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The Tush Gets Mushy: She "Doesn't Deserve Any of This"

6/8/2007 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim and ParisTMZ caught up with Paris Hilton's longtime friend, asstastic socialite Kim Kardashian who gave us this statement:

"I really think this is unfair! I feel this is not just unfair, it's pure craziness. She doesn't deserve any of this!

My heart is aching for her!"


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Aww, how touching! Excuse me while I puke!

2702 days ago

Had Workin Shop Girl    

I agree, Paris does not deserve this kind of treatment. It's too harsh for driving offenses. At first , I too thought put her in the slammer, but it's just not right for misdeamoner offenses. She's being treated this way because the we the people are jealous of her. I believe this country is insane. Look, GWB copped out of a G-8 meeting because he ate something! give me a break.

2702 days ago

Severe Medical Condition    

Her severe medical condition is she is finally being pwned like anyone of us would have been if we had been charged. HAHAHAHA Life is a bitch, now she knows what the Simple Life is.

2702 days ago


Someone tell this skank to shut up. Doesnt she have another porn video to make

2702 days ago

Kris Peterson    

Here comes Kim, another one who is putting her soul on the line for you to insult.

2702 days ago

sick of paris    

Another rich little biotch- shut the pie hole already

2702 days ago



2702 days ago

Papa Bear    

Having your driver's license is a PRIVILEGE...Paris broke the law by getting a DUI...major NO she got her a second chance to reflect and hopefully re-earn the privilege of driving again...well...she threw that second chance right down the drain by breaking her probation and wreckless driving..her chances were she doesn't want to do the time even though she did the crime..and almost 30 yrs old crying to her mama to help her out of this..MY GOD IT'S ONLY 23 DAYS!!! She wasn't raped (that happens every day), one of her loved ones wasn't murdered (that happens everyday), she didn't lose her home, she is not going to go hungry, she did not find out she has a disease and is dying....hell, she didn't even stump her big toe...but she is SOOOOO SPOILED that she is acting like the world is coming to an end....the Sheriff is right about one thing..she has some severe mental problems...she was and is a waste of life...all the good she could be doing and she has turned out to be nothing better than pond scum...hell, even pond scum has a purpose...Paris Hilton has no purpose....her parents should be ashamed they had part in raising such a noncaring, selfish heathen.

2702 days ago


Kim Kardashian needs to make certain she keeps her own nose clean and her fanny out of hot water!

Her dad was O.J.'s best friend and sat at the counsel table with O.J., Shapiro, Cochran, Bailey, et al.--all a bunch of greedy scumbag lawyers who represented the likes of a killer who got off due to a stupid panel of jurors!

Kim Kardashian, this is not a good time for a brat like your to begin speaking publically about your friend, Paris Hilton. She's going to come out of this a stronger person and probably won't want friends like you (after growing-up and detoxifying in jail away from the illusion of wealth, privilege, and parents who, obviously, could never manager her).

2702 days ago


You must also remember that not only did Paris drive while her licence was suspended - she was late to court, cocky to the judge and made fun of he process. She gave smart ass answers when she was asked questions in court "I have people who do that".

That is why the judge decided to teach her a lesson.

Nobody has ever taught her a lesson her whole life. Her Mom should be incarcerated as well.

2702 days ago


This all comes down to the fact that she broke the law numerous time and now she must face up to it.

2702 days ago


shut the hell up or your next!!!!

2702 days ago


What is it about these rich girls being such skanks? Why can't they keep their lets, and their mouths shut?

2702 days ago


Oh brother! Kimmy I'm sure you will be able to console yourself by making another porn video!

2702 days ago

Michael J. Jackson Fan    

Guys, her azz is fake, Tell them Kim, Tell every one that you bought you azz from one of those 90210 Docs.

2702 days ago
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