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Paris Hilton Arrives to Court

6/8/2007 2:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton has arrived to Los Angeles County Superior Court, just under 30 minutes after officers handcuffed her and tossed her into the back of a Sheriff's cruiser. Hilton avoided the media frenzy at the court when Sheriffs used a private, covered entrance to escort her into the courtroom.

Kathy and Rick Hilton have just entered the building as well.

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Boo Hoo Hoo Paris. My husband works at a prison hospital and the inmates there all have medical and mental conditions, none of them get released early. Send her back to jail, the judge gave her a chance by giving her probation and she laughed in his face by ignoring his orders, she deserves to be in jail, just like anyone else who did the same would be. Quit your whining and do your time!

2660 days ago


If this was the average working person we'd still be in jail end of story so this proves money talks &justice can be bought! or if not bought at least put on house arrest

2660 days ago

I love Paris stuff!!    

So many to choose from! I'm going to have my own Pro-Paris wardrobe!

Thanks, TMZ, for keeping me current so I can keep designing!!

2660 days ago

Michigan Mom    

I'm sick of hearing I feel sorry for her #62.......People do go to jail for probation violation.....and drunk driving...At least in the State of Michigan.....I did 4 weekends for drunk driving, It was the 1st time I had been in trouble with the law and I was 37 years old I also had rehab for 30 days...and PBT's for 30 days...10 months probation and had to appear in front of the Judge twice a month for progress reports...And on top of that they charged me $40.00 a day to be in jail!

2660 days ago

Naughty but nice :)    

Complexity-I'm with you! :)

2660 days ago

Niki Hilton    

You all just don't understand how hard it is to be rich and beautiful. I mean, like, all the really hard decisions about what to wear, who to go out with, which angle is the best for the camera. I mean, give me a break. Don't hate me and Paris because we're hot. Like, that's totally not cool. I love my sister and, like, I wish her the best.

2660 days ago


The Paris Hilton issue has touched a nerve in the discrepancy of our judicial system. Even though the law she broke was minor, it is still punishable by a short jail stay. It is not up to Paris and her mom to re-write the law, promoting a two tier justice system.

We are all equal under the law. It is our constitutional right.

Since Paris has a limited education, this would be a great opportunity for her to use the jail time and read the American Constitution. Or on the lighter side she could practice drawing, design some fashions ... read good books ... Get some self reflection away from her mom. It can be a positive experiance for her, if she would only let it. The toughness will build character. Puppy dogs and cupcakes for a 27 year old woman are a little creepy.

2660 days ago


I hope they really investigate that sherrif and find out why he would do this and if the parents had anything to do with it, then NAIL their ass to the wall TOO. Along with that pussy sherriff.

2660 days ago


Who writes this tripe. She go in the car on her own, I want to toss my lunch.

2660 days ago


And there sheeeee goes.... off to the judge. I guess all those cream puffs that the media so graciously gobbled up yesterday didn't sway the judge. Thank God... maybe some justice will become of this after all.

2660 days ago


I partly blame the parents here. They raised her to believe she was privledged and that the world owes her a living. Her parents are clueless, look at their faces. She belongs in some long term psychological facility where she can get the help she obviously needs. At this point in her life she is a total train wreck! Sex videos, nude shots, multiple arrests. Can you imagine normal parents and how humiliated they would be. Not these parents...

2660 days ago

Jamie Lynn    


2660 days ago


prison hilton 101

2660 days ago


OK, The parents are really to blame for raising such a child. She does nothing with all her time she has to give one thing back to the world. If I had that kind of dough and did not have to work I would do some kind of volunteering. Thats how you raise a worthwhile person. NOT by letting them think the world owes them something. It's not too late for Paris. It's never too late. Hope she learns something after all of this.

2660 days ago



2660 days ago
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