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Fired from 'Grey's Anatomy'

6/7/2007 11:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Isaiah Washington has been fired from the ABC hit "Grey's Anatomy."

Washington's rep, Howard Bragman, confirmed this evening to TMZ that "Grey's" creator Shonda Rhimes called Isaiah today and told him he would not be invited back to the show next season. TV Guide's Michael Ausiello, who first broke the story, reports that the decision was due only in part to Washington's on-set troubles, and was a result of a "pattern of problematic behavior."

As for how he feels about his termination, Washington issued the following statement: "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore."

Paging a mediator, STAT!

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I am disgusted by this! I WILL NOT watch Grey's anymore. I found his comments VERY disheartening but this is is absolutley ridiculous. Shame on YOU Shonda Rhimes.

2638 days ago

Mrs Butters    

They should have written his role as a homophobe and left it at that.The gay audience would have been glued to the tube

2638 days ago


so the fact that actors use cocaine, other drugs, alcohol, get DUIs, etc., that's okay. the american people seem to have no problem watching people like that on TV. but GOD FORBID, one says something, ONE TIME. where are our priorities. he is an ACTOR! our politicians says worse things, heck, they have money in the freezer, they are corrupt as hell, but that's all acceptable. anyway, americans need to get a reality check. this is a TV SHOW!

2638 days ago

true christian    

Time out. I hate homosexuality but I love the person. Can't a person be opposed to something and yet embrace the individuals. Come on now it's like food. You may not like vegetables but you don't hate all food. Same thing with people's choices. I think the gay rights community will not be satified until they have shoved their way of life down the throats of everyone. Time out I say again. Please allow me my opinion. I have friends and family members who are gay and yet I love them. I don't like what they do in their private bed rooms but you know what its none of my business and neither is it their business what I do in my bed room privately. So stop the madness. Let us get on with living and celebrating the things we do like about one another. Oh yeh one last thing do you think I should terminate every homosexual male who tries to compete with me or wh get pissed off when the guy they are looking at happens to like me a straight red blooded American women? Sometimes the boy girls make me feel real uncompfortable what is a real girl to do? You see the silliness can go both ways. I hate it when they switch their high behinds back and forth like a swing set. And I am sure they hate it when I do things they don't like, but does that mean we should persecute one another? I think not. My religious teachings tell me that homosexuality is against the natural order of God. Should I be deny my right to believe because it offends them. I think not. Nor will I deny them their right to choose their life style. Let 's be clear here. God is pro-choice and he will allow you to choose this day whom you shall serve. The beauty of my religious teaching is that I can still love the person who's homosexual life style is vulgar to me. I believe that if I live a life that is pleasing to God they will soon see Christ in me and change. I don't have to confront them verbally, or deminish them in any way. My friends are my friends gay, straight or otherwise and my relatives are my rellatives unitl the end and I will always love them no matter what!

2638 days ago


Some here are to simple minded to see this guy is not a team player and has multiple issues that conflict with those around him. It is not over his using the F word But many things piled up!.

2638 days ago



2638 days ago


i am not surprised. he should have exspected it.if you say something like that at the work place thats cause for termination.thats the law.everyone is protected that,straight, black or blue.handicap too.the only differance is most people get the boot that same day,not eight months latter.

2638 days ago


I'll be one of those not watching the show anymore. Burke was one of my favorite characters on the show. I think if the tables were turned and he was called the n word the person who did it would not have received the same punishment. I see people on tv using the n word all the time in reality shows and no one makes a big deal of it. Double standard and a sad one at that.

2638 days ago

jack sparrow    

I wish this had not happened. I wish we didn't know about actors private lives. How can you watch T. R. Knight and not think every time he kisses an actress that he is gay. T. R. Knights character is somehow just too phoney, now knowing he is gay. I absolutely think that Isaiah is a good actor, and I for one will miss him on greys. Sorry people that's how I feel. Too much publicity about actors who are gay. Don't they want their privacy too? Isaiah should have known most of Hollywood is gay.

2638 days ago

paris shrink sucks    

I'm sure the Christian TV networks would hire him. He could spew hate all he wants, and he might even get a raise !

2638 days ago


Grey's Anatomy has a new fan....ME! Thank you Shonda Rhimes for not letting skin color stop you from making the right decision.

I knew they had it in them. We need fewer people like Isaiah in this world.

2638 days ago


After the gay rehab and psa's he still got the all of that for nothing.

2638 days ago


we all need to learn we can't always say what is on our minds.. because we may change our minds and maybe be thankful we never said anything in the first place..

he should have kept his mouth shut..maybe he should do that for the rest of his life..

2638 days ago

pr lady    

I am very upset and disappointed. Why make him grovel for months and then fire him anyway? If they were going to fire him, they should have done it right away instead of just using him for their convenience.

Between this and the glorification of an adulterous affair, I'm afraid I'm losing my love affair with Greys.

2638 days ago


Oh for heaven's sake, people. Yes, he said something, and yes, he has free speech. He is allowed to say what he wants, and he did. But there are consequences of that sometimes, and he has to face them. He said something rude and dispicable. It doesn't lessen that level of disgusting rudeness by you questioning whether the same consequence would have occured if a different word had been uttered - he STILL said something horribly mean, in PUBLIC, and he is now facing the consequences. Don't try to make it more than it is, there's no point. If he didn't want to be fired, then he shouldn't have said something so appalling. And that is that.

2638 days ago
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