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Big Guns Storm Paris' Castle

6/8/2007 11:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A few weeks ago, it was only a few guys with cameras. Now Paris Hilton's pad is under constant surveillance from just about every major media network on the planet! Chaos in West Hollywood!

No fewer than five news choppers are circling the skies, an armada of news vans lines the streets, while platoons of camera-wielding photogs stand at the gates of the where Paris is currently holed up -- waiting for the L.A. Sheriff's Dept. to escort the ankle-braceleted heiress back to court -- where she might be told that her get outta jail free card has been revoked.

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Please don't forget that Paris was supposed to sign up and go to DUI classes. She never signed up let alone take any classes. This was another reason for her going to jail. Total disrespect for the law and believing that she and her family are above the law.

2640 days ago


I totally agree with #1.
This is only Paris.
Not God.

2640 days ago


Jealous of a criminal? I think not. Outraged because of preferential treatment? YES.
The judge specifically said: NO ELECTRONIC MONITORING among other things. Rules must apply to EVERYONE.

2640 days ago


Why have none of the networks had anyone from Mothers Against Drunk Drivers on to talk about this? They are the ones to provide the true perspective on this.

2640 days ago


#1, I couldn't agree with you more. We have countless children missing in this country, criminals on the loose, etc. and yet nearly everyone devotes their time and energy to watching someone as pointless as Paris. It truly is sad how screwed up our country is when it comes to PRIORITY.

2640 days ago


Baca rants: [[["My message to those who don't like celebrities is that punishing celebrities more than the average American is not justice."]]]]

Message to Baca: You are not the JUDGE! You are to follow the procedures in place. You are to apply them the same to everyone. If there is a medical issue, follow your normal procedures. I'd imagine that involves the staff evaluating the inmate and NOT Beverly Hills celebrity-shrinks that are hired to get people out of jams to take over the jail.

Message to Paris: Just do your time

Mesage to Paris' Mom: Do not shout and threaten people in court

Message to Paris' Dad: Get it in gear man and help your daughter by talking with her and laying down the law. NOT by hiring more people to skirt around the law

2640 days ago


I have to agree with # 1 and 13. Jesus Christ and people wonder why they hate American's, the amount of coverage given to this useless waste of human flesh defies all law's of logic and common sense. its like in the movie Zoolander when the character of Mugatu played by Will Ferrell, says he feels like he's on crazy pills with all the insanity going on. I mean we got global warming, Danfur, Russia, Iraq, China and all manner of things going on in this country and around the planet .and we are being innundated with these worthless morons. the fact that the "so called serious media" is reporting on this madness is surreal. I for one fail to believe that the average American really cares about these idiots, I know I have a 18 year old and have never heard her or any of her friends discussing these insipid, useless creators so I have to believe this is all on the celebrity driven machine to keep these morons in the public eye. I will never believe the average amerian cosigns this baffonery.

2640 days ago


What the hell did some king or queen die. Get real people. go Paris !!!!!!!!!!

2640 days ago

Nilba Rice    

How much did the Hilton's pay the Sheriff ???? DOUBLE STANDARD for the RICH and the rest of americans. What a mockery.

2640 days ago


Lanes, there's a huge difference in being jealous of Paris and being disgusted with her, and the vest majority of human beings feel the latter about her.

2640 days ago


To #24 - Jay,
You HAVE to be kidding! A traffic violation?? This skank was driving under the influence, she could have easily killed someone. Then she willfully ignores the court order not to drive for a specified period-- does she think she's above the law? Then she does it yet again after being warned & acknowleging she knows she isn't supposed to drive. Who the h does she think she is? Nice my a, she's a joke and a slut. Wouldn't you be proud to have a daughter who has a porn video posted online? She's not even terribly pretty. She's a narcisstic idiot and she obviously thinks her poop don't stink. This whole "release" debacle screams of some underhanded deal.
The media needs to get a grip and start reporting on this tramp for what she really is-- a narcisstic no talent slut who thinks she's "hot". Any parent that would let their daughter hold this tramp up as a "role model" needs help. In case you didn't understand what I was saying--- she's a cheap brainless SLUT.

2640 days ago


Entry #39
Hey Lanes,
This has nothing to do with jealousy. Yes she's pretty and wealthy.
The Paparrazzi are up her ass all the time, cause they have a hard on for her.
She loves the attention and plays in to it. She totally suduces them. It's a fun game for her
to play dress up and be sexy for the cameras. We are not jealous. Their are millions of gorgeous rich girls out their doing a lot more than she is. She broke the law and she wigged out, cause she is not used to the kind of attention she is getting from the LAW.
Unfortunatlely these men have there hard on for her, constantly photographing her,
send in their pictures, and we constantly have no choice but to respond. Because she is in our face. There are so many beautiful rich and poor girls out there. Paris is just a common gir with some money. She drove drunk, lucky she didn't kill anyone. She should just get a driver if she wants to hang in clubs.

2640 days ago

Larry wanna a cracker?    

The outrage isn't the Paris drama; it's the attention it's received.

We are a nation of hypocrites.
You would never see anything like this except in America, what a completely SHALLOW society we live in.

*Department of Defense U.S. Troop Deaths: 3,504 *

3,504 soldiers and marines blown to bits to bits
for the Bush Regime Greed and Lies

Why isn't the Media reporting on the atrocities our U.S. Troops are suffering day in, day out? The atrocities committed upon innocent Iraqi's by our troops who shoot at anything nowadays. Can you blame them? They've seen their fellow comrades DIE before their eyes. Now, as they patrol the streets and roads in Iraq, they've become paranoid -- shooting at anything. Ask questions later (maybe).

Where's the coverage on military families and now even soldiers themselves speaking out against the Iraq Occupation and the Bush Administration's LACK OF CONCERN FOR THEM?

WHY are Bush and Cheney keeping even wounded soldiers in Iraq to fight their Oil War?

Over 25,000 wounded U.S. Troops want to know what lies in their future in the way of healthcare. WHY is Bush ignoring them? Why are VETS getting screwed by the government. Damn. What IS it going to take to get some Media coverage concerning our dead and wounded soldiers?

Why isn't there MEDIA all over the corruption behind the Iraq Lie?


Paris Hilton is more important


bet some of you even drive around with a bumper sticker that says:
"Support Our Troops"

you god damn hypocrites

2640 days ago


Ha Patriot ,can't agree more. Its to bad Bush won't let us see our great soldiers come home in body bags. Maybe this country will wake up to all of this. I wonder if the paparazzi would be there them and show our country the truth

2640 days ago


this is a joke- what's so great about paris hilton?? really? how many peeople are missing, murderd - and stuff like that. where's the media then? it makes me sick really really sick what a joke

2640 days ago
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