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The Tush Gets Mushy: She "Doesn't Deserve Any of This"

6/8/2007 8:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim and ParisTMZ caught up with Paris Hilton's longtime friend, asstastic socialite Kim Kardashian who gave us this statement:

"I really think this is unfair! I feel this is not just unfair, it's pure craziness. She doesn't deserve any of this!

My heart is aching for her!"


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Paris on the verge of a breakdown? LMAO, give me a break! Why not call it what it really is?? --- A spoiled little rich girl throwing a temper tantrum!

2661 days ago


I'd rather see her crying than a family of someone she may have injured or god forbid killed because of her continuous irresponsibility when it comes to DUI's. Get a driver! You can afford it.

2661 days ago

President five star general Bush    

Good she is back in Jail. They should arrest Sheriff Lee Bacha and investigate her parents for possible bribery. Justice I say JUSTICE!!!

2661 days ago

Just A Dude    

I feel so unappreciated; after having served these two women for so many years I now find that they publicly disavow me. Well let me tell you, I am not naturally without splinters; I am baby smooth for a reason. Come back Paris and Kim. I will be waiting at LA County Jail. Oh and don't forget Lee Baca's money.

2661 days ago


Yeah, Paris would get support from one of her fellow sex video pals. Is this the best she could come up with to defend her honor? At least Kim does have more going for her than money, she actually has the looks.

2661 days ago

how sad    

Why is it that the people who post "first" are always second or third?

2661 days ago
97. is racists......    

Does anyone care what this hoe has to say? Hey kim don't you have a video to go make or get pissed on by someone? Don't open your mouth. The only reason you are famous is because of paris hilton and following in her footsteps. Just go back to doing what you were doing and I don't even know what that is. If I had one wish you would be a porn star in someone's home video. What a minute. You already were.

2661 days ago


OH MY GOD,, does kim really think people care what this porn star SAY'S,, U GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...!!!!!!!!!..LOL... KIM ,,u are best to keep ur mouth SHUT..!! KIM,, wants to get on the train ride.... Better watch out kim,,, you could be next,,, the whole in circle of hollywood druggies,porn stars, all hang out together,,, so kim,,go take a pill and chill,,,IDIOT..

2661 days ago

plain truth    

Thanks for your input Kim. Now please return to your knees and do something useful with that mouth...

2661 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist

Someone asked about illegal immigrants in LA jails.

2661 days ago


Kim's father isn't defending Paris because he's dead (in response to #4)

Personally I think not only she deserves to go to jail but also I think it will be good for her to get away from the craziness her life is. If she really suffers from claustrophobia as E!online is reporting than I feel sorry for her. I am claustrophobic and I get anxious just thinking about that cell. But she should have thought about that before breaking the law. Anyways I wish her the best even though I am not a fan of hers she's a human and I hope she learns something from this.

2661 days ago


Do you think Paris is really having mental problems? A person on drugs for mental problems can not drink alcohol. If she is having sever mental problems and does not desevre the treatment she is getting for breaking the law, then she does not need contracts to show up at clubs to drink and party. The contradiction of her life and what has happened to her is clearly apparent. This woman does need help, but from who?

2661 days ago

the mom    

Here is something your parents won't tell you so listen up. You rich, better than everyone else kids needs your butts kicked!! If you were my kid u would have learned not only self respect but respect for other people!! The way you all flaunt it that you are rich and therefore better than the rest of us just caught up with someone in your little group. I am sick of hearing Paris is a "nice girl" BULL SH_ _! nice girls do not show there stuff all over the internet!! Not only do you kids need your butts kicked - so do your parents for the injustice they have done to you. DON'T CRY VICTIM, YOU ARE OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE YOUR OWN DECISIONS. GROW UP!!

2661 days ago


Kim is kinda hot... I wonder if she's done any home made porn tapes? If so, send me the link!

2661 days ago

Rosie the chauvinist    

L.A. jails are facing an overcrowding crisis, and illegal immigrants are part of the problem. Federal officials estimate that as many as 40,000 of the 170,000 inmates who pass through local jails each year are in this country illegally. Deporting them won't solve overcrowding in the short term because they have to serve their sentences before being turned over to the feds, but it will probably reduce crime and the jail population over the long term. Meanwhile, illegal residents will have more incentive to obey the law, without being unduly discouraged from cooperating with police.,0,4164724.story?coll=la-news-comment-editorials

2661 days ago
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