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Paris Hilton -- Animal Style

6/8/2007 11:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In a fitting metaphorical celebration of Paris' swift in-and-out of jail this week, someone delivered In-N-Out burgers to La Casa Hilton last night. Nothing says "welcome home" like a big bag of fast food.

As an veritable army of camera crews lined the street outside her home, a huge bouqet of flowers and some Double-Doubles were delivered -- as Hilton's family members, including her parents, sister Nicky, aunt Kyle Richards and lawyer Richard Hutton -- all stopped by to see how the "emotionally distraught and traumatized" former jailbird was doing.

Kathy paused to tell cameras she was "happy to have her home," and aunt Kyle was pissed that the same public outrage wasn't shown for the case of Michelle Rodriguez, who served just 2 hours of her 60-day sentence.


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I bet there’s a big donation from the Hiltons (or Paris’ lawyer) to the Scientology Center. That would explain why Sheriff Baca let Paris Hilton out. Baca is a scientologist who is under fire for attempting to get the L.A. Sheriff’s Department to adopt scientology methods and teachings in its practices. He also LOVES hanging out with celebrities.

Please remember this at the polls, folks – your vote counts.

2702 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

Tell aunt Kyle that maybe Michelle Rodriguez never cried about her tummy ache from stress.
Maybe they let her out because of her cowgirl up attitude.

2702 days ago


By the way the Hilton makes me sick,i travel alot and have stayed in Hiltons but the way they have handled everything and treated everything says its ok for my daughter to drink and drive and take a chance of killing someone,i'll never stay in a Hilton again.

2702 days ago

Yes I TYped IT    

The Hiltons are just trying to " apples to oranges "as the saying goes. Michelle R. did NOT break the law over and over... like the parasite Hilton did. She broke her probation. Like I've typed before , if that had been Susan from the trailer park she'd still be in jail. Infact , poor Susan would have had to bang her head on the walls of her cell and drew blood before she would have gotten any help. This is crap , lock her rear up!

2702 days ago


Aunt Kyle, Michelle Rodriguez Who????

Get a grip Hilton's, Paris is a twit and deserves all of it and more.

2702 days ago


I think this was all concocted between Paris, her lawyer, shrink and her mom before she even set foot in her cell....Cry, don't eat, etc. and get out of jail free card. She wasn't sent to jail only because the DUI, ignoring a court order like she did doesn;t sit well with a judge.Money talks...I wonder how much mom had to fork over to the sheriff, with all the money he makes from giving celebs special treatment that man is going to be able to retire early.....

2702 days ago


Michelle Rodgriguez got released because of prison crowding, not because of "medial conditions". She didn't cry mental anguish, suicidal thoughts or drug withrawls from no sleeping pills and daily marijuana smoking ( was only because of prison overcrowding. She would have served the time handed out to her. Obviously the sherriff's dept. has room to house Hilton. And this "mere traffic violation" stems from a DUI arrest. Her punihment was no driving. If she chose to drive with a suspended licence not only once, but twice, then she apparantly don't respect the law or the break she already received by ONLY having her license suspended. Prison is a reminder that you must follow the law. If she doesn't see the seriousness in her punishment of not driving, then she needs to maybe have a larger reminder. Drive Drunk and you'll end up in jail. Obviously no one seems to understand the seriousness of a DUI anymore. Driving under the influence kills people.

2702 days ago


Auntie Kyle- We don't care about your niece and we want her back in the slammer were she belongs, okay? And that's all!

2702 days ago


She makes a mockery of everything that Paris, and doesn't take responsibility for anything! She needs her own little planet because obviously she is not like the rest of us humans. She must be better or something!

2702 days ago


I dont' remember the judge saying Michelle Rodriguez had to serve her time with no alternative forms of punishment (like her ankle bracelet).

And I just read.. The sherrif is a scientologist and the Hiltons made a big donation to the scientology center? (First page). Get out... Are you serious?

2702 days ago


call 213-473-3231 to express your outrage about paris to the city of la!!

2702 days ago


Did anyone else notice that Demi Moore and Kyle Richards look freakishly alike?

2702 days ago


Ok, i am so outraged by this. It's not a joke. Paris commited a crime which my cousin served 60 days in jail for (the same thing). He didn't bitch and whine, he hated it in there and he had just gotten out of the hospital with back surgery and had to sleep on a wooden mat basicly. Thats what i would call a medical condition! He was in constant pain and agony with his back and wasn't aloud to go into the comfort of his own bedroom to recover yet this bitch can? THIS IS NOT JUSTICE and i have had it. Her aunt kyle needs to shut her damn mouth because like others have aid before me, michelle wasn't pitchin a fit and would have served her time. Paris is getting special treatment and it's not fair.

2702 days ago


Auntie Kyle is the bimbo squad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2702 days ago


M.R. has never acted like she's better than anyone else or publicly humiliated anyone, or repeatedly shown her girly bits to the world, or became famous for nothing more than making a sex tape...... There are many, many reasons why the public hates Paris and would go through the trouble to make their dislike public. I think in anyone else the jail sentence might be a little much but I think the Judge knew he had to make a point and an example out of Paris because celebrities like her DO believe they are above the law. Judge was letting her know she is NOT.

2702 days ago
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