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The Tush Gets Mushy: She "Doesn't Deserve Any of This"

6/8/2007 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim and ParisTMZ caught up with Paris Hilton's longtime friend, asstastic socialite Kim Kardashian who gave us this statement:

"I really think this is unfair! I feel this is not just unfair, it's pure craziness. She doesn't deserve any of this!

My heart is aching for her!"


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Michael J. Jackson Fan    

Hey # 8, Her azz isnt real she bought it.

2658 days ago


My heart goes out to people in prison who are INNOCENT...and that's not PARIS.

Save your sadness for someone who deserves it.

2658 days ago

Give me a break!    

It's so funny how people think these are her "friends" that are speaking up on her behalf. These are empty poor unfortuante souls that see an opportunity for free publicity. It is so sad. Kim is a very beautiful girl but not very bright. None of the people who would hang out with paris are bright. This year both Paris and Nicole will do there time. Hallelujah!

2658 days ago

Just A Dude    

Excuse me, I think we asked for whores who could open their mouths, not speak. Make the world a better place, punch Kim Kardashian in the face. Pass me another beer bro!

2658 days ago


Paris should go back to jail-- the attempts by her and her family to manipulate the system are so transparent, from her her publicist's perjurous testimony, to the family's rantings about the unfairness of it all, to her 180 degree aboutface in accepting responsibility and "doing her time," to the manufactured "illness." Puhleeez!!!!!

2658 days ago

Hottie n OC    

OH PLEASE! If she would have just done what she was supposed too she wouldnt be in jail right now!

2658 days ago


Shut up Kim --- all of you Hollywood types think that you can snub your nose at the law, while all of us have to abide by it......

Tell Paris to do her time like a big girl.......she has been said to be such a strong woman.

2658 days ago


The release two days ago was orchestrated. Now the real Paris is showing, since she and her attorney's are not in charge. She needs to serve her time!!. She is probably having withdrawls from drugs or alcohol and tha is why she is falling apart.
What happened with the Paris from Sunday " I am ready to serve my punishment and I hope other learn from my mistake. They will learn now, I hope she serve the whole time. If not, how about serving in a Motel 6 for the remainder of her time.

2658 days ago


Oh NO what does this Porn Pig know????? Can she even read???? Or is she just looking at the pictures. I bet she is just mad because now the GET OUT OF JAIL PARTY IS CALLED OFF !!!!!!!!!

2658 days ago

Just A Dude    

Excuse me, I think we requested whores who could open wide, not speak. Make the world a better place, punch Kim Kardashian in the face. Pass me another beer bro!

2658 days ago

just asking    

isn't it intresting that none of these club owners or party friends are speaking up for her.

2658 days ago


WHAT is this? Her mother falls into her husband's arms "Sobbing unconrtollably", Paris is "screaeming"..a couple items from AOL's news story..well give me a BREAK! You'd think she was sentenced to life! Medical problems? But she can get hit with HOW many DUIs and a Suspended license? If that were any of us little "poor folk" we wouldn't get an ankle bracelet to wander around our mansion either. As soon as she was arrested ONCE she should have realized that she was headed for trouble BUT...she IS an Heiress andI guess figured she's above the law. None of us are, she shouldn't be either. Good for the judge, though I think she should now be forced to serve the entire 45 days. What's the medical problem? Like a couple friends of mine, faking anxiety attacks when things don't go their way? Being a Christian, she IS in my prayers regardless, but I do not in any way think Paris should be above the law - or any other celeb for that matter. Doesn't our Constitution read "ALL men (and women) are created EQUAL"? Enjoy your weekend.

2658 days ago


sad armenian. reaching for her 10 minutes of fame which
are almost up...her dead father mustbe so proud.

2658 days ago


I never thought I would think this, BUT....after hearing about her mother (and she is hopefully a nice person)....I don't blame Paris so much for the way she is turning out and the things she is doing. It almost sounds as if she has been emotionally crippled by her mother......???

2658 days ago


Now Listen Up Kim.

Paris is brought this onto herself. She could have gone quietly to prison, it's a SHORT time!!! Read some books, talk to other inmates ... newsflash... they are human beings! Learn a language. Use the emotional experience for furure acting deapth. ...

I have not talked with one single person that has the slighest sympathy for Paris now. Not one!

2658 days ago
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