I never watch the stupid show, it's typical, so I really don't give a dam but this subject reminds me what I went through and sometimes I see some double standards when I read racist posts from people who read TMZ. It shows we really have a deep problem here.

2697 days ago


Yeah he should of known better but he still said it and guess what not one person would give a darn if that fat head didn't make it an issue she caused more trouble then his horrible word did.

2697 days ago


Not surprised at all. I don't know if I can watch unless they replace him with a really great actor.

2697 days ago


Mr Wahsington dont let the door hit you in the ass

we will not miss you

Mr Knight i will miss your sweet smile

2697 days ago


I'm sad about that. I can't help but wander that if Patrick Dempsey or Katherine Heigle had said something homophoebic would they be off the show. Would there be as much outrage? Just shows how dispensible Isaiah, James Pickens or Chandra Wilson are. They are virtually playing second fiddle to the others anyway. They have very small roles each week. You can imagine how many pages of scrpt they have to memorize, compared to the rest of the cast. They whole situation is very sad.

2697 days ago

John C jackson    

The reality was he was the only really good actor on the show. It may be better off that way, freeing the show to be the lightweight soap opera with no decent actors as it is meant to be. regardless of sexual orientation, it is a very female oriented show with very effeminate and "unthreatening" pipsqueak voiced leading men. It makes women like Katherine Heigl and her non-Hollywood counterparts feel more comfortable. Maybe they can find more roles for other washed up teen actors who never hit puberty.

2697 days ago


#5 "Kaila"

If one would read the blog article they would see it is about
"on going problems" NOT just one problem one time.
Free speech is fine but when you ruin your co workers moment to shine on national TV that is selfish loose cannon behavior, not free speech.
We also do not know (as of yet) what else he has done in this
"pattern of problematic behavior" Grey's creator Shonda Rhimes mentions.

2697 days ago


I soooo saw this coming and I called it as early as that infamous backstage golden globe press confressHope ABC is ready to lose some grey's viewers.(ratings won't suffer that much but they're not going to be as high as they once were).Sucks that he was let go like this but let this be a lesson to other television actors who want to think about running off with the mouth.

2697 days ago
75. is racists......    

That is great news. Now I have no reason to watch a show I never watched in the first place. ABC keep getting rid of the blacks and hispanics from your network. I have seen it all. Gay is the new black. When does calling someone a F*g gets you fired? I was watching some old movies the other day and they were saying the word F*g throughout the movie. One was the one with jennifer love hewitt,. Can't hardly wait. The part when someone yells out F*g when they are all in the room. That was a great scene and the perfect time to use the word F*g. I say to all blacks. Please boycott abc shows. That is why I watch the cbs channel and fox. is still a racists website.

2697 days ago
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